Battlefield: Hardline Beta PS4 vs PC Ultra Screenshot Comparison: Not the Prettiest Princess at the Ball

The Battlefield: Hardline beta is available on both PC and PS4, but how do the two version stack against each other in visual fidelity? We set out to answer that question with a screenshot comparison.

We wandered the virtual streets of Los Angeles and took quite a few screenshots of both platforms, which you can see below, with each pairing showcasing the PS4 version above and the PC version pushed up to Ultra settings below.

Of course you should click on each picture to enlarge them, and by flipping between two tabs of your browser you can easily compare them.

Battlefield_Hardline_01_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_01_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_02_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_02_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_03_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_03_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_04_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_04_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_05_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_05_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_06_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_06_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_07_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_07_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_08_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_08_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_09_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_09_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_10_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_10_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_11_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_11_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_12_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_12_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_13_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_13_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_41_PC Battlefield_Hardline_14_PS4

The first conclusion that comes to mind by watching the screenshots above, is that the Battlefield: Hardline beta isn’t definitely the prettiest thing we can display on our screens nowadays, regardless of platform, but moving on from that, the PS4 version holds up to the PC version rather well.

There’s a slight but pretty visible difference in definition, and textures are lower in resolution. Ambient occlusion is also stronger on PC. Other than that, you’ll need to squint a bit to notice differences. The beta ramped up to Ultra settings doesn’t really push the PC platform too hard, and in fact it can easily keep more than decent frame rates even on rigs that aren’t the top kids on the block.

That said, it’s still a beta, so there’s plenty time for Visceral to improve things on both platforms. We’ll have to wait and see what the release version will bring for a more precise comparison.

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  • Vulcan Spectre

    Uhm… why are we doing this for a beta? Perhaps we should start judging the graphics when the full game is actually released.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Because I think it’s interesting. Problems?

      • Vulcan Spectre

        Actually yes, because people will look at this as if it’s final when in reality it’s not. Remember BF4? The beta in that game looked massively different to the final product. It just looks like quite a pointless article in my eyes.

        But then I ask myself the question, why did I click it?

        • Jeff Maxwell

          no it didn’t it looked the same

        • xbot

          Bf4 is a black screen and sttill in beta.

        • Nicholas Perry

          Massive difference? I’ll have to disagree.

          More often than not, rendering and graphics are nailed down a lot earlier than everything else.

  • Natan Cifuentes

    i’m not a PC gamer, the only difference i saw was the PC version has better lighting. Both look great. Sadly, i prefer the run and gun mechanics of Call of Duty.

    • toddraynerart

      I am enjoying the beta so far, but I have to say it seems a little slow to me. Slow in the way the guys move, run and the over all feel. I’m not saying go all out COD run and gun, but it’s cops and robbers, right? If it were me, I’d be running a hell of a lot faster if I was being chased by cops shooting at me. Did they actually give people guns and see how fast they run? Maybe they should do that, and then have someone shoot a gun at them, trust me they would run faster. I think they need to amp it up a bit. Keep the core of what a BF game is, the teamwork and different classes but make it quicker. Also why the hell can’t I adjust my classes before a round begins? WTF, please fix that. It’s really annoying. Oh you unlocked this, too bad wait until the next round begins to equip it and set it up. You want this game to be different and stand out as a separate BF game and NOT feel like a DLC, then make it FREAKIN’ different guys. Come on. That’s my 2 cents.

    • zeemonkeyman


  • Brian Murphy

    I imagine that such differences will become less and less as time progresses. Given statements by unnamed industry insiders, statements from Cevat Yerli at Crytek, and most recently what’s transpired with Watch Dogs, we should expect little difference between PS4/One and PC from now on.

    Regardless of whether you game on PC or not, you should realize that this isn’t a good thing. Like it or not, the ridiculous surplus of resources on PC does let devs dabble in realms not possible for static console hardware. Sure, it’s not used in every game, and it’s not even necessary in all games…but having developers already prepared to use such resources when they’re given new hardware can only be a good thing. Takes them less time to wrap their heads around architecture, and gives them more time to innovate, polish, etc…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Personally, I’m just happy that there are still devs like Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperiu Games, that aren’t afraid to give us mindboggingly demanding graphics settings on PC with Star Citizen. if one can’t handle them, there’s always the chance to scale down.

