Far Cry 4’s Visual Differences Between PS4/Xbox One and Old Gen Consoles Explained; PC Is Lead Platform

Far Cry 4 will be a cross platform game, which leads many to wonder what kind of differences we’ll see between the new-gen version on PC,  Xbox One and PS4 and the old-gen version on Xbox 360 and PS3. Creative director Alex Hutchinson explained what we can expect during a chat on Major Nelson’s Podcast.

Hutchinson mentioned that the studio wanted the gameplay experience to be the same on old gen and current gen, but the new generation version’s visuals will be much improved, also explaining that PC is the lead platform this time around:

Everything you see, whether it’s the fur on the animals, the grass on the ground or the leaves on the trees… All these things are bumped up a huge amount in the next gen version.

Hutchinson explained that the game is developed first on PC as the lead platform, unlike other Ubisoft games like Assassin’s Creed, which is developed on console first, which means that the developer starts on consoles and then tries to push their boundaries as hard as he can. Due to that, gamers have never really seen something similar to the “ultra-high PC version” on consoles before.

On the other hand, since Far Cry 4 is developed on PC first, the graphical fidelity of the PC version can simply be poured into the new generation console versions:

So even out of the box, even day one, when we just stuck the code on the new consoles, we were able to dial it all the way up. So as a console player you’re already getting by far the best version we can ship.

That’s definitely good news for PS4 and Xbox One owners, but PC gamers also have a reason to rejoice.

Ubisoft isn’t exactly well known for the quality of its ports from consoles to PC, especially in the realm of optimization. Far Cry 4 shouldn’t suffer from that kind of problems.

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  • Lennox

    “Differences between PS4/Xbox One.” This article is going to be bad. A whole bunch of fanboys fighting over pixels, frames, graphics, mostly bashing the X1? Check

    • Антон Иванов

      I always play on PS4, graphics are amazing but I don’t have ANYTHING against XBOX One gamers despite the fact that articles like this are posted every day and many stupid fans abusing and insulting Xbox One.

      • Lennox

        Well that’s how this site gets clicks apparently. But its the internet, people are stupid.

        • Антон Иванов

          Fortunately not everyone))

        • superkarma

          How is this the sites fault? You took 4 words out of context and tried to make it something that it’s not. That’s not the sites fault, that’s your fault.

          Any other article is simply just reporting the news as it gets released. What fans/fanboys comment on that news has nothing to do with “how this site gets clicks”.

          • Lennox

            I never said its the sites fault, but this type of news get clicks. Not taking words out of context, you know how these articles go down as you are one of the trolls I’m talking about.

          • superkarma

            Yeah…except, I’m not a troll. I’m sorry you’re bothered by the facts that I lay out, but that’s on you to deal with.

            Anywho, you did in fact take it out of context. This article (and the title) had absolutely nothing to do with the differences between PS4 and X1, but you somehow felt the need to attempt to make it into that. Again, your fault…not the site.

          • Lennox

            I didn’t say it was the sites fault. I said this type of news brings in those types of fans. And you are in fact a troll as I’ve seen you one hear before trolling. Not taking anything out of context.

          • superkarma


    • They Call Me Senpai

      How would it have been bad? There was literally nothing in this article worth arguing about, but your comment is basically asking for people to fight, especially with you choosing to blame one fanbase of bashing when it’s a 2-way street.

      • Lennox

        Stop being ignorant. When the fanboys come in you know exactly what they’ll talk about. I’m not asking anyone to fight it just ends up that way. Yes its a 2 way street but how many times have you gone to an article like this and heard people saying “The Xbox vesion will look awesome.” Never. You’ll see PS fanboys bashing it.

        • superkarma

          I saw many Xbox fanboys saying that all the time throughout the duration of last gen. What’s your point?

          • Lennox

            My point is that at this point in time, that’s simply not the case. The X1 will be bashed when news has “differences between PS4/X1,” theres most likely going to be some bashing of the X1 somewhere.

