4chan’s Project Pokémon Sage and Why You Should Be Playing It

This month I’ve decided to take a little break from my Japanese indie titles editorial series to delve into an excellent and ambitious fan project. Unlike those like Pokémon Zeta, which are simply meant to be for pure gameplay, the hardworking community at /vp/ on 4chan is creating a fully fleshed out world with new Pokémon, protagonists, rivals in a world based on Central and South America.

Pokémon Sage started back in 2011 as a way for a small group of devoted fans to get their own vision of the franchise out; the Urobos region is heavily based off South America — both geographically and in the culture of the people. While nothing has been decided yet, many of the proposed villainous teams are also based off religious and cultural movements that have occurred in the actual continent’s history, such as opposing groups Team Aztecians/Team Conquistadors and Team Tribe/Team Inquisition.

Sounds incredible right? But that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the past two years, using RPG Maker to bring a new region to life with classic generation three graphics and sprite art.

You start the game as one of two protagonists, Simon and Sofia:

Pokemon Sage5

And get to explore a beautiful little starter town covered in snow and accompanied by excellent music:

Pokemon Sage2

Exploring the town and interacting with the denizens (including the Professor) immerses you in the classic beginning of a Pokémon title. What really cements this endeavor as a true blue labor of love is the fact that the region has its own Pokémon. Yep, you read that correctly. They actually designed and named a plethora of Pokémon, which all look impressively official:


Even the rival has a cool design and great theme music and is basically an awesome mash-up between rivals Blue/Green and Silver. He actually steals the starter Pokémon acquired by your friendly rival and then proceeds to give you by far the most challenging rival battle I’ve ever experienced.

Pokemon Sage3

Overall the demo is a pretty stable build and everything from the graphics to designs to map layouts to the battle themselves are reproduced faithfully. It’s like starting a brand new Pokémon adventure bestowed by Game Freak. This is a small detail, but what blows me away is how well the community reproduced the dialogue — every single line sounds like speech written by the incredibly talented translation team, which is mighty impressive to pull off.

Demo length is roughly one to two hours and includes three towns to visit, about ten Pokémon that can be captured and two caves to explore (with no Zubats!). After you reach the last town and defeat the first Gym Leader, you can’t progress any further but are free to train and explore the areas to your heart’s content.

The game itself runs on RPG Maker XP and uses Pokémon Essentials, which is a set of scripts and resources that allows users to create Pokémon-style games. While nearly everything from third generation on will be incorporated, there will be no Mega Evolutions and Fairy-types since, at the time of the project’s creation, these mechanics were not supported by Essentials.

You can download the demo here (no emulator required) and check out the Wikia page for the project here.  There’s also a survey you can fill out when you complete the demo and if you find any bugs, feel free to report them in the forums in detail here. Currently they need help with concept artwork, sprites and more, so check out the Guide to find out how you can participate (remember to be respectful!).

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  • They Call Me Senpai

    I had an idea similar to this, but I plan to move away from Pokémon a little.

    • sage

      literally no one cares

      • NeoTechni

        I do, simply because you were a big enough ass to say no one did

      • Allisa James

        lol why so so salty?

        • anon

          Wow looking at your comments.
          You’re a really bad person.
          Not to be confused with anger based on this whole situation but you seriously don’t come across as a nice person.
          “Lol why so salty”
          Asked to remove a blog post from the people it’s about. – “Nope”
          And more sarcastic responses.
          And the kicker, undermining a guy’s point because it’s a little unfeasible.
          I hope whoever hired you sees how you really are.
          I look forward to your snarky reply.
          Although I fully expect you to just delete this post.

  • anon

    Delete this post.
    We don’t want publicity.
    Sincerely, ~Pokemon Sage community

    • Tony Polanco

      If you didn’t want publicity you shouldn’t have put this online.

      • anon

        Oh gee wilikers I wonder how an online community who made the game using an online forum wo-wait a minute.

        • Allisa James

          I mean it’s totally not possible to share files privately or to not make a public wiki page or to make sure the demo isn’t publicly available or anything…

          Sounds like you guys want the best of both worlds–input but at your sole discretion, which ain’t possible online.

