Sony Reacts to PS4’s May NPD Victory: Calls it “Best Place to Play” Innovative IP and Big Releases

May’s NPD numbers are out, and Sony Computer Eentertainment sent in a press release commenting on just another month in which the PS4 left behind its rival Microsoft in unit sales for the United States.

Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth shared the company’s victorious statement:

PlayStation continues to be the best place to play for innovative IP, as PS4 was the preferred platform for May’s biggest releases, including Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein: The New Order, and held four of the top five spots for next gen software sales. PS4 is the leading next-gen platform for sports, highlighted in May by the best-selling sports game, MLB 14: The Show.

On the other hand, Microsoft did not yet post any comment on the official Xbox Wire site. This is the first time in which the house of Xbox does not post its own monthly take on NPD’s numbers immediately after the lifting of the embargo at 6:30 PM Eastern Time.

This result was pretty predictable, considering the release in June of the Xbox One SKU without Kinect, causing many to hold off on purchasing the console. Next month’s results will be definitely more interesting, as they will show us if the removal of Kinect from the box helped Microsoft catch up with its arch-rival.

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  • Negi Springfield

    Woo ! PS4 is on a winning streak.

    • GodGamerDerp

      PS4 is selling on price/performance, the best visuals on console multiplats, better PR, and the promise of Sony 1st party games (Naughty Dog, GoW, Gran Turismo, etc). Watch Dogs on PS4 sold about 2 million out of the 4 million total claimed by Ubisoft.

      PS4 will keep selling like hotcakes based on superior multiplats alone, and bundles with Destiny and Watch Dogs. Destiny month will be huge for PS4 bundles. PS4 is 8+ million and counting sold to consumers.

      PS4 rest of 2014 exclusives: The Last of Us Remake, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3, Infamous: First Light, Samurai Warriors 4, Natural Doctrine, Guilty Gear Xrd, Singstar, Resogun DLC, and lots of indies.

      PS4 2015 exclusives (announced): Bloodborne, The Order, Ratchet & Clank Remastered, Uncharted 4, Let It Die, Deep Down, and lots of indies.

      • Negi Springfield

        Which basically translates to , PS4 Domination.

        • Console_Downgrade_Watch

          Leads to disgusting shills holding back gaming

          • Just because an overwhelming number of gamers are choosing PS4 over the Xbone, does not mean we’re all shills. Quite the opposite, it means we’re smart consumers that chose the cheaper and yet still superior product.

          • A Gamer

            Choosing a console for being cheaper and more powerful doesn’t make you smart.
            Personally, I’d rather pay double the money to play a Sega Saturn over a PS4 any day of the week, because I think the games are simply more fun to play. Doesn’t make me stupid. I just like what I like.

            If you prefer the games on the PS4 over to Wii U and XB1, that’s fine, but please don’t go calling other people stupid if they don’t want to play the same games as you do.

          • DoPEnPiLLz212

            “rather pay double the money to play a Sega Saturn over a PS4”

            congrats u get nominated for dumbass of the year

          • superkarma

            Don’t mind him…he’s a fanboy/troll. He attempts to come off as unbiased, but in just about every post, he has a dig against PS4/Sony in some way or another. Meanwhile, Microsoft/Xbox gets nothing but praise from him.

          • He is a funny one, isn’t he?

          • JustGaming
          • Neil Riley

            Goodfellas, what a great film.

          • Adrian


      • Console_Downgrade_Watch

        Disgusting lying shills intentionally holding PC back.

        You are the cancer destroying gaming

        • Kingdom17

          Don’t you get bored? Don’t you just look at what you say and get tired of seeing it over and over again, and think,”damn what is wrong with me I need to get a life”?

          • Prime157

            Pc has been steadily growing. Holding back? Hardly.

            I don’t understand those trolls.

        • GodGamerDerp

          Time for your daily ban.

      • Manoj Varughese

        2015 will be the year where there is going to be the real showdown for PS4.

    • Kamille

      love that gif!

    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      How many disgusting cancerous shills can there be?

      Sony cheated and downgraded PC games just to make their underpowered console look powerful. Their lies have been exposed. Yet you celebrate like the cancerous to gaming shill you are.

      • John Nemesh

        Get help. Seriously.

        • Console_Downgrade_Watch

          You get help since you shill for a company that is cancerous to the industry.

        • Somebodyissilent

          Just flag him.

          • JustGaming

            It’s the new sniper rifle of Dualshockers.

        • Neil Riley

          I expect he’ll go on a killing spree in 3….2…..1….

    • Bliss Seeker
      • Manoj Varughese

        super cool gif!!

  • Jordan

    Totally expected.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    This is just getting ridiculous.

    • Jordan

      How do you mean?

      • They Call Me Senpai

        It’s not obvious?

        • Jordan

          I just wanted to know what you meant by “ridiculous”.

    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      Yes. The amount of shilling for a lying and deceiving company is incredible.

      How you live with poisoning gaming is utterly incredible.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        Cry more, most of my cereal is still dry.

  • DuckNation

    Nothing new here! PlayStation for life YO!!!!!!

  • RyTeOuS

    cool, and with Destiny bundle coming out this year and Bloodborne & Uncharted 4 on 2015, PS4 could maintain the momentum

    • Delsin Rowe

      destiny is going to the best ps4 release in this year. i cant place my bet on it.

      • jordan jones

        probably because they dont have good exclusives

        • BlackestNight63

          That’s cute.