          • superkarma

            Just like the bashing from Xbox fanboys in any article referring to The Order, DriveClub, etc. It’s a 2-way street. Stop crying about it and learn to accept that. Your trolling attempts thus far are very sloppy. Please improve them.

          • Lennox

            I’m not trolling I’m just telling the truth. It is a two way street. But with more PS fans on this site, there will be trolling of the opposite console. How am I trolling by stating that.

          • superkarma

            No, you’re trolling. That’s blatantly obvious. Keep it up, though, because it’s amusing how sloppy it is.

          • Lennox


        • They Call Me Senpai

          How am I being ignorant? By trying to stop you from inciting a flame war? There’s no guarantee that there’ll be a fight, but your comment is only inviting one for no reason at all.

          And you’re acting like Xbox fans don’t go around needlessly bashing PS games, both sides have fanboys, but for some reason you seem dead set on singling out the ones on the PS side.

          • Lennox

            I wasn’t trying to start anything. 95% of the time it ends up that way and you should know this by now. Yes xbox fags go around bashing PS games but this is a PS centric site, and I’ve seen nothing but the endless bashing of the X1

          • They Call Me Senpai

            It ends up that way a little over 60% of the time, but that still doesn’t mean you should go around saying that there’ll be a war just because it’s common.

            And how exactly is this a PS centric site? Because of the name? Well last I checked, this site reports on every platform, even mobile.

          • Lennox

            Yes it does report on every platform and the fanboy stuff happens a little more than 60% of the time (95% was a bit of an exaggeration). But theres more PS fans here which makes it a hot bed for this type of behavior. Just check some of the articles they posted a few hours ago that are Xbox related.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            So you’ve gone around and counted every PS, Xbox, Nintendo and PC that frequents this site? Wow, that’s really something.

            And I don’t need to check anything, I know full well what goes on here, my main issue was with you singling out PS fans on an article that was primarily about PC and trying to make it seem like the bashing is one sided.

          • Lennox

            No i’m just counting anything with MS or Xbox in the title. The bashing isn’t one sided but on this site it is. If people would get out of their feelings about me stating the truth things will be just fine.

    • Look at the thread of your own comment, are you happy now?

      • superkarma

        That’s what he came here for…to troll in order to entice another pointless argument. I must say, the irony from his trolling is quite amusing,

        • Lennox

          And you can continue to say I’m trolling when you know this is the truth. Whatever dude.

      • Lennox

        No. Because this is the sad state of what the gaming community has come to? No I’m not happy.

        • Hey look! You actually answered my question, respect.

          But I will let you in on a good tip:
          The gaming community is what you make of it.

          Go check out MiiVerse, or the PS Forums or Xbox Live forums.
          Go see their side of the world. You will then realize it is like this no matter where you go. Just different viewpoints.

          If you don’t agree with it then bring something everyone can talk about.
          Instead of starting your thread with, well what you typed above, why not start with:
          Hopefully the disparity will not be so far apart from X console than on Y console, after all, when Z console will run it better, but we all get to play the same game.
          Wait, that just says the same thing. Blame the sad state of reality instead, yep, that always works.

          • Lennox

            Well you happen to be one of the mature ones on this site. I was just stating how it ends up being. Just check some of the articles that were put up a few hours ago, its nothing but the same. I wasn’t starting anything.

          • You have to realize that anywhere you go it will always be like this.
            Once you get to know who in the community is like that, then just ignore them and don’t flame their fire.
            That’s it.
            It will make whatever community you wish to enjoy much better IMO.
            How do you think some people can still manage to visit IGN and not die from the troll and click bair nature of that website?

          • Orichalon Hades

            “How do you think some people can still manage to visit IGN and not die from the troll and click bair nature of that website?”

            personally, by not touching IGN at all. Or if i have to, use a ten-inch iron pole to type.

          • Gotta agree with that.

          • Lennox

            I know that. Why are people getting so mad at me for stating the obvious than?

          • Because of the way you started this thread. It definitely does not show that you ‘know’ that.
            Maybe let the issue show itself then act upon it, that usually works best when facing stuff like this.