    • Allisa James


      Sincerely, ~Reviews Editor

      • InfinityAge11

        Wow, I just lost a heck of a lot of respect for this website. This and all of your posts towards this. Disappointing.

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  • In all fields


  • Sage anon

    There’s only about less than 80 of us working on the project at any time an we can barely keep ourselves together when maybe a third of those plus an additional third that doesn’t contribute at all shitpost all day. We try to keep an outwar looking eye for offsite publicity that we get in order to facilitate damage control but when we get influxes of tens of thousands playing the demo, messing with the wiki and such it is really quite hard on us. People are well intentioned hen they stumble upon us but the really best thing for the longevity of the project is for people to stumble into the thread itself by themselves and slowly integrate themselves into the workforce after sufficiently long periods of time lurking.

    • Tony Polanco

      Read what I said to your boy Sage. If you didn’t want this kind of publicity mmmmaaaaaaaaybe you shouldn’t have put it online. Just saying.

      • How do they not put this online? How do you easily and conveniently facilitate a community without communicating online?

        Be less of a jackass.

        • Allisa James

          Ummmm… by sharing files privately maybe and not making an entire wiki page devoted to the game and not posting the demo online and therefore publicly available?

          But nope, totally not possible on any level.

          • You’re making the same arguments people do that excuse e-stalking. “but you could hide your profile and delete all public record of your identity”. It doesn’t stop the stalking being bad, and it doesn’t stop the unauthorised publicity of something they’ve POLITELY requested be taken down.

            If they were rude, it’d be a completely different story. I’d expect a better attitude and fairer journalism from someone writing online articles. Then again, most articles seem to be clickbait these days, without respecting the wishes of their source(s).

          • Allisa James

            Ummm… how does something serious like e-stalking compare to a simple game–

            Nevermind. If you’re willing to stoop that low, there’s no arguing with you.

          • You already argued with me, which means you’re trying to get the last word somehow. Eh, whatever.

            What matters is right of consent. They politely asked for it to be taken down, not only have you not complied but you approve of some random Internet warrior sarcastically mocking them.

          • Dude. If you don’t want this to be a public project, you don’t make it a public project. If you don’t want people posting to your wii, do not make a public wiki. This is not the same as someone making personal information private. This is like posting your own personal info and then getting mad when people read it.

            It’s VERY easy to create a private communication network online: emails, private file sharing, everything.

          • Finn Lewis

            Liking this project
            Being told what you’ve done is potentially damaging to it
            Refusing to stop because you believe what you did is their fault
            Since you love sexual assault metaphors, it’s like telling a rape victim she was asking for it
            10/10 the arrogance is real

    • Platypus King

      Just wanted to let you know that this post here has caused me to share this project not only with my friends but a few online publications that I know and work with. Have fun with that and keep up the good work. 🙂

      • Yet another anon

        That’s rather spiteful of you.
        We have experience in dealing with new people, though.

      • Professional journalism at work, folks.

        • Allisa James

          Thanks! 😀

        • Platypus King

          Who said I was a journalist?

      • Sucka Free

        Wow, that was mature

    • Anonymonstrous Anon

      I’ve actually been watching for a while. I found the wiki from a video and then the thread from there.

    • Midnyte

      But once it’s finished will publicity be allowed?

  • Apocalypse

    is a community or a cult? the comments down below are scary lol

    • Another anon

      We’re a little bit of both.

    • superkarma

      4chan is a cult. I’d even go as far to say they’re worse than NeoGAF. That’s how bad they are.

  • Xavier Nowell

    It’s pretty sad when these guys can make cooler Pokemon than the creators. Those evolutions look so dope while the creators are making ice cream and bolts into Pokemon lmfao

    • They Call Me Senpai

      Way to pick out 2 (arguably) bad designs. Not to mention that while some of these look good, deviant art is overflowing with better ones.

