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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Screenshots and Artwork Show Rogue, Ninja and More

by on June 11, 2014 4:02 AM 10

After announcing the addition of the Rogue class and the Ninja job yesterday Square Enix released a large batch of screenshots and artwork from the PS4 version showcasing them in action.

We also get quite a lot of general screenshots (including a couple shots of the lovely Shiva), and a beautiful poster for patch 2.3.

The rogue and the ninja will be added with patch 2.4, which will presumably come within 3 months. We also get the official version of the dedicated trailer.

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  • Vulcan Spectre

    I imagine the Ninja will need a level 15 Pugilist as well as the obvious Rogue for its requirements. It’s about time that I get back into this beautiful game I think, haven’t played it since the PS3 version. I miss my Paladin/Fisher. The world of Eorzea knew me as Hirulan, the Great Naked Fisherman of Ul’Dah.

  • Dean

    Looks like a monk to me

    • RebekkahBooseyesu

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  • Tropxe

    Hopefully the Rogue is actually quite thiefy, like pickpocketing and lockpicking etc, rather than just a mini-ninja like in most MMOs.

  • Rickowned

    dammit SE
    I shouldn’t play this be you’re making it more and more appealing to me

  • The Oathbreaker

    This entire series is in the dumper since after the last epic one which is FF10. They should send the Final Fantasy series off, just isn’t needed anymore at the rate they are releasing games that are ridiculous.

    • Julian

      What are you even saying….

      This game is just as much a Final Fantasy as any of the classics.

    • Nicholas Perry

      The problem with Final Fantasy is fans like you.

      Just GTFO. K Thx.

    • Vulcan Spectre

      You obviously haven’t played this game before, but are speaking as if you have.

    • notcarolkaye

      Why are you still paying attention? FFX came out 13 years ago. Have you really been unable to find anything else to do in that time?


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