The Order: 1886: Eight Minutes of Gameplay Show Spectacular Visuals; Devs Give More Info on The Game

The Order: 1886 is quickly emerging as one of the most spectacular games at E3, and yesterday night Ready at Dawn Co-founders Andrea Pessino and Ru Weerasuriya were on Twitch to talk more about their upcoming PS4 exclusive.

On top of the interview, which was very informative in itself, we got to see about eight minutes of spectacular gameplay. While it’s the usual “Inequalities” demo, we get to take a much more extensive look at it.

You can check the video out for yourself just below.

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  • WingsOfChicken

    6:41 that guy is glitched that he just killed…ha

    • albatrosMyster

      Pretty sure someone will ear about this bug when they get back in the office!

    • Michael Norris

      The game isn’t due till Feb i think that bug will be fixed….

    • The Oathbreaker

      Saw that to it was quite funny like a WTF moment, I’m sure Pessino was pissed! They’ll probably go debug that ASAP.

  • MTM2

    At 6:05 does anyone else think we’ll be using the 4-way touch-swipe on the touchpad ala Killzone for weapon switching? definitely looks like it.

    This game looks good! Love how the weapons aren’t ‘super-precise COD’ guns, they’ve got a realistic steampunky spread and look – really nice stuff.

    • Delsin Rowe

      do you love steampunks? 😡

    • Sucka Free

      They need to do more of that Tomb Raider voice switching in games. That was awesome

  • Sucka Free

    Kind of getting tired of the time slowing mechanic


    Going too be honest. The more i see of actual ” Gameplay ” the less i like the order..
    Graphics wise its stunning.

    Gameplay especially the gun mechanics looks horrible reminds of gta4 shooting mech minus auto lock..

    I”m still may pick this up day one. Hope they will have a demo 2play at Pax prime so i can make my decision rather too purchase day one or buy it used

    • Michael Norris

      I like the gameplay,i just want to see more of the enemies.

  • Jordan

    I hope there isn’t alot of mini-cutscenes doing simple shit.. Knack did ALOT of that and it was really annoying.

    • The Oathbreaker

      Knack was mediocre, The Order isn’t..

      • Jordan

        lol. We haven’t played The Order, but ok. You missed my point.

    • Dennis Djoenz

      I agree it’s like freaking pausing fluid gameplay. I really hope it’s also fluid non stop gameplay in several sections and that the dialogue will be done ingame.
      Please dont overdo freaking cutscenes. I love them with moderation.

      I loved Beyond 2 Souls, but they should not overdo these things really.

      • Jordan

        Yeah.. like.. knack would do a cutscene for riding an elevator.. or jumping over a cliff and catching the edge.. or something mundane and unnecessary. I have every right to be critical considering the quality of games we’ve received so far in 2014 for Ps4.

        • Jeff Maxwell

          watch dogs pi$$es me off every time you neutralize an enemy in a high speed chase it cuts out I mean fcks sake how can I concentrate getting away coming up to a T junction and your fcking around with my gameplay end up messing it up and sliding into a wall cus its to close when it cuts back in

  • The Oathbreaker

    Hell yeah!! I’ve been waiting for a game play demo this long.. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the bullet time/time slow mechanic, if it bothers you don’t use it what’s the big deal?

    • Somebodyissilent

      Do you know how hard it is for people to not use something?

      • They Call Me Senpai

        Not very. I went through The Last of Us once without using listen mode.

        • Somebodyissilent

          It would kill some people to do that.


    Would like to add i would not want 2b around when the meat head on the left roid rages let alone rage quit.

  • Anon

    Spectacular visuals or peasants visuals?

    dsogaming. com /news/confirmed-batman-arkham-knights-demo-during-sonys-conference-was-running-on-pc/

    • Somebodyissilent

      So? It’s not a Ps4 only game troll.

      • Anon

        Do you realize that Batman: AK PS4 trailer is PC footage, peasant?

        • Guest

          Get banned please.

        • Craig Sloan

          Don’t worry I’m sure Destiny will look great on PC in September 😉

        • ipot_04

          troll more, PC elitist noob.

        • JustGaming

          Fail troll. That Uncharted 4 in-engine trailer showed more promise than anything I have seen for your imaginary elitist machine which can probably only handle medium to low settings anyway. PC peasant, get the f*** out and stay out.

        • Ritsujun

          You p00r peasant.

      • Victor Lavon Richardson

        Stop falling for the trolls.. it’s even an Anon account so this should be obvious.

        • Somebodyissilent

          Hey there is always the chance that some did name their account that.

          • Preston queener

            Don’t worry about that Anon dude. He’s just some stupid troll that wants to get a reaction out of people. He’s even so desperate that he made a fake account just to troll and even liked his own comments.

          • Somebodyissilent

            That’s sad.

    • Guest

      Another mentally ill mustard race troll that needs to get banned.

    • Alter

      not a problem, pc is one will get the least sales anyway.

      • ipot_04

        lol. so true.
        multiplatform games that release on PC are usually the lowest in sales since it’s no secret that piracy is widespread on PC.
        apparently, Anon doesn’t know about that.

    • JustGaming

      NEWSFLASH: Pratically everything third party devs ever show at E3 is running on a PC or a development kit. Publishers are the biggest supporters of bullshots, fake hype and lying (looks at E3 2013).

  • MrSec84 .

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this, looks very interesting & fun.


    Tnx for video

  • Wildboots

    I am so ready for this game! The only critique I had was the one A.I at the end who stuttered, but everything else look good. The focus move seems well done to me, only allowing you to use a pistol and the enemies are still moving at a solid clip in the limited focus time.

    Compare this to Watch Dog, where your focus allows you to use all of your heavier weapons, with enemies who stop moving, for a long period of time, The Order appears to be doing what a lot of game should do with power ups. They let you get out of a pinch, but they shouldn’t allow you to completely overwhelm the enemy.

    Add in the fact that the enemies will also have the unique weapons, which a lot of games don’t do, this game keep looking better and better.

  • supersungin

    Hope I can see the release gameplay

  • Fersay Ferrera

    I like it, I just hope it is not boring like gears of war. My ps4 thanks.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    The gameplay looks as good as I expected it to, not that I’m surprised.

  • Suavearmadillo

    I’m curious to see all the creatures that will be in this game. Def excited but I need some fresh footage!

  • Dameon Percival

    I wonder if this is running on the PS4 or PC like Batman?

  • Forever_Flat_Out_Peasant

    Ah, so the latest downgrade is that they are literally removing gameplay altogether. Good job, Sony.

    • GodGamerDerp

      Can the moderators please ban this mustard peasant troll again. It’s been banned multiple times on dualshockers, gamingbolt, cinemablend, onlysp, and pretty much everywhere on disqus. All it does is spread lies and hate about consoles and PS4 especially.

    • JustGaming

      I wish Dualshockers would remove you all together. You have ZERO life, and your comments are salty, full of fail and expose your jealousy.

  • Aaron Aquipel Avelino

    The thing that bothers me is the black bars/widescreen. I’m used to playing games full screen. I know they want to make the game cinematic but then not everyone is comfortable playing with black bars. 30fps i can accept but please include an option to turn off those black bars.

    • Craig Sloan

      I thought they’d bother me but until I read your comment I didn’t notice them in the video during gameplay. Maybe I will on a big screen TV will have to wait and see.