The Witcher 3: Cross-Platform Save Import Looked Into, More Gameplay Footage Coming Soon and More

Following the reveal a few days ago CD Projekt RED is disseminating more information about the upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt through its official Twitter account.

We learn that the developer is “looking into” cross-platform save import, even if they can’t make any promise yet. It might prove rather relevant considering that The Witcher 2 was on PC and Xbox 360, while its sequel will be on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The developer also mentioned that we’ll get more gameplay footage “sooner than we expect,” which probably means that we’re going to see some at E3.

Finally, they also confirmed that horse racing, portrayed in the screenshot below, will be one of the minigames included in the game.

Witcher3 (3)

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  • DemonFenton

    This I don’t mind seeing, it would be a very good thing actually.

  • Delsin Rowe

    SO that means screw ps4 owners right ?

    • Porcu Peth

      no..they are looking into cross platform import. Meaning importing from 360 or PC to PS4.

      • Orichalon Hades

        i hope so, i played the 2 previous game on PC and have all my save files there. But i don’t think my old ass pc can handle Witcher 3 (might as well build a new pc rather than upgrading this piece of junk) so i want to buy it for PS4 but then my save files would be useless.

        If they can make Cross Platform save sharing work i would be sooo happy. I’ll even learn polish and read all the Witcher novels.

        • FalloutWanderer2077

          You can read the first 3 or 4 novels in English.I believe they have translated up to 3 at least in the main saga.

          There are also really good fan translations of all the books. I’m reading the 2 short story books and the saga before Witcher 3 releases. That is my plan at least 🙂

          If I can find a link to the fan translations I’ll post them here for you and anyone else who might be interested – Here you go!

    • The Real Rick Grimes

      Pretty much, they aren’t going to put the time in to port Witcher 2 to PS3 at this point.

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  • The Real Rick Grimes

    Too bad we couldn’t get Witcher 2 on PS3, I’d love a replay on it before delving into Wild hunt. I played it on my brothers 360 when it released, awesome title but the combat needed some work and it appears they’ve really got that popping now.

  • Jecht_Sin

    I am not sure what’s the point of this. Is it about importing The Witcher 2 game saves (is there any need for it?) or general cross-save between the 3 platforms for The Witcher 3? If it is the latter it seems to me a bit of waste of time.

    • Orichalon Hades

      “Is it about importing The Witcher 2 game saves (is there any need for it?)”

      oooh yea, the game has so many choices between the 2 path (and shared) it put ME and DA combined to shame.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Ah, ok then. Thanks. I didn’t really know about this.

    • Alice

      Importing Witcher 2 saves I believe. I know they had stated before that PC Witcher 2 saves would import to Witcher 3 as would xbox 360 to xbox one saves. So that your choices made a difference in how you started Witcher 3. But… I’m wondering does this mean if we played the 360 game that I might possibly be able to use the save info on my PS4 (I’m not even sure how that could be done honestly…. would PS4 have any way of reading xbox 360 save info?). I will be ecstatic though if they can do it (I’m sad that I’ll have to start Witcher 3 without it knowing my previous choices but I’m not buying an xbox one just for that).

      • Jecht_Sin

        Well, there is always the option that the may make a web application where one uploads the Witcher 2 gamesave and gets to download a translated PS4 (or else) one. Or maybe storing it directly in the Cloud, giving the PSN/XBL ID access. If Sony and MS allow it, sure.

  • FalloutWanderer2077

    Fan translations of the books for anyone interested in reading the novels that inspired this awesome RPG series. They do not have all of the books translated to English just yet. Enjoy, Here you go!

  • doom guy

    I just want them to show PS4/X1 footage. Hopefully at MS or Sony’s press conference.