Beta Fan Translation of Ace Attorney: Investigations 2 is Now Available for Download

A team of hard-working fans, after years of effort, has finally translated Ace Attorney: Investigations 2 – Prosecutor’s Path in English and the patch is now available for download.

The patch and team are both located on the forums, where those interested can download the full translation for all five cases. Please keep in mind that this patch is currently in beta form and therefore DualShockers is not responsible for anything that happens as a result of your use. However, the forum post is incredibly detailed and explains how to set everything up, along with all currently know issues.

You can download the patch here.

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  • Homer Ruglia Beoulve

    GBAtemp would be so delighted to read this news. Thanks Ms. James.

    • Allisa James

      You’re very welcome and hopefully they are haha

  • This World Begins With Us

    Are you sure it’s a good idea to be linking ROM patches? Not that I’m personally complaining (I’m playing Final Fantasy Type-0 with a English patch right now), but I’m fairly sure that this you could get in legal trouble for this kind of stuff.

    • Homer Ruglia Beoulve

      Not really. Companies “silently” agrees with these translations considering the fact that more and more people are getting curious about these games. No worries about that. Teams like Aeon Genesis have been doing it for over a decade now so it’s alright.

      • This World Begins With Us

        In that case: YAY! Hoping that a lot more visual novels get translated for the West. It gets so lonely without me reads ;_;

        • Homer Ruglia Beoulve

          Translating teams are doing the works for us so don’t you worry. Hell, they have to be given their due so don’t forget to give them a shoutout and show how you appreciate their hardwork! Enjoy AA: I2!

    • Allisa James

      Thanks for the concern, I really appreciate it 🙂 But yeah it’s done so often so no worries!

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        • Ouria

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  • Gammalad

    Still wish CAPCOM would have swooped this up and used it to publish the game on the eShop. I know for a fact that we will see a GK3, however the lack of an official GK2 release in the west makes it unlikely we will ever see it.

    • Allisa James

      Yeah, it’s such a shame actually. I really want to play GK2 for real…

  • Nicholas Perry

    YESSS!! Been wanting to play this forever 🙁

    All I need now is to buy an import copy and a flash card of some kind.

  • PrinceHeir

    Sucks that they’re using the Capcom US’s edited version.

    Then again i don’t blame them. Capcom US really screwed over the localization and people might feel weird if they saw the main character’s name is Naruhodo instead of Wright even though that’s his original name and the setting is Japan and not the US.

    Oh well at least the game is now in English for those who can’t play the original one.

  • Patryk

    I can’t thank you guys enough!