Microsoft Working on Another Halo Game, Probably in Collaboration with an External Developer

With Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you’d think there’s enough Halo in the pipeline (who am I kidding? there’s never enough Halo), but apparently that’s not the case, as revealed by a new career opportunity ad published by Microsoft for 343 Industries.

The ad seeks a Publishing Senior Producer that will take care of a “new project line” within the Halo universe, meaning that we might actually see more than one game coming from this. It also mentions working with a development partner and and internal and external teams, indicating that the project is probably going to be executed in collaboration with one or more external developers, even if we don’t know if they’ll be first or third party studios.

Of course the producer will be tasked with ensuring that “the game hits the quality expected of a title within the Halo Franchise,” but there’s no precise indication of the scope of the project. Considering that the ad is talking about a new project line, it’s probably something rather relevant, but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement in order to know more.

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  • Alkaporty

    HaloKart? HaloGolf?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m more inclined towards a Halo Extreme Beach Volleyball. Cortana will look great in a bikini.

      • Vious


      • Delsin Rowe

        is it possible for AN AI To wear bikini? 😀

        • doplerradar

          A AI can take any form they choose. That is why Cortana looks different in each Halo game.

          • ITF

            I assumed she looked different because graphics improved over time. To me, she doesn’t look too different over time.

          • doplerradar

            That is another reason. I think 343 said that Cortana does have the ability to do that which was one of the reasons why she looked different in Halo 4 (the other was a graphical improvement reason which is what they used to explain the changes in Chief’s armor).

      • Rower


      • ITF

        Haha not too farfetched, there was a “spartan ” character in Dead or Alive 4, but that was a 360 exclusive.

    • tunde

      Halo: Kart Evolved

    • 3rdworldgamer

      Super Master Chief Bros. X?

  • Jessie Bristol

    Possibly a Halo Wars sequel?

  • MrSec84 .

    Maybe a game in the same vein as ODST or Reach.
    I liked both of those, IMO they complemented the series well.

  • tunde

    Halo prints money. even if the game is complete crap, which lets be honest cant actually happen, it will sell millions. And since its now a saga, im not surprised microsoft would want to make even more games from the halo franchise that expand well beyond the master chief story line, maybe a Arbiter game, or a Forerunner game(this i would play, good excuse to bring back the flood).

    • Im_On_a_Drug_Called_Charlie_Sh

      I does sell even though its crap, its target to an idiot fan base so its an easy sell.

      • Kazuhira Miller

        Hahaahahahaha then what is Killzone. That games gameplay is is laughable in comparison to other FPS games. What does that say about the people that keep buying it? No one talks about Killzone nor does anyone care about it. Sorry but its worse than CoD, CS, Unreal, Quake, Halo, Titanfall, Team Fortress, Bad Company 2, and plenty of others

        • someguy

          Kill Zone only has 3 games and 1 on Vita……….Halo has about 12 installments now.. 0_0

          • doplerradar

            No it doesn’t. If you include Halo Wars, Spartan Assault, and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary that is only 9 games. Halo Wars was a spinoff. Spartan Assault is a phone and tablet game and Anniversary is a remake.

          • Sucka Free

            So, Spartan Assault isn’t on the XB1?

          • doplerradar

            Spartan Assault didn’t start as a Xbox game. They later brought it on it several months later after being on mobile devices.

          • Sucka Free

            I know that, still doesn’t disqualify it as a Halo game. But hey, if they are really planning to go yearly with Halo, the whole point is moot

          • doplerradar

            It is still not a main AAA Halo game.

          • Sucka Free

            I don’t see the difference, all you guys go on about how many Mario games there are, even though they aren’t linked to a single series. This is no different. The story was over after 3, it was only ever meant to be a trilogy. And if they go yearly, well you have fun with that

          • doplerradar

            The story isn’t really over. While Bungie’s tale is over after Halo Reach (with Master Chief in Halo 3), there is still some mystery in the Halo universe. I loved Halo 4 story. 343 says one thing they want to do in the next trilogy (it may be a saga now) is to break down the human side of John 117. For the first 3 games he doesn’t talk much and acts like a machine around others except Cortana because he was trained since age 6 to fight and protect humanity at all cost. 343 has plenty of tales to tell. Heck they are making a tv show that will launch around the same time Halo 5 launches (I hope it will be good). I am still confident that the main Halo games like Halo 5 will follow the 3 year development cycle like its predecessors. As long as the games have great quality and are fun to play, I am okay with that.

