The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gets an Amazing High Quality Gameplay Video, Shows Impressive Visuals (UPDATED)

If you want to see over three minutes of amazing gameplay footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you’re in luck, as a new video has surfaced, showing off the game in shiny 1080p with an extremely high bitrate.

Since the video weighs a whopping 1.63 GB (quality comes with its weight), you’ll have to download it in order to watch it on your own PC. You can find the file here. You can also view it on Onedrive, but that’s definitely hit and miss, depending on your browser.

Since it’s a .MOV. your best bet for watching it without downloading Quicktime (which can be annoying) is VideoLAN.

The footage showcases the swamp demo available at E3, and really gives a great glimpse on the game’s stunning visuals. February 24th can’t come soon enough.

Update: added an embedded version of the video if you don’t want to go through the enormous download, but of course the quality is much lower. If you want to see it in high quality, you’ll have to download it.

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  • supersungin

    looks amazing !! the game looks gorgeous even without mods

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      It will have the RED kit too! So imagine the kinds of mods that will potentially be coming out!? I just hope they get the modding kit out sooner than they did with Witcher 2.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    I want to see it, but it’d take forever to download on my libraries connection speed.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      added an embedded version, doesn’t look AS good, but better than nothing 😀

  • Orichalon Hades

    >1.6 Gig


  • Octavio Valdez

    Those environments look like a dream, from the water to he forests themselves, must buy indeed no matter platform

    • ChatWraithEpsilon

      Until I have it under my mouse and keyboard, I’m skeptical about this game. I hated the way the previous two controlled, and graphics melting my videocard don’t outweigh that.

      • Sumyung

        It’s horrible with a mouse and keyboard, try plugging in a controller instead, they’re much more fun that way.

        • FalloutWanderer2077

          Maybe the second game.It was easier in some ways playing witcher 2 with a controller. The first witcher is exclusive kb & m all the way.

          This is one area I’m truly hoping CD Projekt RED improve for Witcher 3. Better PC controls and the UI. Witcher 2 UI was not very good,preferred the first games UI by a long shot.

          So far,the UI looks a lot better. they are using a hybrid between the first and second Witcher’s inventory system as well. It is grid and weight based now.They appear to be bringing back a lot of things from the first game which makes me very happy.

          As awesome and improved as the Witcher 2 was,it also took a few missteps,excluding some of the core elements from the first game.Monster hunting being more prominent is one of them.

          • CodeDisQus

            The awesome thing about CCPR is that they always listen to the community and IMO really do seem to care! I also thought the combat in the TW2 was its problem but right now it looks really good! To be fair though, TW2 had a really tumultuous development cycle, you can read about it here ( The lack of problems now will surely fix most the problems they encountered, that along with the extra time they are taking has me sold!

            I just wish that TW3 and Arkham Knight weren’t on so close to each other >.< AND that they give us some info on Cyberpunk 2077!

        • The Oathbreaker

          I’m betting CDPR has refined that super stiff combat and added far more fluid motions and tactics. This was the only issue I had with Witcher 2.

    • Samuel Gagné Martel

      Loved both witcher games and I can’t humanly wait for this one. I know my PC won’t max it but I don’t care, it’s still gonna be gorgeous.

    • The Oathbreaker

      I’m telling you this games graphical prowess rivals The Order easily, it looks so damn good.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    looks good. if you sony guys want an SSD now is the time to buy can get crucial MX100 512GB for £160… there getting cheaper :d crucial M550 1TB is £360 amazing prices

    • Jecht_Sin

      That means tomorrow the prices will be even better. 😀

      • Jeff Maxwell

        yeah PC’s and consoles should be shipping with SSD’s as standard within the next 5 years. Mechanical drives will still be the king for storage though and id prefer them as most SSD failures are down to the controller dying not the flash memory so mechanicals are are a lot more rugged it seems.

  • Rower

    The little was kinda cute.

    • tubers

      lol kinda.. in a weird way.. pretty expressive for something that doesn’t really doesn’t talk

      • Rower

        He doesn’t even exist. You’re taking this too serious : ‘ )

      • FalloutWanderer2077

        Precisely why it is so impressive. The faical animations and body gestures are a massive improvement over Witcher 2! Honestly,those facial animations are some of the best in-engine animations I’ve ever seen before. Some fo the best period. This is going to not only increase overall immersion but truly help the story telling in the game.

        This game cannot come out soon enough for me! I am really looking forward to this game. It is shaping up to be one of the best RPG games in a long time. The visuals look incredible and to think,it is completely open world! WOW.