      • Xavier Nowell

        Does the amount of bad designs really matter? If I sat there and listed all the ones I don’t like would that have persuaded you not to reply? I personally don’t like many the Pokemon that have been created within black and white and up. These look really good in my opinion and I don’t care if deviant art has better ones. I was specifically talking about these ones that are in an actual playable game.

    • Bobby Jennings

      Dont forget we have a heap of garbage as a Pokemon too.

      • Sean Castillo

        What’s wrong with having a garbage Pokemon?

        • Bobby Jennings

          Its ugly and like garbage, it’s forgotten

          • Sean Castillo

            Why would an ugly character in a franchise called “Pocket Monsters” be a bad thing?

          • Bobby Jennings

            The same reason why a ugly character in general is a bad thing.

          • Misuruk

            The design for the pokemon wasn’t meant to be pretty though. It’s a heap of garbage because it’s one of the pokemon based off pollution.

          • Bobby Jennings

            It’s still ugly.

          • Misuruk

            It’s garbage…literally. It shouldn’t look good. If you can glamourize trash and make it look appealing, as well as be appealed by it then there’s something not right.

          • Bobby Jennings

            All I’m saying is that the designs of the latest Pokemon are uninspired. Some look nice but it seems like they got lazy with some.

            Again this is just my opinion on it. I still love the games.

          • Misuruk

            A group of eggs turned into a palm tree with a face, magnets, and a pokemon with a massive tongue are just some of the pokemon from Kanto. There are always going to be pokemon that don’t meet everyone’s standards.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Of course there are. I’m just simply stating my opinion.

    • Sean Castillo

      The creators are excellent at what they do.

  • MetalSparta

    can I play it on my gameboy or on my PSP GO???
    emulator file??

    • Sage anon

      It’s a standalone exe file to be run on a PC with windows or a Linux/Mac with sufficient wine abilities. It is not a rom hack and does not run through an emulator. It is a completely independent game file.

      • MetalSparta


  • Nuttypea

    Sasuga Majora-senpai

  • NoNeedToArgue

    woah. trying this now

  • Honchkrow is weak to Machamp

    Honchkrow is weak to Machamp

  • anon

    It’s obvious you don’t care about this project at all considering you haven’t deleted this blog post.

  • Criss Poyner

    I had to say i understand why they may not want any promotion of this because a good look at history shows that some big companies have laid the smackdown on rom hacks (square enix with anything chrono trigger, masato kato is an arsehole and not responsible for all of chrono trigger just 12000 bc stop giving him credit when it was not him and he hates chrono trigger fan base and the game) so yeah i get it keep up the good work and hopefully nobody else outs you guys for Nintendo to crack down on you. Cant wait for it. Peace out

    • Allisa James

      That’s a really good point actually (and nooo I don’t even want to think about that Chrono Trigger fiasco) but Nintendo’s never cracked down on any Pokemon fangames before (Pokemon Zeta for instance).

      • TheMultiYoshi

        A fan game called Pokémon Omega was taken down by Nintendo recently, but I’m guessing they did it to avoid confusion with their upcoming game, Pokémon Omega Ruby


      • Sucka Free

        Doesn’t matter, they asked you politely to take it down. That doesn’t mean that are are obliged, but you could have at least been respectful when you declined

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  • Somebodyissilent

    How long till Nintendo shuts it down?

    • Iceygames

      They won’t be able to as it’s a fan made game which they are not intending to sell but rather from what I can assume, just having fun making. They intend to let people play but they want people to sorta track and down and find it.

      • Somebodyissilent

        That has not stopped them before. They have killed ftp Pokemon MMOs.