      • Brian Murphy

        Same here, but if you roll back the clock, there were many more before Gen 7 started. I’m still devastated that GSC basically folded. Though, the ‘Lost Alpha’ Stalker ‘mod’ (It’s a standalone, but it’s all of Stalker + a ton more…very very cool and legit free).

        I just shudder to think how things will look at the onset of Gen 9.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      well the thing with this game is that it is basically a reskinned BF4, it doesn’t look like they’ve bothered to add any of there own tech or bother to create any high resolution textures, games like Project Cars (cars may look similar but the environment on the whole will look alot better, Star Citizen, Witcher 3 (pro PC guys) say ultra setting will look substantially better than consoles etc as long as they don’t hide stuff that makes it look a lot better like watch dogs PC will still be the graphical king.

      Only problem is there will be substantially more powerful hardware when Pascal hits but it wont be used by games until the next gen of consoles are released we’ll just have to up our resolution to like 4K instead :( The problem with that is we may still not be able to do real time ray tracing as going to 4K requires a lot more power and eats into power that could of bin used for raytracing unless next consoles stick to 1080p I don’t think we’ll ever see it well unless you got 2 GPU where one 10 teraflop GPU is specifically used to raytrace

      • GodGamerDerp

        PC GPU tech is not advancing that fast.

        You still need 780 SLI to hit 30 fps in modern PC games at 4k.

        PS4 will remain a good value at 300-400$ for years.

        Wrong as usual.

    • Porcu Peth

      it’s the other way around, they’re smaller now and are going to get bigger as time moves on, PC hardware improves and consoles don’t

  • Robert Backland

    There’s a bit of a difference, but definitely not as much as I was expecting.

  • Mus1ckFPS

    i was actually expecting more of a graphical advantage for the PC platform, but they both look good non the less and you can tell where the PC shines

  • Cassive

    The graphics are the same

    • Иван Мордор

      lol. It seems on PS4 textures equal to low on PC

      And also i see significant difference in shadows

      • Michael Norris

        Textures look the same the shadows look better on ultra settings on Pc.

        • Mikail

          Slightly better

      • Dan

        How dare you say that!!! The PS4 is a super computer built by the gods! Haha sorry I couldn’t resist.

        • GodGamerDerp


      • Cassive

        You are lying, there are no SIGNIFICANT differences, yes the PC version has better clarity, textures and shadows, but to say it’s SIGNIFICANTLY better is just a lie

        • Ritsujun

          They lie to justify their annual gfx card upgrade.

          • Gamist

            And the time wasted optimizing the settings.

          • Tom Cruise

            Settings are set automatically. Or if you want to set them yourself, it takes about a minute. But as usual, console peasants are impatient children.

          • GodGamerDerp

            Get mental help. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them.

          • sync90

            Says the old nerd. Just out of curiosity, what car do you drive?

          • Balalaika

            I haven’t upgraded my video card in 4 years and still play games on High to Ultra settings while my PS3 which I bought around the same time got YLOD and while it did work the ports on it made my Eyes Bleed seeing how bad they looked compared to my PC, Now I have a PS4 and my video card still is better than my PS4. OH and the card is a GTX 470.

          • Guest

            Wish my GTX 470 was magical like yours.

          • Ritsujun

            PCl0wns are the best, aren’t they?

          • Matthew Beke

            “Now I have a PS4 and my video card still is better than my PS4.” -.-

          • Balalaika

            I have a PS4 in my home that my kids mainly play on. “-.-“

          • PC Elitist

            Don’t mind the ignorance of console peasants , this site is swarmed with their filthy kind. I run it at around 80fps with 4 year old card , its just one of their nonsense arguments among any other.