        • Swordslash

          Best facial expressions ever in an open-world RPG thats for sure but best-facial expressions ever? Hmmm..I think Last Of Us and Beyond Two Souls take the cake for that but hey the facial animations here are nothing short of astonishing! Just look at Dragon Age games…damn they have some stiff expressions!

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            They are some of the best considering in-engine facial expressions/animations without them being performance mo-capped like say L.A. Noire or beyond two souls… that is what makes it so impressive.

            Those facial expressions are using some other kind of dynamic tech etc. I just watched a video on it last night.If I can find the interview I will edit and link you to it. Knowing that it really puts things into perspective.

            Here you go! It is a pretty good interview id recommend watching it all but for the facial expressions/animations – skip to around 4:30

            The dev said the reasoning behind doing it this way is because there will be over 40K lines of dialogue in the game! I can only imagine doing the motion capture work for all of that! lol.

          • Swordslash

            Nothing short of terrific! Truly next-gen at its finest.

            Many devs are unable to do impressive facial animations even while using mocap and they don’t even reach Witcher 3’s quality..

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            Exactly. Now you see why I was so impressed! This is without a doubt my most anticipated game of 2015.

          • Swordslash

            Cool.Will you buy Inquisition though?

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            I def planned on checking it out. I enjoy all different kinds of rpg’s and other genres. I guess unless it completely bombs I am going to get it. To be perfectly honest with you, I still have the first game to finish da:origins.

            I have heard how incredible it is so I am really looking forward to playing that and going through the series,even though I have always heard mostly bad things about dragon age 2.

            I will still try them out. You never truly know how good or bad a game is unless you experience it for yourself,know what i mean.

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            I also read a few previews comparing the npc in cities for an example between Witcher 3 & Dragon Age . Most said that Witcher s was way more dynamic where DA was very static/stiff.

    • Neco The Sergal

      I agree lol. I’d wanna hug it.

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      Yeah,he sounds diff. than he looks going by a few previews I have heard about. I am wondering if that being johnny has any ulterior motives? Maybe he is actually evil! dum dum dummm! 🙂

      • Rower

        He doesn’t even exist. People are taking this too serious : ‘ )

  • Sheldon Prescott

    There’s no torrent for this? My torrent downloads are always super fast. I’m spoiled

  • Dennis

    Oh wow! The attention to detail for an open world RPG is staggering.

  • Nordu

    did geralt just..jump?!

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      Yup. he will be able to do a lot more than that. There is a gamespot video out there that takes place right after this scene ends. It is 2 mins long. He vaults over a tree branch protruding out of the ground. Not jump but puts his hand on the branch and vaults over. Looks pretty damn good.

      He can also scale that cliff wall you see right there I believe. one of the 45 min. presentation previews said he can now scale/climb just not to the exact extent as say, assassins creed.He can also dive and swim underwater! …This game is going to be crazy good!

  • ilovegoogleglass


  • Quincy

    I don’t want to get too much excited with this game since its still what 6-7 months away. That’s a long wait.

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      8months,February 24th 2015. It is a good thing too though. They have a lot of time to really polish & perfect their game. It is looking amazing at this point already imo but I know they will refine and improve to the best of their ability.

  • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS

    That definitely ain’t the console versions.

    • sinisterrbutthole

      well either there using controller support or the xbox one demo.
      but from whats happening, this look like the full xbox one demo they showed on stage. behind closed doors, the demo went on for another 30 mins.

      • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

        If it was at the Microsoft show it was definitely running on PC. Expect downgrade for xbone version.

        • Dylan Harris

          yeah because sony doesnt do the same exact shit…coughkillzone2cough. Stop being a ignorant fanboy.

          • Somebodyissilent

            I love how sad it is that trolls keep bring that up. Get over it.

        • doesn’t bother me either way, i have a pc and ps4 so its all good.
          though i prefer to play on PS4, i find pc players very arrogant and big headed when it comes to pc games. i get really sick of it and just play with friends.

          • Swordslash

            Exactly why I quit PC gaming..Don’t get me wrong I LOVE some of the exclusives that come out especially the RTS games and action-RPG games and while great exclusives still come out for PC,the communtiy became too cancerous for me to enjoy the games that were coming out on PC.

    • doom guy

      That’s the PC version. Which was shown to other gaming networks like IGN and Gamespot. CDPR confirmed the MS E3 conference version was running on X1.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        its got he playstation controls in it so must be ps4 unless they’ve got dualshock support on the PC version

        • FalloutWanderer2077

          What! look again buddy. That is Xbox. you can use both controllers on the PC.whether legitimately or through some modding tweaks.
          This is PC footage.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            the embedded video has xbox controls but the 1.63GB one that you can download has PS4 controls cus it comes up with X and square and that. You can use PS4 on PC with some tweaks ive read you had to get the xinput drivers for dualshock 3 then it put s wrapper around it to use dualshock 4 and is a bit limited cus the wrapper is limited to DirectInput as no official drivers have bin released by sony#
            But how do ya know its PC version does it say it anywhere? if it is im not that impressed tbh

  • Trim Dose

    looks pretty damn good, definitely looking forward to this game.

