Destiny on PS4: All the Alternate Control Schemes Revealed: Buttons and Sticks Can Be Set Separately

Today we revealed the default control scheme for Destiny on PS4, but turns out that the game has a quite advanced array of button layouts to fit pretty much all tastes.

The alpha includes six button layous, plus four different movement settings for the analog sticks that can be set independently of the button layouts. In addition to this you can also set the usual look inversion, sensitivity and centering.

In the gallery below you can check out all the settings available, so you can start selecting the combination that best fits your  personal taste.

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  • Alexander

    I’ve played a bit of this alpha and it’s just amazing!
    The loot system reminds me of borderlands and the shooting is extremely satisfying!

    • notcarolkaye

      Yeah the shooting feels fantastic. The slightly below center reticle is a great design choice. I’m very impressed.

    • The Oathbreaker

      The issue with Borderlands loot system was the majority of it is useless besides raking in cash which is always nice.

  • Tmfwang

    Just got into Alpha! and Beta on BF Hardline!

    • DanaLaneybop

      my gf’s
      dad just got an awesome 9 month old BMW X6 M SUV only from part time off a
      computer. look at here M­o­n­e­y­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

      • The Oathbreaker

        Your Dad should be more concerned about Destiny than his BMW. 😀

  • Surgeon of Death

    Havnt gotten code yet 🙁

  • Spike Spiegel

    I hope i can put the melee on the R3 click and the super on R1. Player highlight isnt something i’ll use often and id rather not take my fingers off of other things just to use the super

  • Harerazer

    I was very interested in knowing if Bungie continued supporting the Legacy configuration (since no one else does since UT3 on PS3), as it’s the only setup I feel comfortable with, and I was glad to see it’s in there. This alpha is crazy. I preordered just 1 hour after playing it.

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  • NeOmega

    Jumper layout for me.

  • GodzXPro

    Quick Qu. I got the ps4 bundle yesterday and was wondering if there is a way to change the setting so you use L1 to aim and R1 to shoot? Or not possible?