          • Guest

            @Balalaika – that’s a ball faced lie. My gtx 590 can do about the same as my ps4. I haven’t been able to play (modern) AAA games on ultra or high settings at a comfortable frame rate for a couple years now. My gtx 970 is pretty friggin great and I love my rig, but I can’t stand how pc’ers are so elitest and don’t want to admit that console’s have many advantages to pc’s in terms of user experience.

          • Intellijosh

            @Balalaika – that’s a bald faced lie. My gtx 590 can do about the same as my ps4. I haven’t been able to play (modern) AAA games like watch dogs or crysis 3 on ultra or high settings at a comfortable frame rate for a couple years now. Now my gtx 970 is pretty friggin great and I love my rig, but I can’t stand how pc’ers are so elitest and don’t want to admit that consoles can have many advantages to pc’s in terms of user experience.

          • Tom Cruise

            A graphics card more powerful than PS4 will be more powerful than the PS4 a year from now, two years from now, two decades from now. There’s no need to upgrade it. That’s why your comment fails, peasant.

          • A DOT ASANTE
          • Ritsujun

            PC Otaku’s love their visual novel exclusives.

          • GodGamerDerp

            Get mental help. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them.

        • DarthDiggler

          LOL I can see differences, significance is in the eye of the beholder. Within the cop car you can see lower res textures and in some of the backgrounds there is a slight dip in detail on the PS4.

          Overall I am pretty damned happy that my 6 month old PS4 is holding up well against PC.

      • ipot_04

        I think you need to know what significant is.

    • Ecks™

      look carefully on the 1st screenshot cause you can see the graphics arent the same

  • Jeff Maxwell

    This game is not demanding in the slightest, a 750Ti should be able to do this at 60fps, if I could unlock the framerate I reckon id be getting 100+ fps, a 780 Ti prolly pushing 150+

  • someguy

    I cold blind but I dont see a difference at all, maybe I need glasses

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s visible, but gotta squint.

    • Guest

      There is a difference.. but not huge :)

      • Raven Blood

        Cannot unsee :-/

      • Star1 child

        Guess which is which, seems like quite a difference on some things and none on others.
        It’s an unfair comparison though as a proper gaming PC can output native (not up-scaled) game resolution to a 4K display – compare then!

  • shivam.chandra24

    The shadows look better on pc, other that That I couldn’t tell. But this is a beta so I do expect the texture/other stuff to be improved by the final release. Eh was not impressed with hardline one bit so ill just stick with bf4.

  • Aaron Aquipel Avelino

    Looks the same to me. Even if there are minor differences I’m pretty sure you won’t notice it unless you have Kryptonian eyes.

  • Liam Scott

    Not as big of a difference as i thought.. but there is one.. for the people who are saying they are identical.

  • justpassingthrough

    Wow it looks just like BF4

    • Ryan Rath

      That’s because it basically is. Frostbite 3 engine is used for Hardline, same exact engine as BF4.

  • premiumguest

    are you guys blind as a bat ? your opinion doesnt change the fact the textures and draw distance and shadows are much better on pc

    • Stranger On The Road

      I don’t know about the others, but for me, I just don’t care. Ultra settings on a PC is beyond my budget, plain and simple. But that is just me.

      If I’m to play this game on a PC, –don’t intend to by the way– then I’m sure that I will have to turn OFF many things.

      By the way, I don’t think anybody is arguing that the PS4 or XB1 can match a highend PC; it is just that the PS4 and XB1’s graphics are just good enough and do in-fact look nice. But again, that is just me.

      • Ryan Rath

        A bit of a double edged sword for this one. I really liked your response, but just keep in mind that the Frostbite 3 engine looks pretty impressive even on a low grade or low budge machine. Not saying the PS4 or Xbox 1 is low grade (Well actually the crappy HGST 5400 RPM notebook hard drive in it is, but that’s a different story) Because Sony and Microsoft went with AMD products they can utilize Mantle API’s to be able to create some pretty impressive visuals on a budget. Same for PC. The Frostbite 3 engine used in BF4 and BF: Hardline can be cranked up visually with settings you wouldn’t normally use in other games because DICE and Visceral games have optimized it very very well. Anyway, interesting response and just food for thought.