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    Xb1 version is looking damn good so far..

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      I believe that is the PC. The same demo was shown at Gamespot and the Devs said it was running on PC. I am sure that all 3 will look amazing though. NOW,if I am wrong,then the PC version is not only going to look ridiculously good but it is going to take a f**king beast of a PC to Go check out the gamespot vid,you will find what I am talking about,same exact demo – identical.

  • valkirith

    he gives facepalm to

  • Placebo

    Thanks for the high quality download, struggled to find the Witcher 3 videos in the quality they deserve to be watched at! Thanks to Swedish internet took me less than 2 minutes to download the file 🙂

  • JD

    100% that little boy is setting Geralt up for a ass whipping…soon as you climb up there its all over lol.

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      I was thinking the same exact thing! lol. ” Ahhh little godling,I’ll help you get your voice back” climbs cliff, 20 monsters jump outta the bushes surrounding you. Geralt: ” damnit! that little shit!”

  • heitiki

    this is exactly what i wanted! it feels like the first part again! just looks tremendous 🙂

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      Exactly! reminds me of the Witcher 1. Witcher 2 was incredible but it lost something that the first game had. That unique atmosphere and that soundtrack! one of the best OST out there.Witcher 3 is shaping up to be everything I could of ever dreamed of or wanted in a RPG and Witcher game.

  • LordArklon

    I wonder if Dualshockers is capable of refraining from sensationalist headlines in their articles? It would be nice if readers were treated with the dignity of choosing their own adjectives for a change, instead of being told what to think all the time. What do you say, admins? Test run for a month?

  • Can’t wait for this to release next year!!

  • Aria68

    If i see a kid ugly like that in the middle of a jungle, i’d kill it before i get to ask any question from it.

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      Wow,you are serious too aren’t you? For one,that being is not a kid,at least I do not think so. You must not understand this game world at all huh? ughhh the state of the gaming and the world these days.

  • FalloutWanderer2077

    Wow,it looked awesome watching the stream and even more so watching the compressed version on dailymotion but my goodness! The uncompressed file version truly shows just how gorgeous Witcher 3 is going to be!

    You really miss a lot of the details,night and day difference compared to the gamespot showing.

    • Swordslash

      Gamespot’s showing is truly excellent though…and this Xbox One footage seems washed out in colors compared to the GameSpot one. Just do a comparison with this video

      You can see a very stark difference in color density and contrast compared to this video here.. I really doubt if its the graphics settings on XONE but rather I feel the video here by Dualshockers is extremely compressed to the point many things feel toned down? Do you think it might be the massive compression which is why it feels toned down or could it be unfinished visual settings of XONE????

      • FalloutWanderer2077

        I downloaded the 1.6gb version of the video you are linking. it came straight from the devs I believe. and this is not Xbox footage,it is actually PC. The only Xbox footage that has been shown so far is the first Microsoft stage presentation footage where he is chasing the Griffin. Everything else,the IGN,gamespot footage has all been on PC.This was confirmed by the devs on the official forums. Trust me I go there everyday lol. I am a big Witcher fan.

        The video above is gamespot yeah but the video dualshockers linked to also has the same video just uncompressed. it is a huge file though.
        1.6. gigabytes! It really shows just how good it looks. if you think the gamespot footage looked good,the uncompressed version looks even better.

        I am sure you are aware as well – you tube destroys video quality with compression. Check out the larger uncompressed video file above that dualshockers linked to,if you have the space and bandwidth to download it.

        This is how it will 99% go in my humble opinion – PC,PS4 and Then Xbox One. PC will be the best of course but only if you have the high-end hardware to run it. The two console versions will have slight differences,I say this with confidence because CD Projekt RED,the devs behind the witcher series did an excellent job with their port of witcher 2 on xbox 360.

        They are developing witcher 3 separately on all three gaming platforms,no porting or anything. That has got to be a shit ton amount of hard work. So in theory and from what they have said themselves even, their goal is to max each version to the best of their ability and the systems ability. I believe all 3 witcher versions will look incredible.

