Miyazaki: Bloodborne Will Be a “Real Game for Game Lovers;” PS4 “Hardware Beyond Expectations”

Even before its official announcement at E3 Bloodborne turned a lot of heads. It was still called “Project Beast,”  exposed by a blurry leak, and many were already looking at it as one of the biggest games of E3. This doesn’t seem to phase Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, as he explained on Famitsu.

Miyazaki-san was asked if he’s in any way worried about making a game that has sparked high expectations worldwide, since so far it’s one of the few Japanese PS4 games competing on the western stage.

I’m not particularly worried about that. As far as I’m concerned, whether it’s for overseas or for Japan, I make games to please people that love games. That’s it. That hasn’t changed even with this new title. After that, I’ll let the folks at the publisher Sony do their best. (laughs)

Since this is a new game on a completely new hardware, this is a title that presents many challenges to us. yet, I think this is a game very much in line with what we are. The fundamental production philosophy didn’t change from the times of Demon’s Souls and it’s making “a real game for those that love games.”

Miyazaki-san also mentioned his impressions about working with PS4:

PlayStation 4 is a console beyond expectations. While this game is still being developed, It’s very exciting to imagine its final form, and I think that this hardware makes this kind of game possible.

When asked if the unique features of the PS4, like Share, will be implemented into the game, he answered:

I think Share is an attractive feature. We’re still considering how to concretely take advantage of it with Sony.

Personally, I’m very eager to see and hear more about Bloodborne. It was unveiled in the most unorthodox way possible, but it has quickly caught the attention of many, including mine. It’s refreshing to hear that despite the attention and the new hardware, Miyazaki-san intends to apply his usual development philosophy that brought us awesome games in the past.

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  • Rower


  • Jordan

    This game will be epic. I think Bloodborne, The Order:1886 and Uncharted 4 will be the best games of 2015.

    • Dagi

      Unless, they announce The last Guardian also for 2015.

    • DominicansDontPlay

      PS4 in 2015 will be like PS3 in 2013

      Game, games, and more games

      • solkeher

        Dood!! Are you the same guy from IGN?

        • DominicansDontPlay

          Yes. I’m everywhere!

          • MellissaFountaineba

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          • Killua

            ^ Most relevant post ever.

      • Jacky Tran

        But consoles are for peasants!

    • Gamist

      I call BS after Gamescon and TGS. I think we all might look at our wallets and cry for 2015. :p

    • vOL

      It’s already EPIC’ed (if that is a word lol)


    • Killua

      They’ll never be “best games of 2015” if they’re not on PC. o.o

  • Kuro-Law


    • Grant A

      So you want to prolong it like Half Life 3?

      • MTM2

        You completely misunderstood his point.

        • Grant A

          You completely read over my sarcasm.

          • Analdo Gomez

            You don’t simply use HL3 for sarcasm, that’s rude dude…

      • ArtificialOR

        You really missed his point. He meant to say that he cannot wait much longer. Your sarcasm is irrelevant.

    • Max Smith

      shut up and praise the sun!

  • They Call Me Senpai

    Looking forward to it, it looks so grim and sexy.

  • Orichalon Hades

    Can’t wait for Gamescom and TGS, especially excited for TGS
    a couple of month left!

    gonna go hibernate
    wake me up when September comes

  • Azoz

    I hope it won’t get delayed.
    Really want to get my hands on this beast.

  • Jerry Hu

    The HYPE is real.

  • JoeGuy
    • Tmfwang

      This leaked video is from 2013, they said it is looking WAY better now 🙂

    • CervantesPR

      where is that trailer???????

    • The_Inevitable_PS4_Downgrade

      Wow. Looks slightly better than pre-Console downgrade Dark Souls 2. Just with more screen tear.

      Wonder how FROM will downgrade it this time?


  • The_Inevitable_PS4_Downgrade

    Beyond expectations if you set them on 30FPS since it’s 20FPS now.

    60FPS. Nope. Go look to PC for that.

    • Guest

      Can the moderators please ban this mustard peasant troll again. It’s been banned multiple times on dualshockers, gamingbolt, cinemablend, onlysp, and pretty much everywhere on disqus. All it does is spread lies and hate about consoles and PS4 especially.

    • Carl

      What are you, one of the 2 or 3 thousands members of the PC Master Race?