          • Lennox

            That’s the thing. Its mostly likely going to end up that way the longer this article lingers here. So I was just jumping the gun.

      • Orichalon Hades

        40 comments in total (41 including mine) and almost half is because of his unnecessary comment :

        • Lennox

          Oh Wow look at this! Holier than thou right? With all the fanboy BS on this site and you all come at me? OK

          • superkarma

            The point is, no one is denying there is fanboy bs on this site. There’s fanboy bs on every site. However, there was no fanboy bs in this article…until you came here with your trolling comments.

            Anyways, time to stop feeding the troll and go play some Destiny 🙂

          • Come join me for some free roam if you got the time later.
            Mediacom is pissing me off ATM with their shoddy internet service so I will be on later, if you have the time.
            Or some BF:H if you got in?

          • Orichalon Hades

            D: i want to play some destiny too.

            but im still waiting for the release date of the White PS4 bundle

          • superkarma

            Nah, didn’t get in the BF:H beta 🙁

          • Jeff Maxwell

            I got in Battlefield Hardline its ok, definitely not pushing the visual boundaries though going put fraps on in a bit see what framerate I get at ultra details but seeing as its mostly smooth…. some big frame drops in a few places but generally its ok

          • It’s fun to play, but I was expecting more, just like EA is expecting more money.
            Funny though, something like this is essentially a mod and should be priced as such. Or a DLC in todays terms.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            yeah its definitely a money grab that’s for sure… BF4 got me dead excited and wanted to buy it when I played that beta. This at the moe just makes me go hmm…. and that’s it

          • Lennox

            But you know exactly what it ends up being so stop denying that.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            No one is saying anything like that, all we’re saying is that what you said was unnecessary.

          • Lennox

            It might have been but it was true. I usually don’t hold my tongue (or in this case my keys) when this is what happens on this site.

          • Orichalon Hades

            well i have to hand it to you though, 40 min since thread open , 63+ comments in and no one is bashing the X1 yet.

            You might be distracting everyone from doing that.

          • Lennox

            Maybe. But I was just stating that this is how this site goes. You can check past articles that are Xbox related, or Xbox/PS4 related.

          • I’d say he did a pretty good job bringing himself attention, though, that is not always a bad thing.
            In this case it worked wonders.

    • GodGamerDerp

      You’re the only troll in this article.

      • Lennox

        OOOH MAN! Don’t you even start Derp. You’re one of the biggest trolls here. You’re in every comment Xbox article bashing the X1 with those ignorant copy/past quotes you like to spam.

        • GodGamerDerp

          I only reply to hateful ms fanboys that are spreading hate and lies about PS4. I don’t start anything. It’s their fault for bringing up Sony and PS4 in an xbox article.

          • Lennox

            I’m not spreading hate and lies about the PS4. I’m just telling the truth about you fanboys.

  • When Ubi says PC is lead platform, do they mean it like Watch_Dogs lead platform or like the actual lead platform this time around.
    Not that it matters to me, don’t buy Ubi games on PC, they are not optimized for it, which has been the case for a while on most of their bigger games.

    • Orichalon Hades

      hmm yea, Ubi is never known for their optimization. Now the question is, are they going to shove uPlay up our nether region again. This is the big question here.

      But i think we all know the answer for that question.

      • I actually prefer Uplay how they implement in on consoles rather than on PC.
        Granted, even that didn’t stop the issues from happening if you actually redeemed something on it, as reported.

    • They Call Me Senpai

      Wasn’t the PS4 the lead platform for Watch Dogs?

      • Jeff Maxwell

        if it was the lead platform it doesn’t make sense that it was dropped to 900p and high visuals. if it was developed ps4 first it would be 1080p max settings

        • They Call Me Senpai

          Not necessarily.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            it would cus the game assets and complexity of AI, dynamism, weather simulations etc would be designed with the power limit of the PS4 in mind so it would do 1080p definitely cus it would look very bad for sony if they said well we decided to go with 900p as an artistic choice… that aint gonna fly.