    • GodGamerDerp

      On what PC? The vast majority of PCs weaker than a PS4? Okay.

      • sasan maghami

        the majority of gaming PCs are more powerful not weaker.

  • SomeDude

    I never play these games, but I think they both look the same thing.

  • IncognitosX

    I would expect more from the PC . . . guess I’m not missing much.

  • Nicholas Perry

    All that RAM and yet lower quality textures?

    • Sucka Free

      IDK what you are going on about, nobody expects the PS4 to look as good as a high end PC but it’s pretty close

      • Nicholas Perry

        Uh, the PS4 has 4-5GB of RAM to use. And yet the textures still look awful.

        Crysis 2 with a fan mod that can run on systems with much less has higher quality textures than this.

        • Suliman العمر

          More RAM does not necessarily make it more powerful.

          The GPU is still a low/mid end one compared to modern PC’s.

          • GodGamerDerp

            The textures should be better, BF4 textures were better than this.

        • Sucka Free

          not the point, is it? The textures look like crap on the PC too, its not the fault of the hardware. Its just not a very pretty game

          • sasan maghami

            yeah the game looks average anyway

    • They Call Me Senpai

      In the beta.

      • Nicholas Perry

        But the Beta has higher quality on PC? Obviously download size isn’t an issue for them.

        • Sucka Free

          again, nobody expects it to look as good as it does on a PC. For one, we have no idea what the specs are of the PC, for another a PC is always going to look better, but in this case, its pretty damn close…not that that’s saying much

  • zastavia .

    Aside from a slight resolution difference, both versions look identical…and totally last gen!

    • Ryan Rath

      Resolution difference? They’re both 1080p. I think what you may be saying is some of the DX 11 features obviously look a little sharper on a video card (The one in the PC) with more shaders, and a faster GPU to render DX 11 effects such as Tessellation, Multi-Sampling, and Anisotropic Filtering up to 16 times over. I’m not a PC master race troll here, just trying to merely and politely bring some things up for consideration to your response.

  • They Call Me Senpai
  • ChatWraithEpsilon

    PC has slightly higher texture resolution, as you can see in the vehicle dashboard textures. Other than that it’s negligible.

  • Dennis Gammaray

    looks like shit on both

  • corvusmd

    There is a noticeable difference, but not an important one. I’m sure in play that would all go away.

  • Tom Cruise

    Lots of butthurt PotatoStation 4 peasants in denial and expecting their $400 console to stack up against $600+ PCs as usual.
    Oh and these aren’t the maximum graphics. They will be better in the final gold build.

    • GodGamerDerp

      Mustard peasant spreading lies and hatred. Get mental help. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them.

      That’s a lot of lies and hatred over PS4’s stronger console hardware, ~3.5 million sales lead, large number of 1st party developers, more games, and more developer support. 8+ million and counting. Nothing you say will stop it, you are helpless. Keep lying and hating while everyone else ignores you.

      The real “god gaming race” owns both a good PC and consoles, and they find your lies, hatred, and ignorance disgraceful. Keep crying and squirting that mustard everywhere.

      Mustards don’t have “a point”, they just hate anyone who doesn’t have the time, money, or interest in building and maintaining a PC, and hate the fact that consoles offer a comparable gaming experience and exclusive games they can’t have. Unless they grow up and buy a console themselves, which isn’t that expensive compared to their imaginary quad SLI 4k PCs.

      PS4 has some interesting architecture benefits over traditional split CPU/GPU split memory pool PCs, and other GPGPU customizations. PS4 is comparable to a mid range PC at 1.84TF considering the APU and GPGPU architecture benefits and low level single platform coding. For $400 you get a lot of price/performance, more than a $400 PC would get you. PS4 is better than most PCs. PS4 will have lots of good exclusives, both console only and PS4 only. Wait for later 1st parties to show what PS4 can do.