        • Negi Springfield

          – Uncharted 4
          – Infamous Second Son
          – Killzone Shadow Fall
          – Knack
          – The Order 1886
          – Drive Club
          – Deep Down
          – Everybody`s Gone to The Rapture
          – Blood Borne
          – Resogun
          – Entwined
          – Guns Up !
          – Without Memory
          – Omega Quintet
          – Guilty Gear XRD
          – H1Z1
          – Planetside 2
          – EverQuest Next
          – SOMA
          – Outlast
          – Daylight

          Trademarks filed.

          Dark Chronicle , Arc The Lad , Everybody`s Game and more.


          – Guerrilla Games Open World RPG IP.
          – Quantic Dream IP.
          – Media Molecule IP.
          – Santa Monica IP.
          – SONY Japan Studio IP
          – SONY Bend Studio IP
          – SONY London Studio IP
          – SONY San Diego IP

          And more !

          • SkinnyAssGamer

            HOLY SHIT DARK CHRONICLE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARC THE LAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many returning IPs, so many new IPs, so many indies, so many Free To Play MMOs, so many unique games/experiences, so many exclusives, so many multiplats superior looking, etc I CANT F*CKING HANDLE IT (Aplogize for my language)

          • Negi Springfield

            Seems like you`ve exploded by hearing those.


            OT : Personally , I Haven`t played the Dark Cloud or Dark Chronicle series , Whatever name it is , But I still do have my PS2 sitting near beside my TV , So I could give it a go sometime… As for Arc the Lad , I haven`t aswell… I have a PS1 , But i`m lacking memory cards ( Which is a real pain in the butt , You need alot of those ) But I can always use Emulation.

          • Console_Downgrade_Watch

            Exploded from lying and shilling for a company that sabotages superior platforms.

            Disgusting. I hope he actually killed himself. The world would be better for it

          • SkinnyAssGamer

            i have about 14 memory cards for my PS1 and PS2.. 😀

          • John Nemesh

            Pawn shops bro…use them! (seriously, you will find a LOT of old game accessories like memory cards there)…if you still cant find them there is always Ebay! (or just play the game on a PS3! All PS1 discs play just fine on a PS3, and it will emulate the memory cards for you)

          • Console_Downgrade_Watch

            Disgusting shills posting games that are already on PC and running better on PC

            Whats next? Sony downgrades them even though they have been released to achieve parity?

          • BlackestNight63

            I just had to chime in, and say that Outlast is coming to XB1. That list is still looking good though. I’m ready for Gamescom.

          • Negi Springfield

            I`ve never heard of that , But oh well , I`m adding in the Unannounced CAPCOM game for the PS4 that was just reported.

          • A Gamer

            Are you just listing every game at the top of your head, including vaporware, and calling EVERYTHING exclusive on the PS4 ‘good’, or are you cherry picking the best on the system?

          • Negi Springfield

            Oh , So these newly unannounced games are Vaporware ? Been in development for a decade like the Last Guardian ?

            Most of them were only announced recently or a few months ago…. And no , I never said anything about all of them being good , We can only tell when they releases , But shoving that number of games and exclusives right off to the Xbox Community`s face for making non-sensical jokes about how PS4 doesn`t have any games.. When clearly it has many of it.

          • A Gamer

            Yes, they are still vaporware because they haven’t been formerly announced, therefore, there is no telling whether they will ever be released.

            “And no, I never said anything about all of them being good.”

            Then why did you respond with a list of games to a person whom wrote “probably because they dont have good exclusives”?

            Did you misread the comment? Do you not understand the comment? Or did you choose to simply ignore it and post a list for no logical reason?

            I mean, I disagree with his statement too as, whilst nothing on the list you’ve given personally interests me, I can see why others would like some of them. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that your response/list makes no sense under the context.

            And what makes you think this person is a Microsoft fan anyway? I mean, I’ve not read his other comments, so perhaps he has shown in the past that he is, but I could just as easily deduct he’s a PC elitist or Nintendo fanboy instead.

            Secondly, how is ‘shoving a number of games to the xbox community’s fac succeeding in anything? Are you under the impression that more games arbitrarily means better? Right now, it seems Wii U owners are the most happy, what with having a lesser number of games, but apparently having compensated with them all being immensely fun.

            If anything, to me, and others out there, most of those games you listed are of little interest; mainly samey action titles for those only interested in playing the same games over and over.

            Isn’t it quite ironic that, some years ago, the Xbox community were accused of being immature gamers playing the same Gears of wars, Halos, and CoDs, obnoxiously trash-talking the opposing console, and yet PS4 owners can’t spot the hypocrisy of creaming their pants over the likes of the same God of Wars, CoDs, Uncharteds, Killzones, and Infamous’?

          • Delsin Rowe

            i’m sorry, but alot of those games you mentioned are dream games 😀
            i’m sorry, but talk about real things, not math 🙂

          • Negi Springfield

            ._. ? Dream games ? What are you talking about ?

            Those ” Dream games ” will come to reality soon.

          • Delsin Rowe

            well, until then, xbox one owners can play alot of games, rather than us. i have a ps4 by myself, but xbox one has alot of games. alot.

          • Negi Springfield

            What are you talking about ? PS4 clearly has many games and I`m guessing you`re excluding Indies , Because they don`t count as ” Games ” Right ?

          • Delsin Rowe

            good indies counts. not all of them
            transistor, outlast, no man’s sky. alot of them are not even a game.

