Amazon is Offering the PC Version of Metro Redux at a Discount

Metro Redux, the remake of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, the first person shooter developed by 4A Games, is now available for pre-order for only $24.99 on Amazon.

The discount is only available for the PC version and will require a free Steam account in order to redeem and play. It will include both enhanced games and will come with all of the DLC packs released for the original versions.

Metro Redux will release July 30th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Nicholas Perry

    Excellent Deal!

    I may have to splurge on this one. I don’t own last light yet (mostly because I don’t have a GPU powerful enough to play it at crazy settings. Waiting for Maxwell), but 25$ with all DLC and Metro 2033 redux is a great deal.

    4A deserves every penny

    • Jeff Maxwell

      you might be waiting till next year for that although the 780’s are getting cheaper so could mean the 880’s maybe appearing around November unless Ts cus the 290’s beat he 780’s for much cheaper than they were at

  • Krakn3dfx

    Already own both on the PC, I’ll probably pick up Redux on the PS4 tho for the Remote Play option.

  • premiumguest

    this is why the pc gaming is best…IMO

  • L__S

    Looking forward into these games. Never played them and now I can enjoy them with better graphics on console.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    bah metro redux £30 all version in UK, can prolly buy a cd key for much cheaper on pc though have to look into it later