“Did You Know Gaming?” Tackles the History of DOOM

In the latest installment of “Did You Know Gaming?” the team educates us on the DOOM franchise.

They reveal some pretty interesting facts as well, like how Bill Gates considered buying Id Software, and some of the games’ hidden secrets.

In fact, the video shows a clip with Bill Gates in a DOOM screenshot dressed in a trench coat and holding a shotgun.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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  • superkarma

    Damn, that brings back some awesome memories. I still remember playing the original Doom’s multiplayer with a buddy by dialing into each other’s 56k modems. Lol, god damn 56k modems. At least they were better than the 28.8k modems.

    It’s crazy where they drew their inspirations from. I also remember the Bill Gates promo…that shit was ridiculously cheesy, lol. Didn’t realize he was actually considering buying Id though. I’m actually surprised he didn’t…but glad at the same time. Carmack was the right man for that job.

    • epic_fail

      I remember this is one of the games that got me into gaming.I used to watch my brother and dad play this all the time as a kid. Game actually used to scare the sh#t outta me…lol

      • superkarma

        Lol, yup…it was definitely a great game. I’d play in my dads old office downstairs and would get plenty scared, lol.

        I played Wolf3D, Myst, and then Doom. Myst was another fun game. I’m forgetting a couple other games that used to be on the actual 8 and 5 inch floppy disks. One of these days I’ll have to go through all the old storage I’ve got and see if I still have those games laying around. I know I still have Doom on floppies lol.

    • Mozef Kaddas

      Couldn’t agree more.

      • CarinWyverima

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  • James

    You know, looking at the classic Doom pic above, I’ve just realised…

    …That armour is absolutely dreadful!

    I mean look at it… His stomach is totally exposed.

    And I don’t think his ripped abs are strong enough to repel bullets and fireballs etc do you.

    No wondered I died al the time playing Doom as a kid… Bleedin’ armour wasn’t up to scratch!