Watch the President of SCEA Talk About No Man’s Sky and Grim Fandango

on June 14, 2014 6:10 PM

I love when the people in charge are huge gamers themselves. The President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Shawn Layden, talks about what Playstation games he’s excited for.

Shawn Layden replaced the awesome Jack Tretton when he stepped down in March after the launch of the Playstation 4. This interview gives us some  idea from where the CEO came from and his love old-school games like Grim Fandango.

It seems like Sony knows how to breed charismatic and knowledgeable upper management who seem sincere about loving videogames.

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32 responses to “Watch the President of SCEA Talk About No Man’s Sky and Grim Fandango”

  1. They Call Me Senpai says:

    I like Shawn and all, but bring back Jack!

    • GameDev345 says:

      Jack is great but Shawn has been there for longer and more of a gamer

      You might never know, giving more time on stage, Shawn might turn out great too

      • They Call Me Senpai says:

        That’s a weird way of spelling “brink back Jack!”

        • GameDev345 says:

          And that is a weird spelling of bring, lol

          Move on, it is even more positive that the current president is more of a gamer, means more great games for PS consoles. Shenanigans in interviews are good but more games are even better

          • They Call Me Senpai says:

            (The one time autocorrect doesn’t want to work)… More of a gamer or not, Jack was more charismatic and had better mic skills than Shawn. And more games is a given, Shawn’s presence won’t change that in anyway.

          • SkinnyAssGamer says:

            more practice in the mirror? and on stage would help Shawn quite a bit i believe 🙂 Being more of a gamer relates better to gamers. and being their longer means he can relate to the Classic PS Fans more. so we may see games returning to PlayStation maybe i hope. Shuhei Yoshida and Shawn are gamers and can relate to us. Phil Spencer is also a gamer and can relate to gamers. Meaning these companies will start to favor the gamers more over lining their pockets. I agree Jack is more charismatic. i i wish he would return to PlayStation/Sony but that won’t happen probably.

    • Hitovik says:


  2. theodor70941 says:

    He’s so boring to listen to, Sony bring Jack Tretton back!

  3. superkarma says:

    I like this guy. He’s no Jack Trenton, but that’s alright. Jack left some big shoes to fill that not many could fill. Shawn knows his shit and it certainly shows. He brought the momentum to a near halt during the conference, but they recovered and all was well. Someone should’ve told him during rehearsals that the current setup wasn’t ideal.

    Anyways, I think with time, he’ll fill those shoes and will do amazing things in his position. Looking forward to the future with him at the top.

    • GameDev345 says:

      “He brought the momentum to a near halt during the conference”

      You have to understand that it was more of Sony E3 schedule than what he chose to talk about. Am sure he would have loved to talk about games like Adam Boyes but he was chosen to do a job and he did it. Yoshida had said they didn’t want to talk about games throughout as they have a long list of games ready and in development but want to spread it out among E3, TGS and Gamescon

      • superkarma says:

        Understandable, but then at least break it up throughout the conference. Don’t put ~20mins of hardware/services announcements into one segment after coming off a big game lineup. Come up with creative ways to either segue into those announcements or work them in through press releases after the conference.

        Like I said, they recovered from it, but I just feel that they could’ve done his segment better. In the end, it doesn’t really matter, because they had an incredible amount of content showcased and it was a great overall conference.

        • Duke says:

          I guarantee that that 20-30 minutes of them talking stats and tv will be a learning experience for them and that next e3, you will either see none of it at the conference or it will be shortened down and resigned to service announcements and not figures.

          • A Gamer says:

            It might be a learning experience, but the fact that intelligent men, being paid such large salaries as they do, were capable of making such a mistake in the first place, is still a concern. I don`t think it should be a case that “we`ve learnt from our mistakes”. After all, people haven`t forgiven MS for the mistakes made in the initial XB1 announcement.Their E3 was a HUGE improvement this year, but that has barely been acknowledged by many as acceptable.

            Personally though, I think the stats were used for hiding the fact that, lets be honest, Sony had very, very little to announce at E3. People are saying Sony will be announcing more in the Tokyo Game show, which is why. I just hope those guys are right, because Sony`s conference was, as far as I and a number of critics see, the most disappointing (not that MS or Ninendo set the world on fire either).

            Also, as much as I ADORE Grim Fandango, and shall be buying for my Vita the second it hits PSN, the fact that releasing an age-old game decades old, was one of the only highlights of Sony`s E3 speaks volumes about how little the PS4 and Vita have to offer gamers in the near future.

          • Duke says:

            Everyone makes mistakes, we are only human and I guarantee you have made your fair share throughout your life. They wanted to spend some time talking about how well Playstation 4 has done since launch and was also used to have people welcome Shawn Layden, they just went about it the wrong way.

            People have forgiven Microsoft, they are completely different than they were this time last year and with Phil Spencer leading the charge now, people are excited more than ever for the future of Xbox.

            Sony had a fairly good E3, but everyone has different opinions (another humanly trait). But the consensus is that Sony had a good E3. Same as Microsoft, Nintendo and Ubisoft. They only bad conference was EA’s.

            Sorry that a lot of the games shown at E3 didn’t excite you but it did for many many other people.

          • superkarma says:

            Sony had more overall game announcements, more exclusives announced, more overall content, and much more actual gameplays than Microsoft…but you claim they had “very, very little to announce at E3”?

            You’re also forgetting the handful of 1st party studios that were absent from E3 and are already confirmed to be working on unannounced games.

            Please, stop trolling…you’re terribly bad at it.

        • megablast16 says:

          Yeah that middle section did drag on, there was some interesting points in there but it was just too long. The talk of TV shows was a mistake though, probably foisted on them by the entertainment division.

  4. Cassive says:

    Where are all the funny GIFs at?

  5. The Moeshit says:

    Seems like I’m in the minority here. I like Shawn better than Jack.

  6. MTM2 says:

    I like Shawn, for his first E3 he was very well spoken, clean and informative…

    A couple years of experience doing the E3 thing and he’ll start showing more and more confidence.

  7. Delsin Rowe says:

    honestly, he was a little wierd 😀
    he used the word of “tremendous” too much 😀

  8. Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS says:

    “It seems like Sony knows how to breed charismatic and knowledgeable upper management who seem sincere about loving videogames.”

    Someone’s fishing for a job at Sony. Offering to clean asses over there with your tounge?

    • GodGamerDerp says:

      Can the moderators please ban this mustard peasant troll again. It’s been banned multiple times on dualshockers, gamingbolt, cinemablend, onlysp, and pretty much everywhere on disqus. All it does is spread lies and hate about consoles and PS4 especially.

      • Jeff Maxwell says:

        omg is there no limit to your copy and pasting? I think you’ve got a Logitech keyboard with half the macro keys loaded up with your copy and paste nonsense

  9. Synthetic Construct says:

    Most of what he said made me dose off except that segue into MKX

  10. Dennis says:

    I think people don’t give him enough credit and comparing him too much to Jack Tretton. I mean, Jack is one hell of a charismatic person, and Shawn is not far from that. It was his first E3 as the president of Sony Computer Entertainment America and in my opinion he did an amazing job. You could see he was nervous here and there, but who wouldn’t be? He clearly knows his games and PlayStation. I wish him all the best in the future.

  11. Jecht_Sin says:

    He sure doesn’t steal the scene. Too tense, and the way he dresses he looks like a 1980 IBM manager. But he is a Mac user thus he MUST be good!! ^_^

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  13. megablast16 says:

    He’s OK but Jack’s the man.

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