Destiny PS4 Alpha Glitch Trolls Players Into Believing they Got the Full Game for Free

on June 14, 2014 10:49 AM

Games in their alpha testing phase have glitches. At times they’re frustrating, at times they’re funny, and at times they make you think you found some special loophole that doesn’t exist. This is the case with one surfaced on Destiny‘s public alpha, which apparently happens if you redeem the code you received in your mail and then follow the notification (with the same code) on your PS4. Quite a few users did that and received the following message:

“You have successfully upgraded the trial version of Destiny’s First Look Alpha to the full game. You don’t need to download anything. You can now launch the full game from the content area”

Anyone reading that message would obviously think that due to┬ásome divine blessing they got the “full game” for free. Unfortunately this isn’t the case.

The message is just a result of a PSN┬áStore message combined with unfortunate wording. The “full game” you’re unlocking is not Destiny, but Destiny‘s First Look Alpha. While that’s obviously not really a full game, the PSN doesn’t know, and that’s why it displays that message.

So, if you happen to see the message below, don’t get your hopes up. Have fun with Destiny‘s alpha, but if you want the actual “full game,” you’ll still have to pay for it.



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