Sucker Punch Might Make More inFAMOUS: Second Son DLC like First Light if People Love it

Sucker Punch will release the stand-alone DLC inFAMOUS: First Light on August 26th, but there are more conduits in the world of inFAMOUS: Second Son, and First Light might not be the last of its kind according to Game Director Nate Fox.

During an interview on IGN Fox mentioned that if people love First Light there’s the possibility of making more. That said, he also explained that Sucker Punch normally works only on one game at a time, probably meaning that once the studio will move to the next game they’ll stop working on Second Son DLC.

Fox also described the world we’ll be able to visit in First Light,  and it’ll include Seattle from a couple years before inFAMOUS: Second Son and Curdun Cay, the DUP prison for conduits.

The studio started working on First Light after a little break from Second Son, and Fox mentioned that it’s actually really fun to do this kind of work, as everyone already knows how to do everything development-related and the tools are all already in place, so you can go directly to making content.

The decision to make First Light, according to Fox, was easy, first of all because Fetch is a cool character and people like her, and its also a way to make a compact story “with a beginning, a middle and an end,” and it also offers a fresh gameplay experience as Fetch uses her neon powers in a different way from Delsin’s.

Personally, I am a big fan of Second Son,  and I can’t wait to get my hands on First Light. It’ll be the perfect way to relax after I get back from that hell called Gamescom.

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  • Porcu Peth

    good news. Second light confirmed!

  • Sucka Free

    I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t continue with Delsin acquiring new abilities, they hinted as so many cool ones, it kind of sucks that they are focusing on a character with powers we’ve already played and a backstory that was already told in the original game. Still I suppose it will be fun, I’ll probably get it

    • Voice of friendship

      Honestly I don’t think we will see those powers until another Infamous title. Mostly because if sucker punch is going to do it they are gonna want to do a whole set of powers so that they work well with each other.

      • oGMo

        They could just release a massive “expansion pack” with large new open-world area, story, and powers for Delsin, using the same engine. I don’t mind the side story segments like this, but why wait years for a sequel.

    • They Call Me Senpai

      I expect to see a sequel with Delsin acquiring new powers while still having access to the ones he got in Second Son.

      • Sucka Free

        yeah, at least one

    • Kingdom17

      I’m happy they are giving us this, I might be able to care about Fetch actually, that’s what I hated about this game, very short and little character development.

  • Wildboots

    Fingers crossed for a post Infamous 2 pre-Second Son Augustine DLC. From fighting off the remains of New Marai militia to leading the DUP, I’d lay a few bucks down for that.

    • Sucka Free

      That could be fun, but still another repeat power (arguably the weakest one from the original game) and a backstory that we already know

      • Nicholas

        I think it could be good to correct that wrong, by making that power set good

        • Sucka Free

          I suppose so, I’m sure that it would be fun regardless and after playing the main game, I’m in for whatever they offer, I was just hoping for something new is all…and I’m sure I’ll eventually get it. But both Fetch and Augustine’s stories have already been told to a degree and they are both kind of downers

          • Nicholas

            Ye I see what you mean, and I agree with the characters, which is one of reasons I’d like these dlc, give them more depth , one of the few weak points with second son in my opinion

          • mm pelton

            I honestly just hope for a Curdun Cay dlc. Imagine how many powers Delsin could get? Not sure what the story would be though…

          • it wouldn’t be that great he would just get a low level version of that power and a few upgrades to choose from and the dashing would suck. compared to the npc conduit dash.

          • And thats why eugene sims is a perfect character for that kind of situation, Imagine summoning angels and demons with a cool sword and flying with large angel wings around. and upgrading all of these abilites to become more powerful as the story progresses from going transitioning to high school and curdan cay then seattle.

          • ænəræk

            Well Eugene is unique in that his powers are imagination based as opposed to the other power set that were bound by the physical properties of their element, so the powers would be completely different for each person who wielded them. It would be easy for them to change up the gameplay to make it fresh

  • Rower

    I will give this a chance : )

  • Delsin Rowe

    whatever, my body is ready for all inFAMOUS goodies.

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  • The Oathbreaker

    I wish more developers would work with DLC more like Gearbox and Borderlands. Granted, not all games have the potential to unleash huge amounts of DLC but Infamous is one that does.

  • HeczTehFinezt

    Wil we see Eugene in his own DLC? What about Henry? Maybe Augustine….

  • PhantomVash808

    Can’t wait for First Light but I think after this DLC, Sucker Punch needs to create a new IP unless the next Infamous involves Cole vs Delsin than I would gladly take another Infamous.

  • Synthetic Construct

    I’d rather they make a new IP or Third Daughter.

  • Dennis

    I don’t mind at all, as long as they are working on inFAMOUS 3: Cole’s Resurrection at the same time.

    • Nicholas

      We can hope right…

  • ipot_04

    Let me guess, the other 2 DLCs would be for Hank and the geek with video powers.

  • Mitch

    Please, make a DLC with paper powers. If you’ve played the Papertrail campaign, you’d know how strongly they teased this.

  • marvelous Mehki

    I’d actually like a DLC that has to do with the relationship between Delsin and Fetch because I honestly thought they could have done a lot of things with that and I really liked how they connected after the boss battle with Fetch

  • BBroJ

    There was alot of smoke in First Light, so that might show that we might get to play as Hank in the next DLC.

  • sam h

    I just finished infamous first light and it was the best dlc I have ever played and I hope u guys will make more like one of Eugene and hank that would be awsome to find out there stories as we’ll please consider doing that i know for sure I would buy them in an instent

  • Alayna Jones

    I finished Infamous First Light two days ago. I loved it and I’m still playing in the arenas and roaming Seattle. Fetch’s powers and her personality gets you hooked. I’ve gotten addicted causing major destruction just for fun but I Really would like for you guys to continue with her Story. I’m begging!

  • Mikey Dylan Bracken


  • djones

    Man I hope they make more that are not DLCS and maybe one with kwo from 2 after she met Cole that would be cool and maybe hanks to like his family and how he got his powers

  • hailey

    I think that they should defiantly do a third DLC for Eugene. I feel like it would flow perfectly. First we have a DLC for before the actual game, being about Fetch’s life. Then we have the actual game including a in-game DLC, being the Paper Trail. The last DLC should be for Eugene. I feel like he had the strongest character development from being a shy & scared kid to having a thicker skin. I would love to see how he changed and how strong his powers are even after Delsins story.

  • Joakim Lipton Olsson

    Really want a dlc, that let us play through the story of agustine before D.U.P and ofc celia ( really want to see celias powers and play and use them myself, and her ultimate ability dammmmmn) and after you have done like 3 dlcs to second son, create an open world with the butterfly effect, and let us do our own conduit with like 50 diffrent powers to choose from x) i can see a very big future for conduits and suckerpunch ^^