Bloodborne: New Info on PS4 Hardware Advantages, Death Penalty, Offline Gameplay, Worldwide Release

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne impressed many at E3, and today Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki shared more information about the game in an interview on Dengeki Online

Miyazaki-san explained that the game will have more variation in animation compared to his previous games, thanks to the fact that it’s on PS4 and there’s more memory available for this kind of details. He also mentioned that one of the unique elements of the game will be the ability to enhance weapons, but further details about that are still a secret.

We also learn that the game will be playable offline, even if of course that will lock players out of its online features. That said, Miyazaki-san thinks that as a general trend, even thanks to DLC, the ratio of online features in games is raising.

Even more interestingly, Miyazaki-san explained at length what we can expect from one of the central elements of his production: death.

We are still conducting final reviews of the death penalty, though we don’t plan on making it quite so severe. While death will occur often in this game, it’s important that it both does not place too much stress on the players and still makes them want to take on the challenge again, so we are regulating the death penalty with these things in mind.

This is a bit off-topic, but to make sure the player still wants to give it another go, it’s also vital to give them a wide breadth of options in battle. The intention with our design is to provide a rich system that includes weapons such as guns and traps, among others. And while I said you will die plenty in this game, we similarly want to give the player the rush of nearly dying or thinking they are about to die, so we are always considering the best ways to govern this balance.

If you’re wondering whether the game will be released in your country at the same time as all others, you shouldn’t worry, because Miyazaki-san finally mentioned that the current plan is to have a simultaneous worldwide release.

[Translation: Tim Roy]

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  • Jeff Maxwell

    I don’t really see the bit about hardware advantages? if its cus he said its got more memory, yeah compared to PS3 but that about it

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      More memory is part of the hardware.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        well it does say “new info on hardware advantages of PS4” but that’s nothing new tbh so doesn’t make sense tbh

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Obviously it’s about the hardware advantages related to this game (that’s why there’s “Bloodborne:” in front of the headline). More memory = more variation in animation.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            hmmm I suppose so, just kinda reads differently to how its meant to be, confusing haha

          • Jamie Lawler

            Its called ‘promoting fan wars for $’

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Except that’s not what’s happening, not the editors fault if a reader misinterprets a headline.

          • jent

            Exactly. Dualshockers is definitely not immune from the desire for money generated by clicks.

  • Rower


  • ISISSecretAgent

    sweet baby jesus, this game cant come soon enough. the hype!

  • themugen

    Thanks dor the story. This is one of my most anticipated games. Going to be so awesome!

  • mad games

    for the people who didn’t see gameplay or who has any kind of Doubt he should to see this leaked gameplay

    just phenomenon…..

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That’s actually quite old. It was a month old when the first leak happened, so it’s not very representative of the game.

      • The point is that its in higher quality this time 😉

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          True, but I prefer to see something in lower quality but more representative of the game, like this

          • mad games

            maybe it is one month old ,but belief or not it’s an impressive gameplay..

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Over a month. It was a month old about a month and a half ago.

          • xavier axol

            so you don’t think that this trailers was made for tgs last year?
            I remember shuhei yoshida saying in several podcast interviews that they were gonna show bloodborne (which at the time was called project beast) at tgs last year, but decided not to at the last minute.

          • mad games

            so what is your point???

          • Orichalon Hades

            too bad the guy that playing the “demo” is a total arse at it

            “missing a pointblank shotgun shot”

    • Kamille

      why they didn’t show that at E3 instead of the cgi trailer?

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Because it’s an old internal demo.

        • mad games

          so what who cares it is bitter then nothing Dahhhhhhhh

    • CervantesPR
  • D’shawn
  • CervantesPR

    game will have online features?? so will this have PVP????

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Didn’t give much in terms of details, besides the theme “freely sharing the search,” but we can probably expect something similar to demon’s/dark souls.

      • xavier axol

        have they ever talk about how big the world is? or worlds (a la demon’s souls)?

      • IncognitosX

        This article gives me the feeling that they are lowering the difficult to reach a broader audience. In particular I’m referring to the death penalty talk. My mouth is still watering for this game but I hope they stay true to original recipe. If they are going to make this more accessible this would be the time since it’s a new IP. Your thoughts?

  • Orichalon Hades

    >online features


  • D’shawn
    • Victor Lavon Richardson

      Truly. This spiritual successor to Demon Souls seems to far surpass it.

      • D’Brickashaw

        Outstanding graphics with phenomenal, exquisite, and fast-paced gameplay. A marvel of gaming in the 21st century.

  • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS

    They can enhance animations but sure as hell can’t enhance the frame rate

    • William

      In my personal opinion 30FPS is fine for video games, and framerate should only be focused on once the animations and gameplay mechanics are finished, same with resolution. I’m guessing you’re just a PC gamer that’s a tad butt-hurt that this is an exclusive title.

    • Carl

      If you want 120 fps with ultra settings, go play Goat Simulator on your rig, because you won’t be able to play a modern game like Watch Dogs with more than 30 fps.

      And don’t forget to sign another online petition for Destiny, after Dark Souls and GTA V. Beg, and maybe Activision will grant you the honor.

      • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS

        But the PS4 can’t run Watch Dogs with more than 30FPS either.

        Or at 1080P.

        And Goat Sim will still have 100 more frames than Bloodborne(To run at 20FPS) and have a better draw distance in an open world without the need for DOF effects like Bloodborne or Infamous.

        Imagine that. Goat Simulator is more technically competent than Sony 1st party. The ICE team should be fired.

        • GameDev345

          By technically competent you mean a wierd simulator without absolutely nothing to offer but strange looks

          Yes the ICE team should be fired, the same ICE team that made the PS4 power the UC4 in engine trailer running at 1080p 60fps that looks better than anything out on PC, or the same ICE team that allows smooth transition high visual fidelity games like the order to also run at 1080 30fps, and the PC still hasn’t achieved a game like that

          Come to think of it, a PC is not even a game console, its specs can be changed to be lower or higher than a game console, gets bad ports of GTA games, watch dogs while PC fans still beg for games released on consoles.

          Pretty sure the world wide use of a PC is more for other tasks like work, facebook, email instead of gaming

          A pc is not a game console, stop comparing it to one

          • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS

            “Yes the ICE team should be fired, the same ICE team that made the PS4
            power the in engine trailer running at 1080p 60fps that looks better
            than anything out on PC, or the same ICE team that allows smooth
            transition high visual fidelity games like the order to also run at 1080
            30fps, and the PC still hasn’t achieved a game like that”

            What is Crysis 3, Alex?


            Some game dev you are.

          • GameDev345

            Yeah even Ryse matched and in gameplay instances looked better than crysis 3, and was running on a better version of the cry engine and that game was a long time ago, doesn’t even come close to what the UC4 and the Order has achieved

            Yep I am a great game dev,, you know what I use my PC to do, program games, I have a game console for playing them, cause you know a PC is not a game console

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Your tears just won’t stop flowing.

        • Carl

          Goat Simulator is technically competent? A game that runs at 60 fps on a mid-range rig just because technologically it is about the same as GTA III back on PS2, is better than ICE Team’s output?

          Enough of this trollism. Go back to your cave, troll.

          • bob

            The PC MR guys always have nothing better to do drop in on console stories to show how insecure they are, what a sad life, shouldn’t they be busy playing all those superior games then? We just wanna have fun, ffs.

          • Carl

            The so called “Master Race”, poeple who can’t run modern games like Crysis 3 and Watch Dogs at anything more than Medium settings and locked at 30 fps, will even brag about Goat Simulator’s open world (!!!), a funny curio not worth more than 5 or 10 minutes of time. Not about GTA V, Assassin’s Creed, or even Battlefield 4. Such a thing I have never experienced before.

          • Liquid_Smooth_Buttery_30FPS

            Sorry I posted the truth that a small team with a joke game made an open world game that ran at 60FPS with differed lighting, enhanced physics that ran at 60FPS on mid range rigs while a PS4 showcase title had to cheat and use DOF to hide pop-in and a bullshot trailer with clipping and screen tear runs at the “Magical” 60FPS.

            So much for a “Supercharged PC”

          • Carl

            Yes, yes, go on and play Crysis 3 on your supercharged rig, if you can. And keep bragging about Goat Simulator. Farewell.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Do you know how demanding Goat Simulator is? Not very.

        • Jecht_Sin

          Go making love with your 4K goat then while we play real games. lol

      • Jeff Maxwell

        don’t need to Activision are heavily discussing bringing Destiny to PC anyway so unlucky… only problem is they’ll have to rework the textures to make them better

        • Carl

          So what? If they enhance Destiny for PC (which still is unconfirmed to say the least…), will you be able to play this game “the way it was meant to” on YOUR rig? Or will you brag about someone else’s supercharged rig with dual Titans and come here on dualshockers trolling about the game’s ultra settings which you won’t be able to enjoy?