            Also the effects from E3 trailer are in the game cus a modder has activated all the bloom and stuff to get it much closer to what it was, increased the performance and fixed most of the stuttering if that was a problem…. just goes to show how much Ubisoft cares if 1 guy can fix it in a week or 2. Ive downloaded the mod but dunno what do with it yet so cant comment totally but a lot of ppl are impressed, hes also added dynamic lighting from cars headlights which wasn’t in E3 2012 demo to

          • The biggest issue I have with Ubisoft is that they came out and wowed many at E3 2012 with the PC footage.
            Then they came out with the PS4 footage with very minimal difference.
            Who knew the resolutions then?
            Who cares, it looked good.

            Then the final game game out for all platforms, and you can’t tell me they opted in getting a set of features working instead of delivering on the biggest and most apparent feature from their game:
            The graphics it was shown off at the initial reveal.

            And yes, onto what you wrote.
            If the PS4 was the lead platform, let’s say game X, then it would only make sense to push the system as much as they possibly can.
            Only problem is that Watch_Dogs was multiplatform in nature, and by said nature only the PC can house the code required to build for all possible platforms.
            Therefore, should make sense now, games like these can either be built from the ground up on PC then optimized for the target platform or just plain ignore the PC and throw the better textures and forget about optimizing the engine that in the end, was made with multiple platforms in mind.
            That should describe in nature how Ubisoft treats my PC, and that’s the reason why I do not get their games on PC.
            At least Far Cry is a whole different agenda,

          • Jeff Maxwell

            Far Cry will be the same seems that’s how Ubi builds games, we’ll have see how AC Unity ends up turning out as well and The Division

          • Richard Attila

            There is no game on PC with better graphics than Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886.Give me a break Ubi with this bullshit!

          • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS

            Crysis 3 says “Hi, we did foliage better than UC4 years ago”

          • chipcs
    • Clifton Walton

      Watch Dogs runs just fine for me on my PC and it looks fantastic too.

      • And that’s the thing, it’s not the same story for everyone.
        Which proves the point I was making.

    • Octavio Valdez

      I agree, AC3 had a lot of slow downs in some parts which were just plain weird, and out of nowhere even with high end 780 gtx video cards and core i7 extreme processors in the rig. A friend of mine bought Watch Dogs on PC and has experienced a lot of issues even with the same configuration i described. Ubi really needs to step up their game on the PC side, Though i don´t have anything against their console versions, besides fighting games i am not that concerned about 30 vs 60 fps, if they can acheive it fine, if not it is not a dealbreaker for me specially with shooters. Can´t wait for November, might get this one on PS4

    • adam.kalla

      lead platform for watch dogs was ps4 not pc, idiot

  • Orichalon Hades

    “PC will be the lead platform”

    isn’t it always the case for Far Cry franchises?

    • Yes, it has been like that for a while, they do need to re-assure fans of the franchise though, as it has been making a lot of appearances on consoles instead.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      AFAIK yes, it’s unusual for Ubisoft as a whole.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    PC should be the lead platform for all multiplats, that way the game is properly optimized for PC and can then be ported over to consoles with high quality visuals. It’s a win/win for everyone, no matter which platform they’re on… unless it’s the Wii U.

    • James

      Think I’ll leave it to the pros to decide…

      • steve

        They aren’t the pros when it comes to that Issue.

    • such.wow

      But Destiny isn’t on PC.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        Nor is it on the Wii U, but you don’t see them complaining.

        • Orichalon Hades

          you can’t hear the complaints of Wii U user, there’s only like 15 of them.

          (i kid, don’t kill me)

          • They Call Me Senpai

            I hope to be one of them when Bayonetta 2 launches.

          • Orichalon Hades

            im waiting for FE X SMT.

            IF its ever come out though -_-

          • I picked one up just for Zelda and Mario Kart, hoping they hurry with Smash and Bayonetta 2.
            I saw some other great stuff coming, but I hate the wait.