      • tylerc23

        That’s because only big PS4 exclusive backed game this year…
        I’m actually thinking Destiny is going to have amazing first impressions and then fall after the first 2 weeks. I’m in the Alpha and I’m just getting that feeling. I hope I’m wrong

        • John Nemesh

          Don’t worry, you are.

        • Neil Riley

          I suspect you are wrong, Destiny will be huge if they continue to support it.

      • Dennis Crosby

        That’s not good at all

  • Jerry Hu


  • SkinnyAssGamer

    PlayStation dominates again

    • BeatinDownBrian

      No bias there anyway :-p

    • MisterHoot

      >vita and psp winning their generation
      >Move/eyetoy/morpheus winning anything

      C’mon, how much of a freaking fanboy do you have to be to say that

      • Console_Downgrade_Watch

        Occulus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Magic Interlacing Morpheus.

    • BlackestNight63

      Vita isn’t winning anything lol. 3DS is just a dominating force, and nothing will stop it.

      • Ali Hassan

        Lmao this guy just put everything as PlayStation winning no matter if it’s true or not.

        • A Gamer

          Indeed, last time I checked, the DS outsold the PSP, 3DS is outselling the PS Vita, Wii outsold the PS3, and Xbox Live has a more consistent service than PSN.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        Vita is winning.

    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      What an utter disgusting shill you are after Sony cheated and lied this month by holding back other platforms to sell the PS4 version of watch dogs.

      You don’t even get paid and celebrate how much a company lies and cheats. You are the cancer of gaming.


      Wii won but lackluster titles killed it.

    • Neil Riley

      I think Nintendo might have something to say about the 7th Generation and 8th gen portable handsets results.

      It’s a bit too early to call the console 8th generation results too. A lead of 3+ million is good of course but lets see where we are in two years time. If the gap is ten million then I think it’s pretty safe to call it.

      • SkinnyAssGamer

        35 people disagree with you 🙂 and agree with me 😀 jk

        • Neil Riley

          Hey I’m just pointing out the clear inaccuracies in your post for example, Wii sold over 100million Wii’s worldwide compared to just over 80million PS3’s. Now then, clearly the PS3 is a superior machine and you could argue that most Wii’s were bought by wives and girlfriends but bottom line is this 100m>80m which means that Playstation 3 DID NOT win the 7th Generation.

          Right…. moving on!

          • SkinnyAssGamer

            Ps3 offers Third Parties, Exclusives, indies, free online, Dedicated Servers for First Party titles, etc. PS3 offered the most diversity to compared to the Wii. PS3 was a win overall. The Original Wii was built upon a gimmick doom to fail don’t get me wrong the Wii did have the Nintendo Exclusive but the Wii didn’t get much third party support due to the Motion Control gimmick they didn’t want to pull. If anything won last generation in terms of games it was the PS3.

            PS3 Won in terms of games.

            Original Wii Won in terms of sales. last generation.

          • Neil Riley

            Ah, PS3 won in terms of games, well, I’m in full agreement with you.

            FYI, I thought the Wii was dire but it had it’s place, kids loved it.

  • Am I blind, where are the numbers?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The precise numbers are not disclosed by NPD. It’s up to the companies themselves to disclose them if they want. Sony normally doesn’t, and Microsoft didn’t post at all this month.

      • Ah! Got it, I’ll be looking forward to that then.

  • Sticky Notes

    “This is the first time in which the house of Xbox does not post its own monthly take on NPD’s numbers immediately after the lifting of the embargo at 6:30 PM Eastern Time.”

    So basically they got crushed. Regardless of the reason, the got stomped so bad, they can’t respond.

  • Dan

    I love how we dint have numbers and the PS fanboys are acting like the PS4 sold 500,000 and the X1 sold 1. Lol they have no idea yet get on their knees faster then a…you know lol

    Secondly, why don’t we have numbers? What’s the point of an article like this when all that’s really said is both sides PR. How about instead of them telling us how great they are you give us numbers and let us make the decision on who won. And if you can’t release the numbers, lets not do these articles.

    • GodGamerDerp

      PS4 easily sold 500,000+ globally in May. Not in the USA alone (NDP) though.

      Xbox probably sold around 80-100k in USA this month, PS4 around 200-250k in USA.

      No need to be upset, just accept Xbox in 2nd or 3rd place this gen.

      • Dan

        I’m ok with its position, but without numbers we’re at other peoples mercy. Not a place I want to be. Take everything with a grain of salt is one of the first things I learned in college.

        • GodGamerDerp

          The numbers leak eventually, give it a few hours.

          We already have the leaked Wii U number this month, 60k.

        • They Call Me Senpai

          Why do the numbers matter? Regardless of how much each sold or attach rate, the PS4 is still outselling the competition. But if you’re so dead set on getting numbers, why don’t you go ask Microsoft about theirs, their constantly hiding their numbers.

          Which makes sense because they won’t release numbers if they’re being left in the dust. Basically, their continued silence since February speaks volumes about who has the better numbers.

      • Console_Downgrade_Watch

        Accept that PS4 will be behind PC you mean. Especially as Sony’s disgusting lies get exposed.

    • superkarma

      I love how you’re acting surprised by this news. The PS4 has outsold the X1 in the US every month since release, excluding December. Whether it’s by 500,000 units or 50,000…it’s still selling better. Stop being a butthurt fanboy and just embrace the numbers.