        • Iceygames

          There may be other reasons they can’t. Like it could also depend on where the owner lives. The same thing happened with the whole translation stuff for Final fantasy Type 0


    hm… smh i think it’s better with original name than “Pokemon “

  • Orichalon Hades

    reading through the comments, Dualshockers is in the wrong here. If the creator them self ask, politely even, for the post to be taken down. Shouldn’t it be? It doesn’t matter if the actual stuff is public or not, if the creators says take it down, you take it down. Its a matter of consent.

    also Alisa cmon,
    “y so salty”?
    THAT is not the behaviour of a , somewhat, respectable game journalist.

    or are you taking the moral high-road knowing these guys are from 4chan and hold no real power? What if these guys are from an actual game company? are you still won’t take the post down even if the PR from said game company ask you to take it down, because of “ooh because the stuff is public, you shouldn’t put it on public if you don’t want publicity”


    • superkarma

      I don’t see how they’re wrong. The cry babies over at 4chan are the ones that are in the wrong. The argument that if they don’t want publicity, then they shouldn’t make the game and all of its info public is completely valid.

      Your argument about an actual game company is not valid, as an actual game company would not make something public if they didn’t want it public. An actual game company wouldn’t create a wiki page and link the download to the game if they didn’t want publicity. On top of that, they wouldn’t demand it be taken down from sites, as it’s already public knowledge.

      As Alissa correctly inferred, it seems as though they want the best of both words, but at their own discretion. Sorry, but that’s not how it works. The fact of the matter is, this is a public project. If the “creators” don’t want publicity, then don’t make it a public project. It’s just that simple. Being 4chan, I somehow knew they would find something to cry about.

      • Orichalon Hades

        oh cmon, it doesn’t matter if its public or not. If the creator wants it to be taken down, then it should be taken down, no question asks.

        This is not Facebook or twitter we’re talking about, we’re talking about Dualshocker, a respectable gaming website, and as a respectable gaming website they SHOULD respect the creator wishes.

        its a different story if this is Facebook where people doesn’t have journalistic integrity.

        All im seeing here atm, is just Dualshockers ( Allissa) bullying the creator of Pokemon Sage by completely ignoring, and at some point insulting, them.


        “Your argument about an actual game company is not valid, as an actual game company would not make something public if they didn’t want it public.”

        fine then, i’ll give another example.

        If a game studio doesn’t want a trailer of their game to be shown anywhere else but on their website, and Dualshocker put it on their website and refuses for it to be taken down on the ground of “lel its public we can do what we want” is that morally correct?

        • superkarma

          That’s the thing, though…it does matter if it’s public or not. If it’s public, it’s for everyone to see. It’s not up to the creator when, where, and how they see it. That’s not how the internet works. The creator created a public wiki with a public download link to a public demo…but then gets mad when outside sites report on their public information? That’s just silly, to say the least.

          Allisa isn’t bullying anyone. She’s defending her point to a handful of 4chan kiddies. She handled herself better than I would have, that’s for sure. She (and any other writer, for that matter) has no obligation to listen to them simply because they said so. If she were legally in the wrong, that’s a different story. They also didn’t ask politely. The first post was “Delete this post”. That’s a demand. That’s not asking politely. Besides, a respectable game developer would have handled this privately…not by posting comments on here, which they knew would get the answers they got.

          At the end of the day, a gaming site reports on gaming news. That’s exactly what this article did. You don’t see companies demanding sites to remove their articles about leaks, rumors, insider info, public slip-ups, etc do you? No. Journalistic integrity doesn’t apply here, as she’s just doing her job.

          Lets not forget, the main reason why they don’t want much publicity is due to them breaking copyright laws. They’re scared of Nintendo shutting down their little side project. So yeah, they’re not exactly innocent in any of this.

          • Orichalon Hades

            “Journalistic integrity doesn’t apply here”

            oh boy, maybe not on IGN, but it certainly matter here.

            “Allisa isn’t bullying anyone.”

            really? so i guess her responding ” lol why so salty” is not an insult?

            “That’s not how the internet works. The creator created a public wiki with a public download link to a public demo…but then gets mad when outside sites report on their public information? That’s just silly, to say the least.”

            lets go back to the new example i give.

            It does not matter if you and everybody else think its silly, it does not matter if “that’s not how the internet works” none of that stuff matter. All that matter is Consent.

            Does the creator give their consent for her to post this? No.