            Ah well, more time for the PS4.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            After E3, my Wii U list hasn’t changed. All I’m interested in are Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and X.

          • revlux

            Don’t forget about Xenoblade Chronicles X. That game looks awesome imo.

            EDIT: Nvm. I just read further down and noticed you didn’t forget about it.

          • Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, I will just stalk you over the web (internet) that join us together.

          • Dominic Bradley

            I believe that the thing about the Wii U is that its a different style completely. I don’t believe the idea behind it was to compete with the XB1 and PS4 FPS games (I might be wrong). However the games that are on the Wii U appear to be aimed at a different audience. I have to admit that every game I have purchased on the Wii U has been extremely well presented and polished. Also they generally score very high marks on reviews. I am a PC gamer myself but I bought my child a wii u a year ago and every game on it is an absolute classic. Just got Smash bros and I have to say that Nintendo have out done themselves again.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        it might be though, prolly sometime after release on consoles


        • Orichalon Hades

          eh knowing Activision, it’ll come sooner or later.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            I hope they do a beta PC version cus im not sold on the game, just cus its pretty don’t stop it from being boring so need to be able play it first to see if I like it. Planetside 2 was a bit hit and miss with me so need to play it first really

          • Kingdom17

            Hopefully you do get a beta for the PC, was playing the Alpha last night and had a bunch of fun, haven’t had that much fun on a shooter for a while actually.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            that’s the thing new stuff is fun to play for a while but you need a good week or 2 for the wow factor to wear off and to see how you really feel about it

          • Kingdom17

            Agreed. The reason why I’ve been renting games more often.

          • A Gamer

            “just cus its pretty don’t stop it from being boring ”

            Wow! Someone here`s actually talking some sense!

    • This answer is for both the poster and its replies.

      Technically all games are optimized ports during development.
      Unless the hardware that is being used to create the game is the actual devkit itself, and not a PC with debugging tools connected to a devkit, does the term not apply.
      So essentially, it is when optimization for said devkit starts full swing that it loses compatibility with most PC configurations, etc.

      PC optimization will be a very hard thing to achieve, think of all the possible configurations in which a PC can be built.
      Software helps, but only so much, as you may have seen with Mantle and even then, it really only helped mid-end hardware the most.

      This is the standard practice from the pros, and they have all reason to keep it this way.

    • Dennis Gammaray

      yeah just like they did with Watch Dogs and we all know what a horrible mess that is on PC

    • Dirkster_Dude

      You really can’t optimize for the PC because they have to allow for to many variables with to many different hardware and software combinations. The best you can do is pick a point and say I want to reach that level. Whatever level they reach it will certainly exceed the console capability this generation or last generation.

    • justerthought

      All modern multiplat AAA games are made on PC anyway using a generic scalable game engine with high res assets, so it doesn’t matter if PC is the lead platform. Devs only have a few console dev machines, so they are just used for optimising and porting. The bulk of the work is done by hundreds of people using PC workstations.
      The PC port can be maxed out because the game is scaleable and created using the highest common denominator. That way everything is a port taken from the high res master. GTAV is done that way, even though the last gen console ports came out first.

      Most PC gamers think that sub par performance is due to gimping or that the PC was not lead platform, when in fact most performance issues are due to the difficulty in making the game compatible with every PC hardware configuration out there. It’s an impossible task due to it not being a closed system.

  • Fersay Ferrera

    Lead platform? it is a joke?

    • Антон Иванов

      They just refer to PC’s potential power. Practically I don’t want to buy GTX Titan Z for 3000$ instead of purchasing a new PS4/Xbox One and plenty of games

      • Nathan Merrill

        Why would you spend that kind of money?

        No one does that.

        I bought a gaming laptop for a friend last year for about $750 and it can run all the new releases just fine and dandy. My PC – built in 2009 for $1100 as a replacement for my old college laptop from 2003 – is still able to run everything on high settings in 2014; the only games I’ve ever had problems with are games which are very poorly optimized, and it wasn’t because they were pretty looking but because of poor programming.

