Wave Blue DualShock 4 Controller Coming to the United States this Fall

While the DualShock 4 controller is (arguably) the best PlayStation controller ever built, it could stand to be a bit more stylish. This fall, it will get some color with the release of a Wave Blue controller.

As you can see from the gallery below, this thing looks slick! The entire controller isn’t blue, just the face. This design choice makes it look that much more distinctive and eye pleasing.

Other than “Fall” we don’t have a concrete release date but when we find out we’ll let you guys know. In the meantime, check out the pretty pictures below.

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  • tunde

    its about damn time, now what about the red?

    • Tony Polanco

      I want that one too *drools*

      • True Radiant Free

        I’m sticking with red for my limited edition Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk, and I’m going blue for PS4 lol

  • Blackmaile

    Sony you need to fix your Black dualshock controllers first how has my second controller thumbstick tore?

    Cheap material!!!!!
    I wouldnt recommend buying a dualshock 4 till Sony acknowledges the issue and states that its fixed!

    • GameDev345

      Actually its already fixed, Sony secretly recalled most controllers and fixed that thumbstick problem, which means the newer ones will also be fixed

      And its mostly people who are aggressive with the thumbstick that gets those tears

      • Blackmaile

        Im not even gonna insult you but if thats the case why hasnt my Killzone 3 controller tore or even weared down after 3-4 years of use but my dualshock 4 controller of 4 months has tore? Can you answer that? MR Sony spokesman.

        • GameDev345

          Why would you insult me for giving my opinion? that’s just childish

          I find that most people aggressive with their controller usually damage the rubber on their analog stick and as I have said Sony has recalled most of the controllers in the stores to be fixed which is admitting there was a problem with it but not that bad

          Killzone 3 controller? I didn’t know Guerrilla Games make their own controller i

          Mr Sony spokesman? Oh I wish i was, would actually be getting some decent pay, I am just giving my opinion, why you are angry I don’t know

  • joedudemanguy

    Ive had my ps4 since launch day and my 2 controllers are fine and still look practically brand new even tho theyve endure heavy use. Wtf are you people doing with your controllers?!?! Stop throwing them and raging

    • Blackmaile

      The fanboyism is deep. Cant believe gamers would rather blame eachother for “White knuckle thumb” or Heavy use of a controller over saying Sonys thumbsticks are cheap! Lmao Heavy use like the controller isnt built for years upon years of heavy use!
      The fact people actually upvote these comments is beyond me.! The gaming community is a complete joke.

      • superkarma

        Believe it or not, but just because you have issues with a certain product, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Shocking idea to comprehend, right? I haven’t had a single problem with my thumbsticks after daily use since November. So, to me, they aren’t “cheap”. To me, they are perfectly fine.

        Before you go on a tantrum throughout the comments section, perhaps you should realize the simple fact that not everyone experiences the same problems across the board.

        • Blackmaile

          Yeh its just me thats why Sony apparently recalled alot of launch controllers. Lol

          • superkarma

            Did I say it was just you? No. I said not everyone experiences the same problems. I haven’t experienced it and neither have many others. Do you understand that yet?

          • joedudemanguy

            Well if they recalled them that means that you get brand new controllers free of charge, so why are you still bitching. Please, please go back to ign and stay there

          • GameDev345

            So because I just told you Sony recalled it means it is a major problem or simply Sony wanting to see wanting to help their customer base with complaints??

            They didn’t recall everyones controller, just the ones not bought or not in use to check if the complaints about the thumbstick

      • joedudemanguy

        The only joke is you dude. Thats from my personal experience with the controllers and everyone that i know hasnt had problems. So i put my honest opinion of what might cause the controller to break like people have been having happen.

        • Blackmaile

          Well.. I dont throw my controller. I put it in my draw after ever time i turnoff my PS4… I dont let nobody else touch my controller & i take very good care of it i dont rage or throw my controller like you tried to state!
          My PS3 and even PS2 controllers have not had this issue.. My WII controller never had this issue.. My 360 never had this issue but because my dualshock 4 does everyone assumes its all my fault over Sonys.. Lol i know full well if this was a Xbox one controller all you fanboys would be riding the hate wave saying how cheap and crap they are.

          • Sucka Free

            Naw, we would just assume that you treated your XB1 controller the same way you treated your PS4 controller.

        • sync90

          I’ve been through 2 ds4’s, both had the rubber spilt on the left thumbstick. Most of my friends have had the same prob to.

      • GameDev345

        The gaming community is a joke because they don’t damage their controller like you??


