Steam Passes 8 Million Concurrent Users

If you were to check out Steam’s statistics page, you’d find a real surprise waiting: Steam has finally surpassed 8 million concurrent users as of today:


The record breaking amount of users does make sense, as today happens to also be the final day of the Steam Summer sale. For comparison’s sake, here’s the chart for Steam’s active user base shown at Dev Days in January of this year:


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  • ISISSecretAgent

    the dota effect man

  • Deter Pinklage

    PC gaming dead riiiiiiiiight…

  • Jecht_Sin

    Concurrent users != Concurrent players

    The sum of the players for the first 100 games is the following (the powah of AWK!! lol) is:

    – Peak players today: 2.09 million
    – Concurrent players NOW: 1.39 million

    So what are those other 6 million doing? Surfing the shop? Reading the forums?

    • Allisa James

      Nice data hunting and a very good question. And that’s most likely the case, especially since the Summer Sale’s last day was yesterday so most of those users were probably purchasing games (mentioned in the article).

      • Jecht_Sin

        I dunno. I did this computation other times. More or less the famous “80-20” rule always applied! :)

        Also it will be worth nothing as the first 3 games, counting for about half the players are F2P games. But true, F2P are a good source of revenue on PC.

    • Agustin Freyre

      I remember when Call of Duty Something was released and over one million people where playing at the same time on xbox or ps3. 2 million players doesnt sound like that much then xD

      • Jecht_Sin

        Indeed. :)

        But let’s be honest and not forget that many games don’t go through Steam. All EA games plus the MMO with subscriptions (like WoW, FF XIV: ARR and The Elder Scroll Online or TESO) I suppose. I mean, WoW alone may beat Steam by itself.

    • Ritsujun

      Left their PC’s on, Steam signed in, but A.F.K..

      • Sucka Free

        So what? Still a warm body and a active account, I’m one of them. If my PC is running, so is Steam.

        All that means is that there are 8 million people who don’t think that PC gaming is dead. Downplay it all you like

    • supersungin