        • Swordslash

          Completely agreed but I really don’t want to download such a huge file! I saw the Dailymotion’s embedded version…and this same embedded version is everywhere in YT and it looks totally off…I mean simply compare Geralt’s face in this embedded video and the texture on the Godling’s skin with the GS one…there is a night and day difference and could video compression really result in washed out lighting and colors???

          And about W2 on X360…It wasn’t a bad port at all but there were massive cutbacks compared to the PC version and CDPR themselves admitted to the fact but it wasn’t their fault.

          But CDPR confirmed that this time there will be no cutbacks at all for any version and everyone will have an equally High quality experience..

          So once we have the game in our hands then am sure the difference will only be marginal between all 3 versions of course with the PC having much more advanced Hair & Flur effects,4K res and 60 FPS+ but yeah it definitely will not be anywhere near as big as the difference between W2 on PC and X360..

          CDPR confirmed that in an interview long time back

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            Are you saying this version is better or another one that you have seen on you tube? I am guessing you mean this one,correct?

            I think it is possible that a few of the vids of this floating around on you tube are from the stream and not the uploaded version that gamespot later put up. I read that the video that was given to gamespot was from CDPR directly. That would explain why some are not looking as good.

            As far as video compression is concerned, I am far from an expert but I do know it obliterates quality. Like you said yourself, there is a noticeable difference. Think of it this way,have you ever watched some HD vidos of a game you were going to buy etc. and then got it home and it looked even better,it always does IMO ya know?

            It also depends on the up-loaders,for all we know they could of messed with it or somewhere in the conversion if they were messing with anything,might of threw it off. I am going to also check out the video you posted above and let you know what I think.

            oh also,this version
            “Update: added an embedded version of the video if you
            don’t want to go through the enormous download, but of course the
            quality is much lower. If you want to see it in high quality, you’ll
            have to download it.”

            I think that might be what is messing the quality up. I need to go watch the 1.6gb one and do a comparison although I know for a fact it looked much better. I will let you know how they stack up. the dailymotion compared to uncompressed humongous version lol.

          • Swordslash

            Yeah this one…I mean this “same” 3:47 long video is everywhere on YT and noticed a stark difference in lighting and colors especially on the Godling’s skin and its very much possible that it could be because of messed-up upload quality but generally compression only results in just extra fatty pixels…I didn’t know that it could also wash out the colors and lighting as well..

            But maybe this game is just so technically meaty its simply too much for YT player to handle?

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            haha very possible. I just went and watched this same video but the big file uncompressed version. it definitely looks better than any version out there that I’ve seen so far.

            I also realized something else There may very well be 3 diff. varying versions of this. the gamespot stream,the 2:19 gamespot one and now this one that is 3:46. this 3:46 I believe came from CDPR directly,I might be mistaken but that is what I read over at the Witcher forums.

            Keep in mind also that you tube 720p is barely even that. the resolution and compression really does throw things off a lot more than you would think.That is my guess at least.

            Also,if you go watch the 2:19 gs one,I paused at like 0:10-11 and I am telling you, it creeped me the hell out! lol. that might be that face morphing tech but a glitch. if you can catch it just right,you’ll see what I am talking about. it’s Geralt’s face. IDK creepy haha.

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            Also,if you watch this 3:46 version,look to Geralt’s right-hand side after he begins to follow Johnny,you will notice a man? off in the distance by some huts or whatever they are. He appears fairly big or may be just stocky,I first thought a dwarf? possibly,I need to look at it again! lol. I really wish I could play this game right this very second!

            Another fine detail just in case you missed it,when he is fighting those drowners,the blood mixes in the water but also gets on Geralt,it is really noticeable on his legs & boots. Plus foliage,plants/flowers look to interact when he comes into contact. I love the little details like this,they add up in the bigger picture. Certainly helps immerse you into the world.

          • Swordslash

            Wow thanks for the info! Btw this is PC footage from IGN,right?


            If so then am confirmed that its because of upload quality why it looks shitty and the fact that this game is graphically meaty…and I compared the E3 Xbox footage to the IGN one and if the IGN one is running on PC then wow the difference is smaller than I thought it would be but damn the hair on the horse and griffin looks so natural on the IGN one..

            CDPR seems to be doing an excellent job on XONE though…

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            Yes,this is PC footage. The thing to remember is this, you will get the same exact experience just without some of the shiny fancy hair/fur tech.I am thinking you will still get close to that horse hair/tail on xbox and ps4,the griffin hair is what impresses on the IGN video IMO.I am assuming you are playing on Xbox,correct?