      Lol… “let us make the decision on who won”…what? Who “won” is based on 1 simple factor: who sold more. I’m not sure how you could say the X1 “won” for said month, even though they sold less units than the competition. Your fanboy logic is making no sense.

      • GodGamerDerp

        It’s called a “meltdown”.

        • Console_Downgrade_Watch

          Like you when Sony sabotages superior platforms.

          You seem upset that PC is the master race and will forever be superior so much that Sony has to be a cancerous tumor on gaming and sabotage it

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Keep dreaming, kid.

      • Dan

        No who won has many more factors than who sold more. This type of article is perfect for simple people like you. Attach rate is very important, as is the context which statements are made. For instance; “the best place to play sports games, cause of MLB” It’s the only sports game that has come out in 6 months. But I bet you were like, “wow, way to go Sony, you sold more of a game that’s only available on your console!”
        Turn your brain on

        • GodGamerDerp

          PS4’s attach rate is 2.93 (20.5 / 7 million) as good or better than Xbox One.

          Give it up, you don’t understand the numbers you’re talking about.

          • Dan

            Where did you get that number?

          • GodGamerDerp
          • Dan

            Again context. What games are they referring to? AAA? indie? PS plus games? It matters, as AAA is the only game sales that matter, unless you bought a PS4 for $5 games…

          • GodGamerDerp

            A large number of that is likely multiplatform AAA games (they sell the best on PS4) and exclusive AAA games, followed by smaller downloadable games. Games like KZ Shadowfall and Infamous sold millions.

          • Dan

            That’s what I love, you don’t know that. I’m in sales, and I see how’s numbers are manipulated to make one seem better then the others. Just as an example, not saying it’s true; what if Resogun is being counted in that statistic, as you have pay for PS plus to get it free, which is a purchase still (at least as Sony/MS is concerned) its skewing the numbers by MILLIONS, and that’s just one game.

          • GodGamerDerp

            LOL. PS4 doesn’t have to manipulate the numbers. It’s ahead in hardware and software globally, it’s already making a net profit for Sony. It’s been #1 in the NPD in every month but one since launch, often by a 2:1 margin.

            You’re simply grasping at straws.

          • Dan

            I’m not saying Sony didn’t win. What I’m saying is don’t just accept what they tell you! Think critically (I’m not specifically talking to you) and question everything you read, cause they’ll never intentionally make themselves look bad.

          • Console_Downgrade_Watch

            Lies. Lies. More lies. Downgrades. More lies. Passing 960i as “1080P”.

            Disgusting shills who sabotage the superior PC platform

          • Porcu Peth

            those are just retail numbers, so no, it doesn’t include indies, ps+, etc.

        • superkarma

          What are you rambling on about?

          NPD reports monthly sales figures. It’s pretty straight forward. PR statements aside, the sales stats do not lie. PS4 has been consistently outselling the X1 in the US every month. Everything else you factor into who “won” is completely subjective.

          • Dan


          • superkarma

            Go ask Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. It’s not up to NPD to release the actual numbers. They clearly have the information, though, otherwise they’d have no way to calculate who sold more.

            Turn on your brain.

          • Dan

            The point is PR spin is alive and kicking on BOTH sides of the console war. I don’t believe anything but the numbers. A perfect example is the MLB comment I made above.

          • superkarma

            You’re missing the point. PR spin has nothing to do with this. One console sold more than the other, that’s a fact. That’s not PR spin. It’s now up to the said console companies to release said numbers to go with that fact. Either way, that simple fact does not change, with or without the numbers being publicly released.

          • Dan

            Context, is important.

  • RealityCheck2013

    I hope the Xbox ONE doesn’t get that many sales even at the lower price. Microsoft don’t deserve to be in the Console gaming business after trying to DRM all their Loyal Fans last year. Never forget Gamers! 😀

    • Sticky Notes

      I don’t want Sony to win out of spite for Microsoft, I want Sony to win because it is the best place to play.

      • Negi Springfield

        Knowing SONY , They always prove this with every console or handheld they`ve ever released.

    • BeatinDownBrian

      If you are being serious I just don’t know what t say to you, Sony need MS and MS need Sony the more competition between the two of them the better it is for gamers

      • Michael Norris

        I would rather have Nintendo Vs Sony.

      • IncognitosX

        Give me back my avatar! I stole it first 🙂

        • BeatinDownBrian

          Never! 😛

      • John Nemesh

        No. We don’t “need” MS in the game to have competition. We have iOS, android, PCs and Nintendo. The world got along just fine without Microsoft making consoles (and buying exclusivity) before and the industry will survive just fine without them.

        • Console_Downgrade_Watch

          We don’t need Sony in the game downgrading PC versions because they are better than PS4 versions than several magnitudes

          The world was a better place before Sony buying exclusivity on titles like No Mans Sky and the industry is poorer because they exist.

          If the industry was just PC with open standards and marketplaces we would never have this disgusting company on top.

        • BeatinDownBrian

          Don’t choke on that BS coming out of your mouth

      • Microsoft will be fine, but they deserve to be in third place this entire generation; just like Sony was in second for most of the last. Sony didn’t die from not being first, quite the opposite. They came back this gen and started to dominate. If Microsoft can stop trying to tell gamers what they want and start listening, they should be fine in a few years

        • Neil Riley

          Agreed, Whilst I’m no fan of MS I want them to keep Sony in Check as we don’t want another PS3 situation now do we. Yes yes, I know it came good in the end but it took a long time to catch the 360.