        Building a solid gaming PC today isn’t really all that expensive, and if you go on steam, or buy Humble Bundles, you can buy games for $5 or less – with Humble Bundles, you can frequently buy a dozen games for $5.

        Games on consoles are $60-70 at launch, consistently $10 more than PC games, and PC games price drop faster, more, and more consistently.

        And it is still a PC! I can use it for all my other stuff – Photoshop in particular benefits from all the power I use for gaming.

        • Антон Иванов

          I 99% agree, but my trouble is that I live in Russia and building my own PC is WAY more expensive than buying a console. I guess sometime I’ll visit the USA to buy a PC)

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Lead platform = platform the game is developed first on.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    This does look good and it is better to develop on PC as the lead platform on multiplats (as long as its on PC of course) as it has the most powerful hardware cus if they target something like a 780 for visuals they can build them out for that then when its put on console you’ve got all these different levels of fidelity you can use and can balance it out to see which is better as itll never run at max details on consoles when there pushing the visuals anyway like they’ve done for project cars

    To the people thinking but a 780 is a £400+ gfx card… yeah sure atm but if that’s the limit for the gen within 1-2 years that 780 will be dropped to £200 maybe even sub £200 cus Maxwell (prolly moreso the 980’s)and especially Pascal NVidia GPU’s + AMD’s new lineup will make the performance a 780 has at 1080p look like the car the flint stones drive (maybe a slight exaggeration but itll be quite affordable) so yeah. gots to plan for the future 😀

  • Carl

    The “lead platform” term doesn’t mean “the best” or “the ideal”. For example, if a game in the previous generation had PS3 as lead platform, it didn’t mean it runs best on PS3 and chugs on Xbox 360, but rather it is designed to run on PS3 and Xbox 360 (since these consoles are overall the same in performance) and runs way better on PC. In other words, lead target platform, means the lowest common denominator. If a game targets PC (which makes no sense), the developers better have a scalable engine.

  • Jecht_Sin

    In don’t see how this should this be good news for the consoles. The leading platform always gets the best treatment. What Ubisoft most likely will end up doing will be to make the game running on Ultra on the best PCs and then consider the consoles like PC with lower specs just (hopefully!!) optimizing here and there to keep a steady 30fps. With tearing following the best Ubisoft tradition.

  • craious

    its gonna look great on consols and pc but u must not be a nerd just be a dude who wanna play a good game dont mind the frame rate because u wont notice(and alot of people dont know what a frame rate is they just yak about it)and the pixel thing 750 or 1080 its all the same u wont know the diffrence so E3 4 this game looks great so just wait until it comes out and then yak all u want.

  • jacksjus

    For multi-plat games I think it’s ideal to develop on the PC first. Then when they go over to the consoles to port they are likely to attempt to max the consoles as much as possible to match the PC.

    FarCry 4 might surprise everyone graphically as a result.

  • supersungin

    PC Is Lead Platform,like watchdogs nice try ubisoft

    • cursealoud

      have you seen BF4 on PS4 compared to PS3?

      • arbbles berglers

        wtf does watchdogs pc performance have to do with bf4 on ps3???

    • adam.kalla

      lead platform for watch dogs wasnt pc, idiot

      • Al. Lopez

        its still lead platform according to Ubisoft.

        but we know how that went the last time it happened.

  • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS

    PC is the lead platform = “We have an excuse when consoles only run it at 900P 30FPS”

    • Richard Attila

      That’s why console games look better than PC.Look at The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4 and the difference between them,they look like CGI compared to Far Cry.I played Watch Dogs on a 2000 dollars PC on ultra high and i never seen something spectacular,so give me a break Ubi with this marketing shit.Of course the Nvidia need to sell they graphic cards as well.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    1080p on PS4, 792p on xbone guaranteed.

    • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS


      900P 30FPS on PS4 you mean.

      1080P on PS4 is delusional. But then you said you were fine with 900P and it looks just like 1080P when upscaled last month right?