      Xbox/PC fanboys seem to be on a war on people too poor or unwilling/unable to spend time and money buying, building, and maintaining a PC. Mustard race claiming they can afford multi-thousand dollar PCs but too poor to buy a $200-400 console.

    • superkarma

      Why would any PS4 gamer be butthurt? It’s satisfying enough just to have PS4 games constantly compared to their PC counterparts.

    • Gamist

      The more I read hate comments about the PS4, I more I love my PS4!

  • FoRSaKeN 1

    I think it may not look all that different, because of the fact that it is probably an fairly early version of its game in the Alpha Stage, and that they have touched up on the graphics considerably since then, but Hell.. I am wrong all the time.. maybe I am wrong here too.. but I honestly doubt they put out their most recent playable build.. or will even admit that they did with all the hate its seeing, lol!

  • valkirith

    both look average in term of graphics

  • Fake_of_Silva

    The shadows have a little more definition on the PC version.

  • Gemini

    Both look the same (which it’s a good thing).

    • sasan maghami

      come on mate,pc is better

  • eternal_napalm

    I wonder if PC will have anything that’ll look like Uncharted 4 will?

  • Kirk Apolo

    I’m pretty sure the graphics will get an upgrade when the full game is
    released since the game still has about 4 months before retail launch. Battlefield Hardline

  • Midstr8

    They both look pretty much the same. I notice slight differences in some of the scenes, but you have to look hard for them. Some textures appeared more detailed in certain areas on the PC version, and also the AF was better in the distance in the PC version, in some scenes. Minor differences, could be do to having Settings cranked up on the PC version. Which goes above ultra. Like instead of having SSAO you have HBAO 1 or 2. OR AF 16 compared to 8 or OFF… That’s what I notice, both appear to be Ultra. Some times I play Ultra but Play with 32X AA. Other People may play it at 4x or lower but that doesn’t mean their not playing on ultra.

    PC is potentially better, if you can handle pushing your PC that far. But PS4 is good enough.

  • Ryan Rath

    Actually I couldn’t tell very many differences. Although the GPU in the PS4 is a Pitcairn based HD 7870 or r9-270, it is obviously DX 11 capable. Since the PS4 is now finally working on x86 architecture, it can finally utilize its resources more appropriately. The few differences I did notice, is a PC with a better video card runs the textures a bit more smoothly. I can visually tell that tessellation, multi-sampling, and anisotropic filtering is certainly a bit cleaner. The trees have leaves with depth, the buildings and environment aren’t quite as jagged and provide more realism. The Frostbite 3 engine is quite a beauty and Visceral has done a good job with this. May be a re-skinned BF4 mechanically, but visually it is still better quality than a lot of other games out there.

  • king

    ps4 better than pc apu……….pc apu=shit
    hello pc gamer…………still use cpu+gpu………………that is 10 years before

    now is 2014 ……now is apu time. now is ps4 time

  • marcelo bastias

    the second picture looks better on ps4


    Even though the graphics are similar the controls for pc are just so much better

  • Mark Anthony

    Nah the graphics arent the same.. I have played the ps4 version for about an hr and then switched right to the pc.. and the pc version is much more detailed in atmosphere. lighting modeling and texturing. These screen caps arent doing much justice .. You have to see the game in motion.. the biggest difference I noticed is lighting. And to me thats one of the most important things.

  • smarty pants

    Virtually no difference at 1080p, but the main advantage with this on PC right now is going native 1440p out to native 4k resolution.

    DICE is making strides with the Frostbite engine for Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and their efforts with that will obviously bleed over to when they do Battlefield 5. Depending on how many new technologies they employ, there may be very noticeable effects that the consoles just can’t do.

    One example is when Tomb Raider came out (before PS4/XB1) and the consoles couldn’t do the hair technology. At all. So that plus native 1080p and more dense textures/lighting, the PC version was WAY obviously superior. It’ll take some time, but as developers keep on playing with new technologies, they will suddenly surpass anything the current consoles can do, and only PC’s can do. It happens every single time.