      • Negi Springfield

        SONY does not need Microsoft for competition , They have many competitors even if Microsoft left the game…

        Nintendo , Valve with Steambox , Perhaps NVIDIA , iOS , Android , Mobile , Handheld gaming…

    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      Yes. Like Sony lied and destroyed the PC version of Watch Dogs with console parity just so their version could sell.

      You are just a disgusting shill.

    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      Sony don’t deserve to be in the industry with what they pulled, downgrading PC titles you disgusting shill.

      You sicken me.

    • ShowanW

      This where everyone is wrong… Sony does need MS and MS needs Sony.

      As much as I love Nintendo, they haven’t pushed gaming like the former 2 have.

      I don’t care how much people hate MS, they have been good for gaming on consoles.

      Because of Xbox, we get to see,
      Gaming as a service on consoles (Live, PSN, Nintendo Network), we got DLNA on consoles, acheivments, trophies, Apps, streamline voice chat.

      People want to hold one thing over Xbox’s head, instead of looking at the positives as a whole. Xbox has been more beneficial to console gaming than negative…

      And this coming from a ps3 (60GB phat) and PS4, 360, and One owner…l

    • A Gamer

      True. Also, lets not forget Sony tried to force download only games, at a premium price, with the PSPGo, and on at least 2 occasions allowed hackers to steal peoples credit card info. Never forget gamers! XD

  • superkarma

    Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein…two games that has PC as lead platform, but yet, sold better on the PS4. That’s crazy. Granted, I expect the PC sales figure to be skewed, thanks to pirates…and the fact that this is only factoring in US figures.

    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      Watch_Dogs was lead platform on the PS4 you lying shill. The PC was downgraded to hit parity. Ubi-Soft just never figured that people would poke in the files and NOT find out that they simply just switched off all the effects PS4 couldn’t do to intentionally gimp it you disgusting shill

  • Dreamcasting

    4 of the 5 next gen sales spots says it all, Sony is dominating the new generation of consoles.

  • PrinceHeir

    Glad to see PS4 is getting some momentum 😀

    Now we need more JPN developers on the ship as well and replicate the PS3, but with more varied games ^^

    • Negi Springfield

      I can`t wait for that 5 Unannounced IP`s that SONY Japan Studio has for the PS4 , Not to mention , The Last Guardian…

      • Orichalon Hades


        September can’t come fast enough.

        • Console_Downgrade_Watch

          Yes more games for Sony to lie about and downgrade from the PC version.

      • John Nemesh

        I heard from Thuway that TLG will be announced this fall right after Half Life 3! 🙂

        • Negi Springfield

          Oh sarcasm 😀

  • Sticky Notes

    Has anyone noticed that Microsoft has revealed less and less about sales over times. We don’t have a sold through number since December’s 3 million. And now, all info has stopped.

    • andy

      They also stopped posting the new releases on Xbox Live every week SINCE the week after the Xbone launched. Like the post they would do on Major Nelson’s blog. Want to know why? Because they don’t want to bring to people’s attention that almost ZERO digital games have been released on the console since launch. Oh wait there was Trials Fusion in April. Compare that to PS4 that has had at least a new release every week since the end of January.

      And THIS is something that nobody has noticed too.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Honestly this should come as a surprise Microsoft forfeited May when they announced the new SKU for $399 everyone knew that so if you were expecting the Xbox One to battle in may you seriously fooled yourself

    • Sticky Notes

      The suprise is the lack of a statement from Microsoft. They lost the last 4 previous months but they always had a positive statement and thanked their fans.

    • GodGamerDerp

      Sorry, PS4 is also taking June, and July, and August, and pretty much every month in 2014.

      • Console_Downgrade_Watch

        No they won’t after being exposed as liars and shills intentionally downgrading PC games with publishers to not be embarrassed by superior PC versions.

        Consumers will figure out that Sony lied soon enough as the footage spreads. Then they will be finished.

        • GodGamerDerp

          It seems you and reality don’t get along much.

          • Console_Downgrade_Watch

            Seems that you and shilling follow hand in hand.

            Sony sabotaged a PC version. Your thick shilling skull cant get over how cancerous that is

            $ony must be removed from the industry for good.

          • Mikail

            Why not Microsoft removed from this world and universe ???

          • Console_Downgrade_Watch

            Why not both?

            Sony have proved to be significantly more cancerous as of now.

          • Mikail

            well with my knowledge, the console parity is happen when you have the most lowest spec console or pc that available on the market (Xbox One and Laptop), Ubisoft cannot make game with gtx Titan only or RX10 Ati Radeon only. They have to keep reachable within the lowest pc spec available on Market. As a PC Player You cannot Complain, because they will allow you make some moding so you can create your own shaders and improve the graphic by twisting the code inside the games like GTIV with Ice 3 moding. Or You just an Xbox Troller who pretend to be PC Player LOL.

          • Console_Downgrade_Watch

            Low specs do not prevent them from reaching high specs as all that needs is settings changed. PC games are scaleable from top to bottom. As a PC player I can complain when consoles are not just holding things back, but companies like Sony are actively sabotaging PC

            Consoles prevent them from reaching true capability.

            Also the Wii-U is the lowest spec console you utterly deluded shill.

      • Dennis Crosby

        That’s your opinion anything can happen between now and then

    • They Call Me Senpai

      Whatever helps you get to sleep.