          • Sucka Free

            I’m sure that Halo 5 will probably be pretty good, but I don’t see how any game can hold up to yearly episodes. Oh well, its kind of rumor anyway (though it did come from a MS rep) no telling it it is really going yearly.

          • doplerradar

            Well I hope I didn’t spoil much. If you are interested you can pick a Xbox 360 for a cheap price and finish the fight. Or there could be a chance The Master Chief Collection will come to PC but I have my doubts on it.

          • Sucka Free

            I’m not going to buy a machine for a single game, besides I don’t like FPS without my mouse and keyboard. I’ll wait till someone makes an emulator

          • GotNews4Ya

            Owned. Listen Kiddies.. research before you post… we are on the internet, and looking smart is the least you can do! You can open a separate tab and type in google to find out if your response is legitimate or not.. Come on now.. Sigh,,

          • Kazuhira Miller

            That doesnt make Killzone a better game. Its gameplay still sucks

    • andy

      I’m sure they will make more games after the disaster that was the Xbone reveal. Why else did they get Sledgehammer games to stop what they were doing (a game that the last die hard fans kept screaming about without even a single screenshot) and get working on the other cash cow Gears.

      • doplerradar

        I think you are thinking about Black Tusk. Black Tusk is making the next Gears of War. Sledgehammer is making the next Call of Duty. The game they were making about Vietnam was never meant to be a exclusive . It’s Activision that made them.

  • doplerradar

    Another Halo game being worked on. Halo Wars shown in Phantom Dust trailer. Frank O’Connor possibly hinting in another Halo Wars. Halo Wars 2 Confirmed!!!!

  • MrZweistein

    I hope for a Halo Wars 2 game !!

  • Rower

    Halo vs Mass effect Xtreme edition.

  • theodor70941

    And the MicroSpam continues.

  • rudero

    They already announced that halo was going yearly. Forza is yearly. Gears? Fable? This is why the halo mcc announcement was shocking to me was this pretty much confirms a spin off halo. Too many!

    • tunde

      haha, no, Microsoft never said halo was going yearly

    • doplerradar

      I don’t remember them saying that. Can you please provide a link for that if you can find it? The main Halo games still follow the 3 year development cycle.

  • Wargreymon559 .

    Ah yes the ever so milking of Gaylo.Since M$ IP’S suck they need to milk Master Retard as much as they can.

    • doplerradar

      Buzz kill.

    • Not_true


    • DLConspiracy//

      smh and concern.

  • Rai

    Most likely Halo wars 2. Was assumed to be spotted on a billboard in the Phantom Dust trailer.

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  • PrinceHeir

    Halo third person view game? 😛

    • Vious

      ha that would be epic

  • CervantesPR


  • josh

    There is so much awesome story lines in the Halo universe. They could go so many different routes with the story, a story where Master Chief isn’t the lead character.

  • Jonah Thrillz

    Not surprised. That’s all there is at Micro$oft. Halo this and Halo that. No wonder Bungie got the hell out of there quickly. Same reason why the original guys from Infinity Ward split and moved away from the CoD franchise. You can only do so many rehashes before it becomes monotonous.

    Micro$oft has hit a wall and there will be nothing else down the pipeline except Halo.

    • doplerradar

      Stop trolling. There are plenty of non-Halo games coming exclusive to Xbox. Halo has always been the Microsoft ace in the hole since day one of the original Xbox. It is a great universe with a large fan base. They are not milking it anymore than Nintendo is milking Mario.

