Hideo Kojima Wasn’t Ready to Show Metal Gear Solid V’s Demo, But Will Do it Due to High Demand

Hideo Kojima is going to introduce today the gameplay demo of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that was showcased behind closed doors at E3, but he cautioned his fans on Twitter that he’s doing so just due to popular demand.

Unlike linear game, in open world game, we can’t use the method of creating one spot thoroughly and move to next spot. Instead we are required to create endless map and vast degree of action freedom on the field in order to accomplish gradually.

Thus showing the gameplay demo at this stage is still in early stage, but we do it just because we received high demand from users.

It’s worth mentioning that the original Japanese tweets were quite a bit more understandable (if you can read Japanese, of course), and a translation is included below for clarity:

 With open world games, you can’t use the old production techniques, unlike linear games, allowing you to create only a portion of the game throughly, and then moving to the next.

We are creating an endless map with a vast degree of freedom of action, and we’ll continue to improve it gradually. I did not want to show it officially yet, but we’ll do it because the demand is very high.

Incidentally, Kojima-san also shared an interesting piece of trivia, mentioning the games that inspired him:

Four games influenced me: XEVIOUS, Super Mario, The Portopia Serial Murder Case, & Outer World. Will Outer World current gen come out?

Looks like his wish is going to be granted soon,  as “Outer World” is the Japanese title of Delphine Software’s 1991 classic Another World, which will be released for PS4 on the 25th. Can’t say Kojima-san doesn’t have good taste in games.

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  • Analdo Gomez

    Why always show “early stage” demos for games that they are making for years?, god, hate when they do that.

    • Nordu

      Mostly because as he had said fans are eager to see how the game is progressing even if it is the early stages. I don’t see it as a negative as watching the videos and reading the articles are entirely optional.

    • Our games are art

      one can’t help but wonder if its related to the whole MGS V GZ being a glorified tech demo fiasco. I for one saw that game as a great value proposition but then again I bought it digitally for 19.99

  • Carl

    I am looking forward to watch MGS V’s gameplay. This game should be the undisputed GOTY of 2016 (if it is still in “early” stages, then the game won’t release in 2015 at all). Kojima-san has never disappointed with his games and his vision.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      FOTY more like. there will be plenty more competition by games in 2015/16 and beyond

  • eg94

    We should demand this from naughty dog

  • PrinceHeir

    Should have saved it on TGS then Kojima-san 😛

  • Geodex

    Why do i feel Kojima is having a lot of fun with the fans this week. Toying with everyone about how he’s scared of GTA V and now this…

    • ipot_04

      He trolls sometimes.

      • Porcu Peth

        sometimes? He’s trolling in Demigod form 😀

    • Jeff Maxwell

      why would he be scared of GTA 5? there completely different games besides he already knows what GTA 5 is like. the only difference between the new on eand old one is gfx really

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  • The Oathbreaker

    I’m glad he’s proceeding with this demo, as I’ve said before I’m still slightly skeptical as how open-world will fit an MGS title but hopefully all my lingering questions will be resolved today.

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  • Emmanuel Beddewela

    You gonna love him more, and more..