    • mike

      Well Xbox one doesnt have a chance to take a month until Sunset OD comes out.At the very least.

  • Sticky Notes
    • superkarma
    • GodGamerDerp

      MS is saying Xbox One is selling more in the USA than Xbox 360 at the same point in time.

      Which isn’t much to say since 360 was severely supply constrained in its first year. They’ll soon run out of rope for that particular PR bit.

      • rudero

        This and that makes three months in a row as the worst sales for a Microsoft console in the US since the original Xbox. How exactly are they beating the 360 sales when they are posting the worst sales ever for a console?

        • Guest

          Very frontloaded sales in Nov and Dec 2013.

  • Console_Downgrade_Watch

    Congratulations Sony. You did it by intentionally holding back the PC version of Watch_Dogs with Ubi-Soft to make sure your underpowered console sold with the false promises of “Next gen” and making sure the PS4 was at the forefront despite being 900P 30FPS AND downgraded.

    No seriously. You successfully lowered the bar for how low a company can go worse than M$ original Xbone DRM. How utterly proud can you be that you made videogames a worse place?

    • superkarma

      Nothing to see here, folks. Flag and ignore. Just another one of his accounts to inevitably get banned.

      • Console_Downgrade_Watch

        Sorry for spreading the truth you lying and disgusting shill. You don’t even get paid for it. You are worse than feces.

      • John Nemesh

        Yup took me until somewhere like his 15th troll on the same article, then I went through and flagged every last one of his posts. Others will do the same I am sure…

  • Craig Sloan

    At least USA beat Ghana that’s something right?

  • CervantesPR
    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      You mean the liars and shills play since Sony intentionally held back Watch_Dogs for console parity with the PC version.

      Cheaters are never the greatest you disgusting cancerous shill

      • Orichalon Hades

        question, the Wii U and X1 version have more or less the same visual graphic( with Wii U looking the worst between the 4 next-gen platform) so why is it that you only blaming Sony for the downgrade of PC? Shouldn’t you be blaming ALL console?

        Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

        • Console_Downgrade_Watch

          Sony paid for the marketing and the “Lead Console” status.

          Follow the money. Who had the most at stake in downgrading the PC version? Sony. Couldn’t have a superior version with better effects upstage the 900P 30FPS PS4 version.

          • Orichalon Hades

            how did you know that Watch Doge lead platform is PS4?
            that didn’t make sense. Because if it did then the game shouldn’t be 900p/30 on the PS4.

            “Sony paid for the marketing”
            wut? where did you get this info? do you mean that Sony pay for the marketing of Watch doge for the PC and X1 version too?

          • Gene

            Enjoy your 792p experiences on the best… Xbox One you Xbot.

            Don’t pretend to be a PC gamer.

          • A Gamer

            Well, if you’re enjoying your games, on whatever platform, what’s the problem? I still play Saturn games on 240, I think. Doesn’t stop Sega Rally from giving me more fun than most 360 or PS3 games I own.

        • John Nemesh

          Dying feed the troll 🙂

  • Kieran

    Sony fans should just be quiet. Sony worst E3 in Years and they used a PC to show off gameplay of games. Get real the PS4 will look less less amazing when crackdown comes out and destruction is being done by the cloud. Sony had less first party exclusives than Microsoft. I honestly don’t get why Sony fans troll the web, the PS4 isn’t that great.

    • Orichalon Hades

      but Crackdown was bad, mediocre at best.
      I own both Crackdown and Crackdown 2, they were everywhere on the bargain bin.

    • John Nemesh

      8 million (and counting) PS4 owners would disagree with you. And Crackdown 1 and 2 sucked, HARD. What makes you think the the third one is going to be any better? The cloud?

      • Console_Downgrade_Watch

        8 million lying shills downgrading PC games.

        What a hopeless future for gaming.

    • superkarma

      Oh look…another upset Xbox fanboy. What a surprise. By the way, PC’s are almost always used for gameplays at E3. Nice try, though. Also, you shouldn’t be talking about that anyways, considering Microsoft showed almost all CGI trailers.

      Sony showed more overall games than Microsoft, more exclusives, more content, and more actual gameplays. Quit while you’re behind, fanboy.

      • Console_Downgrade_Watch

        Sony showed TVTVTVTVTVTVTVTVTVTV and timed exclusives they bought you utterly delusional shill

        Disgusting and lying company trying to sabotage superior gaming platforms with their army of shills

        • superkarma


        • They Call Me Senpai

          Don’t you get tired of lying?

          • Console_Downgrade_Watch

            Don’t you get tired of shilling and not getting paid for it?

    • Guest

      But Crackdown and Crackdown 2 is bad, mediocre at best. I picked up those two game from the bargain bin.

    • MTM2

      “Sony worst E3 in Years and they used a PC to show off gameplay of games”

      You mean just Batman which isn’t a Sony game?

    • They Call Me Senpai

      Except for the fact that Sony beat Microsoft again and without even revealing games from most of their other studios and had more exclusives and content. Crackdown has always been terrible and the cloud won’t do anything to hurt the PS4 or make Crackdown better. And you’re complaining about a third party game running on PC when Microsoft ran everything on PC last year? Pathetic.

    • joel

      Unless the gameplay says directly from PS4, you should never assume.

  • Craig Sloan

    Congrats to Sony, I’m happy with my PS4 and the games I’m playing on it.