      Can you run Watch Dogs at 60 fps and ultra settings? If not, go buy a Titan GPU.

      • Delsin Rowe

        who cares about pc gaming anymore?

        • Carl

          There are some people who beg for console games ports on PCs.

          • Delsin Rowe
          • Carl

            Wow, of all the Master Race members across the globe, not even 15 of them reviewed the PC version of Watch Dogs?

          • Delsin Rowe

            that’s right bro. they all saying that watch dogs look better on pc (with a titan gpu of course), but no one cares about pc any more 😀

          • Carl

            Let’s hope the next internet petition for a port of Destiny and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain on PCs is successful.

          • Delsin Rowe

            lol. that could happen after a year or two since we played the game on our ps4 or xbox one.

            i have a ps4 by myself, just saying 😀

        • solkeher

          I care about PC gaming. I consider myself a PC gamer but… I do not trash talk other players who have a different platform. A lot of people care about PC gaming, it’s also the reason why we have consoles.

          I have a PS3 and PS4 and looking forward to getting a Wii U and Xbox One.

          Yet the PlayStation brand has a special place in my heart, so many memories with the PSone and good old times… lol

    • Delsin Rowe

      don’t be silly. the game is in the pre-alpha mode.
      if you can’t underestand what it is, then i have no hope for you.
      plus, based on your username, you are wasting eveyone’s time.

    • Jeff Pee


      has arrived. Why do you even come to these articles. Everyone knows this already, yes the PC’s get high frames. You’re insecurity is really showing… makes me think you actually have a avg. PC and vicariously live through other PC set ups. I bet you like to claim you have a Titan GPU or that you’re capable of running everything in ULTRA.

      • Guest

        The most hateful mustards are poor and tend to have mid range PCs and pirate all their games. Why do you think they have so much free time to angrily squirt mustard all over the comments and keep ban evading?

    • superkarma

      Why would I look to PC for that…if the game isn’t even coming out on PC? Troll harder.

    • Michael Norris

      PS4 only scrub,Sony owns the IP get over it.

      • Delsin Rowe

        love your profile pic bro 🙂

        • SkinnyAssGamer

          Fetch is hot. 😉

    • Jecht_Sin

      30fps > 0fps in a blank screen.

      Deal with it.

    • CervantesPR

      isnt there a way to IP adress ban this guy?

  • BlackestNight63
  • William

    While I was never too interested in any of the Soul games, I can’t help but be excited for this one. Probably has something to do with the blunderbuss/shotgun, and the multi-purpose cleaver. Adding this one to my wishlist for 2015.

  • RyTeOuS

    HARDCORE!!! man i am so stoked about this game

  • RealityCheck2013

    The PS4 the Greatest Console on the Planet!!! 😛

    • SkinnyAssGamer

      PlayStation The Greatest Platform ON The Planet!!!! 😀

      • JerkDaNERD7

        PC The greatest platform on the planet. Also finally getting some game developer love with new APIs…

        just wait lil’ kiddies….

        • superkarma
          • JerkDaNERD7

            Okay, I’ll simplify it. PC most powerful platform.

          • Sucka Free

            So what? All that power and what do we get? Under-optimized garbage ports of A FEW console games, MMO’s and indies

          • Adrian

            Man the ignorance of your statement sounds like trying to convince KKK that race doesnt matter. You are so wrong. *another ignorant statement coming in 3…..2…….1……

          • Sucka Free

            Hey, I’m a PC gamer too, I know exactly what the limitations of it are. Fact is, there’s just nobody who is invested in making PC gaming a competitive platform.

            But I’ll let you be the judge; tell me, how many games were released in the last 5 years that was PC exclusive and was not an MMO or an indie?

          • Sucka Free

            classy analogy btw….

          • Adrian

            Hahaha not really. Its just how I feel about people with all these console/pc war shit.

          • Sucka Free

            Yeah, I get it, some of the fanboys can really be annoying, but if you don’t mind a little friendly criticism, maybe in the future a simple: “I don’t agree, here’s why…” would serve you better.

          • Adrian

            I dig it!