            Well,if it makes you feel any better I am have a pretty good gaming PC and I do not think I will be able to crank everything up to max! If I am able to get more hardware,sure,id love to,just for this game. They said console is equal to high on PC,that is excellent man.

            they will add a Ultra preset for PC that will be,in their words ” the peak of gaming” haha, it will probably look like that sword of destiny trailer,you’ve seen that one right? where the bear is charging,notice the fur moving,well yeah,that shit is going to be really tough to run on PC,I can only imagine and assume.

            They have said they will do everything in their power,nvidia and both sony and microsoft are working closely with CDPR to get those version looking great. but looks like geralt’s hair will be pretty much identical on xbox compared to PC. That is great,considering you will be looking at him for the entire game lol.

            honestly the hair has looked great. a shame we do not have any comparison videos between all 3 vid so far released. know what I mean? I do not care to compare but still be nice for those curious.

            going by the videos. plus no one has even seen a HD quality vid yet of the griffin demo from xbox conference. I really want to see that video in better quality.

          • Swordslash

            Indeed the game is going to be a technical masterpiece on PC,PS4 and XONE and I really don’t think you have to worry about not running it on ultra and thinking you won’t get the true experience! And no actually I am more of a PlayStation fan :).

            But I started gaming on PC and have been a PC gamer for 8 years but I am mostly a PS fan these days and imho don’t you think the difference between High and Ultra is small??? In most games there is a stark difference between low to medium and medium to high but between High and Ultra theres only a few touches here and there!! Besides there are actually not that many people in the world with good gaming rigs let alone one that does W3 justice..

            BTW do you have any idea about how big the world will be? I am sure you’ve heard CDPR say in the announcement that its 20% larger than Skyrim but you might have earlier reports that say that two areas of W3 are in itself 3.5 times larger than Skyrim…really confused

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            Yup. I believe it’s going to look great on all 3. oh ok,I thought xbox because you mentioned. I think PS4 will certainly have the advantage in resolution compared to xbox. I believe they said it will be easier to achieve 1080p 30 fps on ps4 and right now its at 900p @ 30 fps on xbox but they are hoping to get it up to 1080p.

            Yeah I agree with you there for most games. CDPR said the ultra setting they plan on adding is going to be pretty beastly! my guess in this situation,yeah it will be a noticeable diff. going from high to ultra with Witcher 3.

            I am hoping to get a dedicated physX card to help with the hair/fur tech. I figure that will be a cheaper alternative than going SLI or getting a really expensive single card. I have a fairly mid to high-end PC now but not a monster.

            I have heard a few diff. estimations on the world size,I don’t know what to believe anymore lol. The one they have stuck with is 35X larger than witcher 2. A recent interview someone said 40X and than you have the rumors from GDC that you are referring to. I am gonna guess and say that the world has gotten bigger since they began and it’s probably approached 30% bigger than Skyrim. Purely a guess on my part. Even if it is 20% bigger than Skyrim,that is one big ass map right there!

          • FalloutWanderer2077

            ***BTW!!! WARNING***
            Supposedly some leak has taken place with witcher 3! story,endings,characters etc etc. so please watch out! I am very sensitive to that kind of stuff maybe your not IDK. there has not been any confirmation to it’s authenticity,something about a hacked e-mail account etc. either way,just a heads up! be careful where your looking around online just in case.

  • The Oathbreaker

    “Don’t be afraid, it is I…The Butcher of Blaviken, come on out”.

  • Adrian

    Good because I truley was shocked at the differance of the XBONE demo at E3. It looked amazing but I expected more from it.

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  • Swordslash

    Just in case if anyone was wondering,this is the Xbox One footage…the one at E3 actually ran at Xbox One and not by dual GTX Titans inside a little cabinet like Xone reveal..CDPR actually confirmed that. The E3 demo continued for another half-hour behind closed doors and this is one of the segments of it and yes there is another PC footage showcasing the same sequence..

    • FalloutWanderer2077

      No my friend. this is PC footage. you are right about the Microsoft presentation,that was XBOX footage. everything else that has been show was PC footage,already confirmed by the devs,CD Porjekt RED.

      I believe they plan on showing PS4 footage at Gamescom in August. Probably with other platform footage as well,one can hope.

      • Swordslash

        I was clearly mistaken and it was an older post! 😛 …Sorry about that one!! BTW do you remember CDPR saying during the first reveal of the game that the combat system would allow you to target individual body parts of your foes by slowing down time and in a fashion similar to the VATS system from Fallout? Its weird because I’ve seen no signs of it in the gameplay videos and they are awfully quite on such a big feature..

        And on other news,a dev from CDPR mentioned in an interview that W3 is “65” times larger than W2.. Like what the hell? They said it was 30 times bigger and then 35 times bigger and now…Damn confused lol! 🙂

        Either their maths suck or the game is actually…growing? o.O