        • Blackmaile

          Please dont twist my words to your own advantage.
          I didnt say that what im saying is the that gamers would rather blame other gamers then their beloved Sony/Microsoft for these kinds of things. Doesnt matter how minor or major this whole DS4 issue is the fact is that its a issue… As YOU stated sony acknowledged this and fixed it.

          • GameDev345

            Yes but you make it seem like a major issue for everyone when there are some people getting on fine with their controller

            I did admit there was a recall for controllers in store or ones that weren’t bought yet, this was due to some complaints of people with their thumbsticks and you know Sony usually listens to customer feedback, so Sony had to at least recall some to check if there was a problem and I assume if they have to recall then they obviously fixed something

            But don’t try and make it some major issue with the DS4

      • Dk

        Well i just downvote your dumbass

    • eg94

      I always take care of my stuff, but I had to send in my launch ds4 because the left analog stick got worn out and was tearing. The right stick was perfect, so maybe it was just launch issues. Either way Sony sent me a new one free, so if you have issues call customer service ☺

    • I’ve had my 1 controller since launch day 1 I play my PS4 maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I have never raged, dropped or thrown my controller..I worked and saved up too much money to be stupid enough to do that, but my controller is split. Never happened to any previous controller I’ve ever owned. Thumbstick grips FTW


  • Johnny Flores

    If anyone is buying a PS4 or a new dualshock I recommend that you go out on eBay and buy Xbox One thumbsticks. Not because the thumbsticks on the existing dualshock suck but because the One’s thumbsticks are truly magnificent. It’ll cost you a few bucks but believe me its worth it

    • Blackmaile

      I was honestly considering doing that.. No fanboy bullsh** are they really worth it? Im gonna send off my 2nd controller but if they tear again im deffo gonna get some alternative thumbsticks

      • Johnny Flores

        I own both consoles as of last week. I thought everyone was just saying that to 1-Up how bad the thumbsticks were on the PS4 and boy was I wrong. They are truly superior. The overall feel is amazing and they are super sturdy and very responsive since they are smaller around the base and larger around the actual spot where the thumb goes. My PS4 controller is outfitted with them as of right now and I reccommend you do the same

        • Blackmaile

          Thanks man, How does the actual controller look with them on? Im very fussy i like my controllers looking very neat hope it doesnt look funky and out of place. Im gonna send this 2nd controller back and give them the benefit of the doubt.. Again! if it happens again im deffo gonna get those Xbox One thumbsticks a try, Much appreciated

          • Johnny Flores

            It doesn’t look odd. They’re roughly the same size. They have a more rubberized texture with little pricks for grip almost like a smoothed out tire. They don’t look bad at all. Comfort over looks imo. Just buy em off ebay. They’re super cheap and come with installation instructions

          • Blackmaile

            Much appreciated. Thanks alot for your help at least there is 1 decent gamer on this website.

    • They Call Me Senpai

      Why? The XBO thumbsticks aren’t that great. People said the same about the triggers of the 360 controller and they weren’t any better either than the DS3’s, so there’s no point in anyone ruining their DS4 by swapping out the thumbsticks with average ones.

      • Johnny Flores

        They are above average and aren’t gonna fall off like most PS4 thumbsticks. I never heard anything about the triggers on the 360 being good. Quite frankly last gen had bad triggers with little to no rumble support. And you don’t ruin your PS4 controller. It’s an easy cosmetic change. Not like taking apart the controller

  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    No Canada?

    • Tony Polanco

      Sorry, this just said “stateside.” We’ll keep you guys updated.

    • Matt

      better start getting some states, canada

  • superkarma

    When the hell is SCUF releasing their PS4 controller? They said June…but here we are, 1 week to go and still nothing. Damnit.

  • supersungin

    how much ?

    • Tony Polanco

      No word yet. I’m guessing it will cost as much as a regular DualShock 4 controller when it’s released.

  • Talk to me when there’s a red controller.

  • Erika

    Zomg so sexy..

  • kimotori

    Bought this when I got my PS4, but I really wanted the red one :(… it was sold out though.

    • Raymond Ebanks

      Howd you get this controller already if its not out until fall ?

      • kimotori

        I bought my PS4 in Korea. They had the blue and red ones available at launch here. Maybe even Japan did too but I’m not sure.

  • Will

    I’m stationed in Japan and I was able to go to a local game store off base and pick up a red one, it’s so nice!

    • Tony Polanco


  • The Oathbreaker

    I do really like the blue but I’m holding out for the red hopefully! I hope they work on the build quality of as my first two controllers had to be swapped as the thumb sticks bit the bullet.

  • BWest

    I love this controller

  • Raymond Ebanks

    Me likey