          • Adrian

            I retract and apologize. I thought you meant that about consoles. Microsoft “Says” they will focus more on PC gaming now. We know how bad they lie though. I wish there was no XBOX and just PC or steam machines acutally. Let Sony and Nintendo keep the Console market. I rather have Sega making consoles than Microsoft. They are doing too much and need to focus on what it does best…PC. They even just released a windows Kinetic now after unbundled xbones. It’s all crazy but yeah I apologize. Should have read more carefully

          • Sucka Free

            I suppose taken by itself it’s hard to tell what I was talking about. No worries.
            Yeah, even DX12 and all of the so called advantages that it is supposed to bring to PC gaming, they are only doing it because if they didn’t AMD or NVidia would have beat them to it. They can’t allow DirectX to be supplanted by Mantle or something else as the industry standard, has nothing to do with any desire to make PC gaming better

          • Jason Maki

            if you truly believe that then you dont even know what steam is, or how many games there are on it, not only are there lots of games but there are many more exclusives to pc than other platforms. if you’re complaining only about indies then how about you take a quick glance at the ps4’s library and see what it has to offer

          • Sucka Free

            I’m not complaining about anything, I’m just pointing out the obvious situation. I’m not going to go through this discussion again, if you really want to know what I’m trying to say here, read the rest of my posts in the thread instead of taking just one out of context

          • Sahil Bansal

            Never seen games on pc which look as good as the order or uncharted 4 wats the use of all that power then?

          • Sucka Free

            PC could easily run those games, the problem with PC gaming isn’t power, it licensing. There are no giant corporate entities invested in making it a successful platform or paying big incentive bonuses for exclusivity

          • JerkDaNERD7

            That’s not because of the lack thereof. It’s simply because there isn’t any true development for the type of games consoles receive. But I believe time will change with the new APIs releasing for PC…FINALLY. Hope Nvidia respond with their own and have it a mainstay with PC gaming.

          • Sahil Bansal

            So before these new apis ur pcs were jackshit? I mean cmon yall say next gen systems r outdated but its the next gen systems that r currently trying to move the industry forward…..u never had next gen ac until these systems were announced this proves even multiplats went next gen only wen these systems came……pc maybe powerful but its no money maker to single player titles people dont make huge exclusive pc games that r single player and pushes graphics coz 1- it will be heavily pirated 2- not many pcs will be able support it i mean having over billion install base only a few very very few million pcs r capable to run todays games most pcs r outdated 3- low earnings on the platform….a pc game for 60$ who will buy it? U guys go crazy on 1$ steam sales how will u buy 60$ games

          • JerkDaNERD7

            Whoa! I can tell English isn’t your first language or you’re just terrible, lol!!

            Consoles don’t move the industry buddy, it HOLDS it back. PC gamers have ALWAYS achieved what most deem as next gen with 1080p/60fps LOL!

            Your confusing business economics and platform disparity that have been weighing the industry down. Now that consoles have FINALLY caught up with the new APIs and easy porting, FINALLY! PC gaming is starting to get the gaming love especially PCs built for gaming only. It’s a whole new era nor for gaming with the Steam OS on the rise with newer APIs, PC is finally going to be unleashed.

            Also, what are you on PC not having single player games?! That IS what it’s known for. Without it console wouldn’t have the likes of Skyrim, The Witcher series or Dragon Age. All major single player PC games that have made western RPGs prominent.

            You have no clue what your on about.

          • Guest

            LOL stop pretending, you’re very well known as an xbox secret sauce worshiper.

          • JerkDaNERD7

            I own all consoles.

          • Sucka Free

            Wow, never thought I would agree with you on anything

          • Jecht_Sin

            Are you really talking about Western RPGs in an article about the God-like Bloodborne? smh,.. :p

          • JerkDaNERD7


            Just realized that, my bad. Also, going to be playing the crap out of this game. I would have wanted it on PC, but hey what can ya do?

          • Adrian

            Actually you have no clue. Developers and my programming friends of mine here in Chicago know the opposite. I wont argue but I will just let you know that because of consoles, they have learned a lot about optimization. ACE is also predicted to be the future along with many other console like qualities in new computers. Just go look it up or ask anyone you know who is a computer engineer or programmer. All these new API’s you speak of have been leant a hand by console API’s. Im not stating that consoles started it, nor was he. A console long life makes developers have to get closer to the metal as my buddy and other developers state. Therefore they have learned how to make better ones for PC….this is fact. You can fight it but you will figure it out one day. Thats why I wont reply back to you because I know this to be true and that you are really in love with your PC and sound like someone defending there XBoxOne. I also want to get another gaming PC but Im waiting until after I see the future. Ive been told to wait because Im going to plop a good 2,500$ on one. Go hard or go home right?!

