Unannounced PS4 and Xbox One Game in the Works at Borderlands 2 Vita Developer

The studio behind the PS Vita port of Borderlands 2 Iron Galaxy is moving on to its first next (or current) generation project, as revealed by the Linkedin profile of Senior Software Engineer Thien Nguyen, which lists an “unannounced project (Xbox One/PS4)”

Iron Galaxy has been known to be working on a title for Epic Games, and this may very well be the one, even if there’s no firm evidence of the connection. In any case, something for Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles is coming.

As usual, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more about it.

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  • Антон Иванов

    Borderlands 2 runs poorly on Vita, but I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt

    • Brian Murphy

      Can’t imagine why. Borderlands 2 isn’t exactly a graphical powerhouse. I like the artistic style and direction, don’t get me wrong, but cell shading isn’t resource heavy and the Vita’s a beast as far as handhelds go. Poor optimization or is it the control scheme??

      • Антон Иванов

        I think the problem is poor optimization that you’ve mentioned. If you look at Killzone: Mercenary, FPS is quite consistent even in action parts with explosions and numbers of enemies running around and only in a few moments it drops to 20-22. And of course nature of Borderlands’ open-world has played its role. BTW look it up on YouTube

        • Brian Murphy

          That sucks, I’ll eventually get a Vita or whatever variant it is down the line when I get around to it. Always liked the concept though, considering all the hotspots around my neck of the woods, it could potentially replace a cellphone pretty easily.

          • Антон Иванов

            Personally I don’t own Vita but my friend does and he’s already got 40+ games. I am sure, if you buy it, you won’t regret that:)

          • Eagles83

            The vita is a good system. My only complaints against it has been the memory card prices but I think they are starting to drop a bit on them. It isn’t something I would classify as a must buy but maybe that is because I don’t travel that much and prefer PC/console experience. Killzone Mercenaries is the best Killzone game though so there is that.

  • theodor70941

    Is it gonna be rushed like Borderlands 2 on VITA?

  • Delsin Rowe

    No Thanks !

  • Vious

    lots of games being announced. something for everyone

  • xbox1rules23

    haahhha i remember when i said borderlands 2 on vita would suck and sony fanboys jumped all over me. hahahaha, what morons

    • BLOB

      You are such a dumb.
      I would say: You are 13 or 16 y. Ô.

      • xbox1rules23

        24 actually. the vita version sucks, IT’S A FACT. moron

    • They Call Me Senpai

      You’re the moron, because Borderlands Vita doesn’t suck. Even if it does, the problems can be patched, unlike your intelligence.

      • xbox1rules23

        your ugly fat self can’t be patched either. I like how you’re an idiot who says it doesn’t suck, but but but if it does hahahha. IDIOT. check the review score dumbFUCK

    • The Oathbreaker
    • Not_true

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