Here Are the Secret Areas of the Destiny Alpha

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter then you know that nearly everyone has been playing and loving the Destiny Alpha. Though the portion of the game that’s in the alpha is sizable, there is a lot more to it and some secret areas have been found.

A Bungie Community member who goes by the handle Poiesis listed several of the secret areas that he found.

Here is exactly what he wrote:

1. At the end of the Story mission area, proceed onwards until you come out into the open. There will be a small area with Hive and Fallen fighting each other. Go to the rusted helicopters near an edge of the area, and jump down from the ledge. You’ll see a secret room with an Ascended Ogre (Hive) that is Level 11. This a pretty hard enemy, but fun to fight as it’s quite a challenge and the only known Ogre in the Alpha.

2. About halfway through the Devil’s Lair Strike area (past The Divide if you don’t want to do the Strike) at the place where your Ghost needs to take down a barrier, look around and you will see a large entrance glowing green. Head down the winding path and you will end up in The Grotto, where a lot of ?? Level Hive dwell. It is not a good idea to attack these enemies, as they are practically meat barriers, but they are possible to kill. 

3. When on Patrol, head to the Mothyards. When there, head towards the Story mission entrance (building with the large radar) and turn right before it. You’ll notice an entrance to a crevice like path. Follow this path until reach the Forgotten Shore. Once there keep going straight until you pass the big building at the far side, where you’ll see another entrance. Head along that path, avoiding the two ?? Level enemies (unless you have the time and patience) and you’ll reach The Hot Gates (300 reference?). There a lot of ?? Level Fallen here protecting a Hive cave entrance. EDIT: (from user The Mandalore) At the Hot Gates, if you proceed into the Hive Cave you will reach the Hidden Swamp, where another Hive Ogre is!

4. When on Patrol, head right from spawn until you see a staircase along the far wall. Head up this staircase and pass through the building that follows. Soon you’ll reach The Divide. Once here, go right and along the path, until you see a large glowing orange entrance to your right. Head into this area and you’ll end up at The Cosmodrome. This is a special area, where the first gameplay of Destiny was released back at E3 2013. You’ll find yourself at a barren wasteland, and you should see to your left a sign that’s fallen over. Sit down on this sign and take a screenshot, as is the trend! The view at this area is amazing, and if you’re like me and watched the first gameplay a million times, it’s a very cool feeling to walk through the exact same steps as Jason Jones. You won’t trigger the same mission, but there is a jumpscare where a light literally explodes off the ceiling, and ruins your moment of nostalgia and awe.

These are just some of the secret areas. It’s pretty awesome that even the alpha has these neat Easter eggs. One could only imagine how many secret areas the final game will have. The alpha for Destiny has been extended so try to see if you can find any other hidden areas while it’s still going.

Destiny will be released on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9th.

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  • DLConspiracy//

    Has anyone been through the parts where the creatures have “???” marks over them? I kept trying to beat them and they wouldn’t drop but 1 hit marker even with a head shot and then kill me.

    So then I tested them and found out you could run in their room without getting hit and find a loot crate. There is actually 2 places for this. One on the cliffside of the helicopter and one right in the beginning of the exploration of Russia in the first building with a set of stairs. .

    • superkarma

      I haven’t personally been through those areas yet, but I’ve read about them. Apparently it’s due to that being an overlooked “off limits” area, which wasn’t supposed to be in the alpha. That’s why you can’t kill them and whatnot. That seems to be the ongoing assumption, at least.

      But thanks for the heads up about the loot crates. I’ll definitely have to run through those areas now. 🙂

      • DLConspiracy//

        Don’t stop when you run in. If you pause or hesitate when you run. They will surely kill you. The one with the helicopter is tough. You might have to jump over him when he is about to strike and then run in. That one was a bit tougher.

    • Rower

      They’re un-killable

      • Really? that kind of sucks, I was really excited to take these guys on.

      • DLConspiracy//

        At least at the level cap we are stuck with.

      • christopher witherspoon

        they are killable it would just take a very long time with a full fireteam because if you look at the damage meter you deal 1 damage an 2 with super

      • Justin Gray

        me, two buddies and two randoms took one down. it took almost 45 minutes.

    • L3AK3D

      what me and my buds were doing was just running past them and jumping so they couldn’t hit us. occasionally it works and occasionally it doesn’t lol.

      • DLConspiracy//

        Yeah that’s what I did too. haha.

  • oooh very nice! I’m gonna need to get a fireteam together to try and take these guys out before the Alpha ends!

  • Jecht_Sin

    “Destiny will be released on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9th”

    On PC as well? Did I miss something? 😉

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Must be a typo on DS part 😛

      • a pretty significant typo that 6 days later STILL hasnt’ been corrected? Wow

  • IH8YH

    The Hive Entrance in #3 is a direct pass through to the one mentioned in point #2