    Don’t think much will change.

  • wrestlefan01

    as a owner of both..i am winning..these comments on articles like this are entertaining..fighting over which company has better sales numbers smh

  • someguy

    Who wants to bet that the ps4 will still lead in sales against the kinect-less xbox1…This will further prove that price was not the major factor as to why the ps4 is winning

    • MTM2

      PS4 will still come out on top,

      In the UK the £399 X1 + Titanfall + Kinect bundle couldn’t topple the £349 PS4.

      A £349 X1 without any extras won’t help them in the long run, they just don’t have enough momentum behind their product


        Im going too bet your rite! with ps4 available in 50+ countries too X1 13 they sure in hell better sell more units..

        The numbers that matters is the U.K and U.S where they are both on equal ground in both countries so those sale numbers will indicate if MS is doing better.

        • mike

          NPD is US only. the extra countries mean nothing to these monthly releases.That is what makes this so bad for Microsoft. Amazon charts have 2 ps4 consoles in the top 10 hourly charts…meanwhile the titanfall Xbox one is sitting in 37.


            Well in the U.S amazon has 2 xb1 sku on best sellers list to 1 ps4.And according to gamestop ceo its flying off the shelves which i gotta believe my local gamestop has sold out of the 399 version.

            Last months numbers means nothing because MS announced a $399 console which would be availabe june9…now the common sense person would know that MS sale numbers would drop in may MS knew this too because ppl would wait for the cheaper version.. The keyword is “Common sense” ppl would know this but as i have learn common sense is not common among fanboys of any plat

          • mike

            That is true, but when the ps4 is at #5 in that best sellers list and thge 2 xbox consoles are at 30 and 36, I’m willing to hazard a guess that the the ps4 has sold more than those 2 combined. Did you see what is lower than that in the list? PS4 is outselling Titanfall 360, titanfall One, pokemon x, gta5…meanwhile all these game are selling bette than any version of xbox one. And the current tracking of several websites bestsellers list indicated june may not be the month ms is hoping for. Doesn’t really matter all that much to me. I am just astounded that the $399 system isn’t tracking ahead of the white ps4 destiny bundle…which is 50$ more and was announced weeks after the kinectless sku.

    • superkarma

      Speaking of the Kinect-less X1…have you seen/heard about the Xbox commercial with Aaron Paul showing off the Kinect features?

      Anyways, the whole commercial was showcasing all of the Kinect’s features…but then at the end, the $399 price tag pops up and says “Kinect sold separately”. I just thought that was amusing.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        He must’ve gotten into the meth again.

      • Neil Riley

        yes, it was amusing wasn’t it. plus the guy in the advert is really annoying, didn’t realise it was a celeb.

    • Stooba

      I think its also to do with the XB1 reveal and their polices, the arrogance displayed thereafter and so on. That really put off a lot of people, me included.

  • Goodacre

    sales: PS4 > Xbone + 360 + WiiU


    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      Shills: PS4 > Xbone + 360 + Wii-U

      Disgusting lying company.

      If you support Sony, consider euthanising yourself.

      • Goodacre

        that is from the NPD sales report, not sony. lol


        PS4 ~ 46%
        Xbone ~ 29%
        360 ~ 14%
        PS3 ~ 11%

        Total > 1.25M

  • Robert Ormsby

    A Kinect-less Xbox will probably even things up a bit.

    Would be nice to see Sony release a large firmware update (mp3, themeing, and maybe media playback?) Right around the same time.

    Also, with so many PS cameras sold, there seems to be more interest in it all than anyone expected. Now would be a good time to capitalize on it all before everyone cools off…

  • Goodacre

    another wow factor. PSvita 1600% sales increase. 56k from the FPS bundle

    • They Call Me Senpai


    • Orichalon Hades

      where? 56k is a low amount if its really 1600% sales increase considering Vita is selling roughly 20-30k / month in Japan.

      • Goodacre

        NPD only track sales in the US/Canada

  • NeoTechni

    How’d Wii u do? Reggie claims its close

  • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

    Doesn’t matter that the new SKU for xbone is in June, PS4 will still outseel it that month also.

    Ppl said that the xbone is gonna kill the PS4 in march when titanfail was gonna come out. But what happened?? The PS4 still outsold the xbone even when they dropped the price for the bone by $50 bucks and gave titanfail with it for free. Also, infamous sold 1 million copys in just none days, while it took over two weeks for titanfail just to get to 900,000.

    So yeah….

    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      Droning delusional sony shills multiplying like roaches sabotaging superior platforms like the PC

      Consider euthanising yourself.

  • Mikail

    More console sold more third party Exclusive coming, yeah that the most important for us as a gamers from sales perspective.

    • Console_Downgrade_Watch

      More like more scraps begged from the PC that will always run and look better on PC.

  • CervantesPR
    • Mikail

      Lol they were affected by PlayStation Virus (in good way)

  • Mikail

    Who is this Guy “Console_Console_Downgrade_Watch”. Can the mod pay attention to this guys, and ban him forever???

    • CervantesPR

      yeah i still dont know how he is still able to be on this site, they should IP ban him for good

  • DEO エリヤデボンオットリ

    GatTTdamn XBOX division is in a lot of hot water for their unnecessary rotations lately, kinda wished they stuck to their guns now & yet their new direction for the XBOne Console is becoming worrisome.

  • A Gamer

    I’m interested in knowing what these ‘innovative IPs’ are.