      • Jonah Thrillz

        Sure but instead of stopping at two Halo releases they’re going for a third!
        Tells you how confident Micro$oft feels about their “new” releases.
        You idiot XBone supporters take it up the ass and still ask for more!

        • doplerradar

          So we are sinking to the level of name calling now? Microsoft assembled 343 to manage the Halo franchise. They have huge plans for it. Ubisoft has a few Assasin’s Creed games in the works. That doesn’t mean they are not confident that they will do well. If anything it shows that they are very confident. Also why is “new” in quotation marks. That doesn’t make sense. I can understand using it for The Master Chief Collection since the games aren’t new but Halo 5 is a new game.

          • Jonah Thrillz

            When I said “new”, I meant their other new exclusives. They could have put more money into those exclusive instead of pouring it into another Halo.

            At the very least they could have use the money for a brand new exclusive. Micro$oft seems desperate to ensure there’s something Halo related every year. Doesn’t inspire confidence among true gamers.

          • doplerradar

            “Something Halo every year” is not desperation. It is called expanding the franchise. Halo prints money which that money can be used to make more games including new exclusives. It is business. Xbox has a solid 2014 lineup.

          • Jonah Thrillz

            That’s what you don’t get. Micro$oft already makes money. BILLIONS every year. In fact they let XBone fail and get the next XBox Two ready without breaking the bank. They can bank roll more exclusives without needing Halo to finance it. They don’t do it because they don’t want to take the initiative. They want their customers to pay for it.

            This is called GREED. This is Micro$oft.

    • Kazuhira Miller


  • Im_On_a_Drug_Called_Charlie_Sh
  • MTM2

    Jeez MS, let the franchise sit on the simmer for a bit. It’s a good series but you’re already burning it out at the amount of exposure you keep giving it.

    • doplerradar

      It is most likely not going to be a fps like the main Halo games. I am betting it is Halo Wars 2 which any Halo fan would be excited about that. They are kinda let it simmer after Halo 4. Spartan Assualt was to tap into the mobile market. The Master Chief Collection is to build momentum for Halo 5: Guardians.

  • xbox1rules23

    it’s going to be halo wars. it was already teased

  • Tyler Davis

    I just want a Halo Wars 2…. That is all…

  • MetalSparta

    Halo wars 2 OBVIOUS!

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  • Kazuhira Miller

    Uh Halo Wars right? Phil Spencer said he wanted it back or that genre in specific back on the bone. Also, we saw that photo of the elites in Halo Wars in the Phantom Dust trailer. Oh and a big f*ck you to the top comment, its only ok when Sony milks franchises, right? Thats what you’re going to get when you visit the good ole DS.

  • someguy

    Well Shit i guess Masterchief is the new Mario now……..Halo: Golf Space edition coming soon and Halo Hoops : Masterchief got Hops…………………….Halo,Halo,Halo

    • JerkDaNERD7

      And yet a lot of folks have no issue with that. So your point is?!

      …especially since it seems you don’t even play the game.

      • someguy

        Played the first 3 actually.

        • JerkDaNERD7

          AND?! Still subjective….

          Most don’t share the same sentiment, because the numbers don’t lie. STILL Halo 4 sold near 10 mill, and still no Sony exclusive comes close to that….well except for GT.

          • Sucka Free

            Yeah, it’s a great series but other than Gears (to a lesser degree), it’s the only franchise performs that well. On the other hand Sony has many games that may not sell as well as Halo, there are certainly a lot more of them.

    • GotNews4Ya

      Well.. Microsoft has a good reason for this.. The public recently released a song by an artist who “wishes to remain anonymous” in which they exclaim
      “I can feel your halo, halo, halo
      I can see your halo, halo…
      Halo, ooh oh…!!”
      and Microsoft took them literally.. Now we are seeing 3 releases of Halo in the span of a year. Wonderful. Absolutely Wondeful.

      See me next post where I talk to the artist further, about whether she was paid to sing that song (Whether by Microsoft, or sources wishing to gain from Microsoft’s rise to power!) or not..


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  • HaloWarsFighter






    • Sucka Free

      LMAO, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel ;D

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