Steam Summer Sale Now Live: Far Cry 3 – 75%, Witcher 2 – 80%, XCOM – 75%, Dead Rising 3 -25% and More

Like Every Year the Steam Summer Sale has kicked off to lead us into the hottest months of the year in the company of a large bunch of cheap games, using our wallet’s bitter tears as a convenient coolant.

Below you can check out the full lineup for today’s sale. You better hold on to your wallet, because there are some gems right there, like Far Cry 3 discounted by 75%, The Witcher 2 by 80% and XCOM: Enemy Unknown by 75%. The pre-order of Dead Rising 3 is also discounted by 25%

The sale also comes with the usual minigame “Summer Adventure,” which prompts us to craft badges and compete to win in-game items and free games.

Now, if you don’t mind excusing me, I have to go murder my finances. I’m quite sure that many of you will be right behind me anyway.

Update: as it often happens with Steam sales, XCOM: Enemy Unknown‘s discount has been changed from the unusually numbered 83% to 75%


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  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV
    • solkeher

      Praise the Gaben!

  • Nice to meet you hard earned money.

    • foureyes oni

      Shouldn’t it be farewell hard earned money?

      • Lol yeah, sorry I meant to say “It was nice to meet you, hard earned money”

  • CervantesPR

    Mirrors edge here i come!!

    • Will


    • True Radiant Free

      You won’t be dissapointed I recently got it from the Humble Bundle, its a great game.

  • Quincy

    I already bought a few games on GoG and now it’s steam sale. Sigh, there goes my wallet and backlogs 🙂

  • solkeher

    Witcher 2 and Dead Rising 3!!! 😀

  • JJ

    Steam is sooooooooooooooooooooo slow i cant buy anything ;(

    • Its warming up, done push it to take your money , at the end of the day it will take everything from you.

      • JJ

        phurchased 3 games Crafted 8 summer card sets 2 foil sets 0.25$ left and thats just day1
        MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE??????????????? XOXOXOXOXO

        • You just said it….”Day 1″ of survival. You should have saved your game before the purchase.

          • JJ

            Its survival game you must find food and eat or you will die There’s no saving system your food will be corrupted if you dont eat it But there’s problem a big beast called gaben ate all my foods he found me tonight i cant stop feed him otherwise he will eat me XD