[UPDATED] PlayStation Now Beta Code GIVEAWAY! (U.S. only)

We have a few PlayStation Now beta codes to away! For those of you who don’t know what it is, PlayStation Now is a streaming service that provides access to PlayStation’s back catalog of titles across your PlayStation devices (PS4, PS3, and PS Vita). At E3 this week, Sony revealed that the streaming service would be going into open beta this summer for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Luckily, some of you won’t have to wait to get a code, all you have to do is enter our Twitter raffle below. The giveaway closes at 3pm EST, so have at it!

Codes are United States only.

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  • Young Franky


    • Erika

      thanks for entering and taking part in our giveaway. if you dont get it this drawing we will have a few more thru out the day =)

  • Fredy

    This way is a lot better. Thanks for the code giveaway guys.

    • Erika

      yea, yesterday was a bit hectic. but now we’ve got this under control. we will have tons more giveaways coming up so just stay posted =)

  • MTM2

    US only or WW?

  • GS01R

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of those codes.

    • Erika

      we just wanna give back to our community!

  • Nyx

    I hope I get mine.

  • Spade21X

    I hope I win. I missed out on the Destiny Alpha and Battlefield Beta sadly, but I hope I get this!

    • tylerc23

      Not missing much bud, I have both. Destiny is alright, Battlefield is Battlefield but some steps backwards. Way to much imagery and stuff, doesn’t feel like Battlefield

  • John Nemesh

    Thanks for the giveaway! I have been trying to get into the beta through the Sony E3 app, but they give away all of the codes at noon! Unfortunately, I have to work, so by the time I get home, all the codes are gone! Hopefully I can get in this way!

  • Jan Ott

    Which games can you play there at the moment ?? Hope i win !

    • Erika

      its nothing CRAZY but Dead Island Riptide, Sniper 2, GRID, Saints Row are on there.

  • tylerc23

    So I got a code for registering, but when I enter the Redeem Code PS Now shows up but doesn’t download or allow me to hit the download button, it’s almost grayed out. The Hell!

    • Erika

      not sure what that could be, downloaded just fine for me.

  • Alexander

    US only?

  • Darklurkr23

    This work on PS3 or only ps4

    • Erika

      only ps4

  • Entered! Thanks, much better this way.

    • Megan Smith

      We were trying out some new ideas yesterday, but we’re glad you like this one 🙂

  • HichaM Beta

    hope to get one 🙂

  • WingsOfChicken


  • Mark Faustino

    Cmon, I was having such bad luck with the E3 app giveaway

  • Philippians

    how would you know if you get the code

    • Jay

      Nobody knows. No winners are named. The competition is designed to get you to retweet and follow so be sure to delete your tweets and also unfollow. Everyone wins : you have the illusion of winning and the illusionists enjoy the short appearance of more followers. Equilibrium at its finest.

  • Kingdom17

    Got mine at the E3 virtual booth on Tuesday 😀

  • Athrin Zala

    Thanks so much to dualshockers and all the staff I appreciate such an awesome opportunity to try playstation now; thanks to you all!

  • AzureRath01

    have the people already been picked?