          • chipcs
          • Guest

            PS4 is more powerful than most PCs.

        • Guest

          Another xbox fanboy hiding behind PCs. Sorry, “just buy a PC” isn’t working. 8+ million PS4s and counting.

    • Ben

      PC ???? 🙁

  • twinspectre

    can’t wait to put my hands on this Great Jewel 😀

  • I love getting any info on Bloodborne. I am very excited for that game.

  • bob

    This game is gonna be the tits, unless it sucks but I strongly doubt that. I love how confident Miyazaki is in his direction, he once said,”I couldn’t make a bad game if I tried.”.

  • CervantesPR

    This guy is my favorite game director for reals

    “I think this is a game very much in line with what we are. The fundamental production philosophy didn’t change from the times of Demon’s Souls and it’s making “a real game for those that love games.”

    In other words we make REAL games for the hardcore gamer, we dont make games that hold your hand the whole time. this is what we need in gaming, no more easy modes,no more extreme tutorials for casual gamers, God bless this guy. make difficulty challenging by default thats how it use to be,thats how it should be.


    • The_Inevitable_PS4_Downgrade

      lol if you trust FROM after the DS2 downgrade thanks to consoles


      • CervantesPR

        Get a life man for reals, if you like pc so much go to a pc gaming website

  • Jerry Hu
  • Homer Ruglia Beoulve

    Oh boy, here we go again with the “Beyond Expectations” shtick. These people haven’t learned anything from their PS3 debut. Pfft. HAHAHAH!!!

    • superkarma

      Go back to your Nintendo articles, troll.

    • Mikail

      Yes and they delivered with what they have promised 🙂

  • mad games

    and this for who asking about gameplay and that in early shape


  • Ben


  • SunBroJoe

    Man the new Demon/Dark Souls looks great, it’s about time something this fresh and grand was made. Sad to say it seems as though none of the previous games have been shown light. /shrug guess I will hope they release it on PC; spent $200+ on Dark Souls 2, $60 for this game would be nice.

  • If this doesn’t get a pc edition I will burn this planet =___=

  • Jason Maki

    Looks amazing cant wait i love dark souls, so another from rpg hack and slash game is a yes from me. as long as they bring it to pc that is…I aint buying that piece of shit toaster, even if its for a game like this.

  • Moonlight

    Xbox R.I.P

  • Death God

    BRING IT TO PC NOW!!!!!!

  • Rugged Savior

    If the PS4 hardware was beyond expectations, then why isn’t the game 60fps? As far as I know, I heard the framerates drop between 15-20 sometimes. I’ll wait until this game gets a PC release.

    • Dalton Belo

      Sit and wait.

  • jgyubfth

    Ps4 is the best in eventhing .

  • Eight Inches Flaccid

    I wonder how much Sony paid From to make this happen – considering from a business standpoint it is the absolutely stupidest thing they could do – returning to exclusivity with what is clearly a title with souls based assets after essentially Exploding multi-plat.
    Just doesn’t make sense, there isn’t enough of a hardware difference between platforms, and From’s games are not exclusively gpu oriented – they have incredible art design and incredible textural balance but from a generational mainstream perspective could be considered awful looking (something I would argue, but I debate frequently,) – the point being they are not pretty games in regards to maximizing their concurrent gpu’s (Bloodborne is no exception.)

    Instead they are cpu masterpieces, incredible weighty physics, outstanding precision control, varied move sets with splendidly variable hit boxes ” good and bad” – much of From’s critical acclaim comes from nothing relative to the gpu. Coming from someone who works in a relevant field, I have to say – BB is more suited for Xbox one, but more so PC..from a logical standpoint it should be a PC exclusive if it had anything…., Anything to do with graphics.

    This is a money/marketing thing, Sony is sh*tting all over a huge fanbase From has made, and damaging both their reputation and more importantly their success and sales.

    Me, I own both consoles, but this is b.s.
    Its comparable to, in a separate vein of the industry, releasing an exclusive Call of Duty game in 2016.