          • Jeff Maxwell

            yeah I can play it at prolly ultra settings prolly 30-45 pends how demanding the game is if its not demanding should hit 60 easily. The most any game atm is targetting is a 780 as its performance ceiling. I was going upgrade from my 280x but its not worth it atm can play watchdogs 1080p near ultra settings, BF Hardline ultra 60fps (but its not a good game doesn’t make me want to play it like BF4 did) the only game I can see it struggling on ultra in the near future at 60fps which is the games target is project cars but im waiting on seeing what the next GPU’s from NVIDIA and AMD are like then ill have more than enough power. Btw ddr3 maybe 66GB/s but our GDDR5 runs at 280-320GB/s on the higher end cards compared to your 176 plus I’ve got an SSD streaming my textures in. So butthurt much. If far cry 4 targets a 780 pending on how close to its power use it gets i should be able to achieve mostly ultra on that not sure what fps id get though so cry more

          • Carl

            If you have such a capable rig, then you should play and not drop by Dualshockers trolling aound. I can’t believe you have such a supercharged rig that you spend so much timeaway from your favorite hobby.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            its not able to do 1440p but im fine with 1080p atm, my next rig is when ill move to 4K sometime in 2016. Samsung has just released a 28 inch 4K 60hz 1ms monitor for £500 so that’s well within a decent price range now also you would need like 2x 780’s for 4k really preferably 2x 290’s as it needs 4GB video ram preferably but the new maxwells and AMD GPU are designed to have enough power and RAM for single GPU 4K gaming but 2016 is where its really going to power through and proper single GPU gaming wil be here then and that’s when im getting my new rig

    • GodGamerDerp

      Can the moderators please ban this mustard peasant troll again. It’s
      been banned multiple times on dualshockers, gamingbolt, cinemablend,
      onlysp, and pretty much everywhere on disqus. All it does is spread lies
      and hate about consoles and PS4 especially.

  • All games need to have simultaneous worldwide releases. I am so excited for this game, alongside Uncharted 4 it is my most anticipated game shown at this years E3.

  • Kuro-Law

    My dream =
    Q1, The Order 1886
    Q2, BloodBorne
    Q3, New GG IP
    Q4, Unchated and ultra super secret surprise release of THE LAST GUARDIAN!!!

    • Zukato

      2015 is going to be one heck of a year for gamers!

      • Kuro-Law

        The lineup for 2015 is already is looking crazy but there’s still Gamscom and TGS where can potentially see 2015 release dates for more games, I cant control my hype levels!!!

        • SskHannibalXKarma

          And….Fallout 4 at Gamescom

    • Nordu

      Hell…I would even settle for a remastered/hd version of soc

      • Crimsonbagel

        SoC? Shadow of the Colossus? An HD Remaster of that game already exists, and comes along with a remastered version of Ico as well, for PS3. xD

        • Nordu

          Oh…haha didn’t even know they made a hd version for the ps3. What I meant was that I was hoping for a hd/remastered version for the ps4.

    • Darren Russell

      They’ve said they’re aiming for a Jan-March release for this 😀

  • Jerry Hu

    Miyazaki is god!

  • RyTeOuS

    omg Miyasaki, take my money, you had me at “Project Beast”, but I do like what you’re saying it’s like foreplay

  • bob

    So the penalties aren’t so bad, but you’re still going to die a lot. A reassuring thought.

  • Hell yeah. I can’t get enough info on Bloodborne 🙂

  • JoeGuy

    Improved gif covering the leaked trailer.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    This game sounds too sexy for mere mortals to handle.

  • PrinceHeir

    Worldwide release date woohooo!!

    Wish more Japanese companies are like this!

  • Cody Glisson

    idk i was disgusted with soul series wasnt funny just stressful and silly

    • Svengalis

      demon’s souls was actually quite easy once you played through it a few times. now the pvp that’s a different story. i didn’t play enough of dark souls to get the jist of it as it was to different from demon’s souls in the open world aspect so i didn’t like it.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Easy? Well, yes. I have been surprised that I could fully clean up level 1-1 without a single death. But the maneaters still made pork chops of me for two hours yesterday. Not to mention the octopus headed red phantom magicians. I hate all of them!! lol

    • Darren Russell

      The Souls series isn’t meant to be funny.

      • Cody Glisson

        i meant fun ill try demon souls and see


    Is someone who never died even once in “Souls” game exists ?

    • Jecht_Sin

      Never as in “never, ever” not a chance. Although some lamer in the Internet pretend so. But never as in “never in a single play-through”.. Yes. There are videos of speed runs (beating all major bosses) proving it.


        i thought so too.

    • Mikail

      One in billion LOl, let say people who drank and then playing the games LOLOLOL

  • The Oathbreaker

    I found myself smiling more and more with each sentence I read.

  • Bobby Jennings

    This game looks amazing. I’m surprised it isn’t 60FPS