            Did she do it anyway? Yes

            “Lets not forget, the main reason why they don’t want much publicity is due to them breaking copyright laws. They’re scared of Nintendo shutting down their little side project.”

            then what the hell is the point in reporting this in the first place? Does Dualshocker suddenly rooting for copyright infringement now? Because by telling people this exist and they should play it, they effectively giving an OK for copyright infringement.

            Superkarma, i like you dude. But this is nonsense and you know it.

          • superkarma

            I meant it doesn’t apply in this situation, not that it doesn’t apply on this site. She’s just doing her job by reporting this news. If the creators don’t like that, then oh well. That’s not her or this sites problem.

            That salty comment was in reply to the 4chan kiddie insulting another person for absolutely no reason. I don’t see anything wrong with her saying that in that context.

            Since when do sites need consent to post articles? News outlets wouldn’t be news outlets if they needed consent for every article they ran. Again, that’s just silly. The new example you gave is silly as well, since we both know that’ll never happen…ever.

            As for the copyright thing, from what I read in the article, she seems to enjoy the game and praised it plenty. The point in reporting this was to let others know about the game so they can enjoy it. It may be a double-edge sword, because by doing so, it could potentially set off red flags at Nintendo…but lets be honest, Nintendo already knows about this game. This article didn’t suddenly make them aware of it. It’s on 4chan, which means it’s already well known.

            Like I said, I really don’t see the issue here. It is what it is, though. No sense in continually arguing about it either, because it’s obviously not going to change anything. I see where you’re coming from, but I just don’t agree with it. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this.

          • Orichalon Hades

            “The new example you gave is silly as well, since we both know that’ll never happen…ever”

            i was talking about IF, if for whatever reason a game company decided to only release their game trailer on their website and no other place. And DS knowing this, still decide to put the trailer on their website and refuse to take it down on the grounds of its public.

            If this gonna happen in reality or not doesn’t matter.

            but fine, i can see this argument is going nowhere. I just want to point out though, ignoring the game creator wishes, no matter how stupid and obscene it is, is a sign of bad game journalism.

            Its like breaking a review embargo. Because we all know review embargo is stupid as hell, and yet gaming website still do it.

          • name_00

            “This company didn’t like my review score of their game. They demand we take it down. Better do what they say. Also let’s not reveal our news scoop about unpaid overtime at EA. Our job as journalists is to make our clients look good. News should never be negative. We need to let large corporations control all information relating to them. Because we really work for them, not our audience. That is true journalism. Censored information is best for your peace of mind.”

            Regarding embargo, I respect game sites more when they would rather get on bad terms with a company then give a dishonest review.

    • Flaringgamer

      Power of the media my friend. It is sad.

  • Masoud House

    This is awesome. I’m glad you found this (as you always do with indie RPG Maker stuff) and I’m glad some of the people who work on the project are around. Reminds me I need to get back to exploring RPG Maker myself.

    • Masoud House

      Then again, now i’m seeing the comments below and how negative the community is. This is ridiculous. Publicity should be a positive thing, especially from an indie-spotlighting website like DS, and these guys are going nuts, despite having posted all of their stuff publicly and not saying any kind of disclaimer against publicity or privacy.

  • tjherd54

    how do you download it

  • pokgmon


  • Paul Warren A. Apura

    how do i play this?
    i mean what software do i need to play it
    i downloaded it already but it wont even start

  • Tarra.exe

    OP lemme know if you need extra help. tweet me @tylers_toybox

  • trần việt cường

    when pokemon sage will be finish

  • 山岡アンドリュー

    Well, because of the asshat who wrote this, this is one site that I will NEVER be returning to again. What kind of unprofessional comments/replies are those? I’ve seen random YouTube commenters with more integrity than you. What are you, 12? I can’t even believe you have a job in journalism. You should grow up and learn about a little thing called “Journalistic Integrity” and “Mutual Respect”.

  • Pokemon for life

    when i download it, its not a file

  • Samuel Pacheco

    Help, please i’ve downloaded the demo but when it says “press enter” i press it and it goes black, can please somebody help me, i dont know if it has problem with the keyboard or something, it goes black