  • Every month its like watching a child (Microsoft) get the s**t whipped out of him by a bully (Sony) on the playground.

    The ol’ Roku One clearly needed another year in the oven, or it should have been aborted altogether and spared such a short and embarrassing life.

  • ipot_04

    one thing i liked Xbox consoles that it has better contrast than the PS consoles but everything looks exactly the same when you’re using a 720p TV.

    • Turn up the contrast in your TV? And/Or switch to full RGB?

    • Gamer First

      MS over saturates graphics on some games… It’s kind’ve a trick to make people at just a glance think the graphics are better. It makes the colors brighter and more vivid, but also results in poor shadows and crushed black. Details most people wouldn’t notice with a glance.


    I don’t see how dropping the kinect will help them you’ve basically abandoned your original vision, and people were excited about the new innovative features of the xbox, they still have to shell out extra cash for those features.

    • The original vision for the One was abandoned long before this quick and desperate decision to oust the Kinect.

      Now, I’m not saying that original vision that was touted with the One’s announcement and E3 2013 was a good one to begin with. It’s pretty clear though that no one has any clue what identity the console is supposed to have.

      Microsoft couldn’t win when they tried to promote the One as the usurper of the Media Hub Living Room throne, and they can’t win trying to promote the One as a hardcore gaming console because the hardware just can’t compete. Hell, it can’t even do any justice to its own exclusive titles.

  • Kuro-Law

    This is great!, but I hope we see more sales in japan. Sony needs to get some japanese developers on board, Im just afraid we wont see as many JRPGs this gen

  • megablast16

    It will be interesting to see if June’s figures show a significant increase for Xbox One now Kinect is no longer packed in. I suspect it wont make much difference.

    • Guest

      Xbox one will have a lift in sales in june, the question is can it hold on to that boost past June.

    • rudero

      No, the question will be how padded are they going to make it sound being they will be SHIPPING the new sku’s.
      2 MILLION XBOX ONE’S for the month of June!! … shipped.

  • Guest
  • Dynasty2021

    Bit of an arrogant thing to say when PC is, of course, best.

  • Carl

    Sony must not rest easy just because they have a sizeable sales lead over the Xbox crap, not to mention the Resolutiongate and Frame-rate-gate which will steer gamers to PS4. The Xbox None couldn’t even take off with Titanfall, while PS4 keeps selling “with no games” as the myth goes (well, Infamous Second Son and all the 3rd party games are equivalent to “no games”). It’s still too early to brag about winning this generation. But I am looking forward to the future, I am sure PS4 will do fine in the market.

  • Rubix99

    I notice VGChartz has not updated for the week ending 7th June 2014 yet. They normally do this on Fridays but are 4 days late.

    This is no doubt because they will do another big revision of their sale figures in accordance to the NPD figures like they normally do this time of the month. So the next update on VGChartz will be at their most reliable for a short time.

  • Apocalypse
  • Apocalypse
  • DarthDiggler

    Aren’t the actual numbers the most important data point of this kind of news? 🙂

    • Goodacre

      sure, neoGAF/Swiftdeath did some maths and found the numbers.

      Hardware Monthly Sales
      PS4 ~ 197k
      3DS ~ 97k
      XB1 ~ 77k
      Wii U ~ 61k
      360 ~ 57k
      PSV ~ 56k
      PS3 ~ 36k
      Wii ~ 11k

      Hardware US LTD’s as of May 31st, 2014
      PS4 ~ 3308k
      XB1 ~ 2741k
      WIU ~ 2408k

      Mario Kart 8 ~ 377k, 6.6% from bundles

      Watch Dogs Sales Breakdown
      PS4 ~ 46% -> ~ 575k
      XB1 ~ 29% -> ~ 362.5k
      360 ~ 14% -> ~ 175k
      PS3 ~ 11% -> ~ 137.5k
      Total > 1.25M

      Minecraft PS3 89k

      Wolfenstein New Order
      PS4 ~ 41%
      XB1 ~ 38%
      360 ~ 13%
      PS3 ~ 8%

      BL2 Vita Standalone ~27k

      DKC: Tropical Freeze [WiU] 258k
      Lightening Returns FF [PS3] 135k [360] 71k
      PVZ: Garden Warfare [XB1] 257k [360] 150k
      FF10HD [PS3] 259k
      South Park SoT [360] 279k [PS3] 228k
      Titanfall [XB1] 969k [360] 559k
      Dark Souls 2 [360] 212k [PS3] 209k
      Infamous SS [PS4] 617k
      MGSV: Ground Zeroes [Total] 357k [PS4] >179k
      Bravely Default [3DS] ~258k
      Yoshi’s New Island [3DS] ~256k
      Kirby Triple Deluxe [3DS] ~138k
      FF10HD [Vita] ~75k

  • Jecht_Sin

    Tah-dah! Vgchartz numbers for HW sales are out. Xbone biting the dust more than ever with the Wii U still kicking its butt more than 2 to 1(refesh)!

  • The Oathbreaker

    Sony how epic your PS4 has become.

  • Ritsujun

    Poor MS.

  • Trencher

    … still waiting for a game I can only play on my PS4….. *goes back to playing Titanfall, Peggle 2 and Ryse*…

  • PachterStation

    It’ll top 12 million units this year.

  • Melissa Rossetti

    r.i.p xbox and r.i.p nintendo

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    That PS4 domination!

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