      • MTM2

        Just go away.

        • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS

          Posting facts = “PLEASE GO AWAY!”

          Sorry, PS4 is underpowered and won’t be 1080P unless major concessions are made. That’s the unfortunate truth.

        • Zee Ali

          why? because hes correct? lmao

  • Al


  • cybersigma

    good thing as it would help push PC graphics further and benefits of new gen will be also visible
    this is a really cool screnshot though reminds me of second son(never played it)

  • AnonymUce

    thanks, I would have never thought PC would be the leading platform in visuals in a million years.

  • blastx

    finding this hard to believe.

  • Placebo

    Why do devs not get their head around the fact all this extra power shouldn’t simply be used on visuals, better bullet physics (it’s a shooter after all), smarter enemy AI, things like that should also be done.

  • WellWisher

    Far Cry 3 ran beautifully on PC, so 4 should do the same. Dat cryengine.

  • Alkaporty

    The villain strangely looks like this guy;



    Which is a Québecois where the game is being developed, so I wouldn’t be surprised that the physical appearance of that character is based on that guy.

  • Jim Sterling

    hopefully they stick to this and one day consoles disappear and the superior gaming can commence… sucks letting the poorest people force the market into shit..

    • Trivill Colley

      Screw you dirt bag go fly a plane into the Pacific

  • The Oathbreaker

    And yet again you water down the current gen version because you want to release on old gen.

  • 1804nr

    They said the same thing regarding Watch_Dogs. That PC was the lead platform for development, but was it even optimised? Absolutely NOT! Ubisoft should stop really screwing us over with games that don’t perform well on PCs.

  • Wayne Kennedy

    30fps = FAiL

  • TheCanadian0495

    Yeah, that’s what they said about Watch Dogs. We’ll see how that turns out xD

  • justerthought

    I’ll be buying Far Cry 4 on PS4 and expect the image quality to be superb, but I find it really hard to believe that the game on PS4 will look the same as PC on ultra high.

    The screenshot at the top of the page doesn’t inspire confidence either. The background is blurred with high quality bokeh depth of field blur. The highlights in the bottom right corner blur into overlapping transparent circles. The E3 PC tech demo of Watch Dogs had bokeh depth of field blur, but the final game on PC and PS4 did not have bokeh blur.

    It requires a lot of power to run bokeh blur which makes me think that the above screenshot is a ‘bullshot’ or the PC version will have bokeh blur but the PS4 will not. Even if they do manage to squeeze bokeh blur into the PS4 version, there is no way on earth the XB1 can do bokeh blur unless it is running 720p 30fps with horrendous screen tear.

  • albatrosMyster

    I am not sure I can get this, as much as I loved FC3, I don’t think 30fps is acceptable for an FPS I would gladly take an option to dial down the details and disable AA to run this game smoothly on the PS4 and uplay on PC is not an acceptable thing either… Ubisoft really makes liking their games a hard thing with their policies.

  • Unwittingnemesis

    The only question here is how much Hutchinson was paid to strip him of any remaining integrity:

    “Due to that, gamers have never really seen something similar to the “ultra-high PC version” on consoles before.”

    …and they’re continuing to not see it. PC games on ultra-high have *always* blown away console versions (generally equivalent to *medium* or lower, at lesser resolution). If a game designed for a 7770-ish GPU (literally not even classifiable as a “gaming” GPU, as of 2014) runs Far Cry 4 at “ultra high” settings, then the game will not only look significantly worse than Far Cry 3, but will in no way take advantage of anything more than about $100 of 2014 PC GPU. In other words, they’ve made *medium-low* equivalent to ultra high by simply changing their naming convention, or they’ve merely limited the PC version to “medium-low.”

    In short, Far Cry 4 is a joke. Save your money.

    • Melissa Rossetti

      i love it

  • xbox cod5

    xbox one very good

  • Ethan Harvey

    Other than visual is there any difference between old and last gen? Forza horizon 2 a good example (smaller map different developers etc)