Assassin’s Creed Unity Customization Minigame Shows Weapons and Clothes; Hints at Skin Color Option

Ubisoft launched an Assassin’s Creed Unity minigame that allows you to customize the protagonist Arno Dorian with several options. You can find it here and start creating your own character.

The minigame is tied to a contest tied to a “duel” voting system, and the winner will have his own creation featured in a future TV spot for the game.

What’s most interesting is that the minigame shows several separate clothing option (jacket, trousers and hood) and a few weapons that will most probably appear in the game. The implements of destriction featured are two different types of sabres, two maces (spiked and flared) and a flintlock pistol.

Even more intriguing is the fact that the minigame allows you to customize Arno’s skin color in four tones ranging from white to black, possibly hinting to the possibility that the game will offer that option as well. While Ubisoft has not confirmed that kind of customization officially, its inclusion in the minigame is promising.

Below you can see a series of screenshots with all the available options. As usual Ubisoft Montreal’s character designers have done a top-notch job with the game’s fashion.

We’ll have to stand by and see if the ability to chose separate clothing parts and the character’s skin tone will actually make it into the finished game. We reached out to Ubisoft to ask about that possibility, and we’ll let you know if we receive any relevant information.

Update: apparently the minigame is available only in Europe for the moment. If you’re from the US you can try with a proxy, otherwise the screenshots below will have to suffice.

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  • Nordu

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they had an elaborate customization system in place for AC Unity considering it had co-op they would likely want everyone to not look exactly the same.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      yep, but I’m more curious if they’ll extend it to single player too.

      • Nordu

        I thought single player and co-op would be intertwined, where your friends could join you at any point, atleast that was the impression I got from the gameplay trailers.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          It’s a bit hard to say still.But it might be.

        • Jessie Bristol

          Yeah, that is the impression I get. They said that Unity won’t have the traditional MP from previous AC games. The Co-Op seems to be ingrained into the SP. I am just wondering if it can be played Solo or if they force AI companions on you.

          • maybe

            I’m almost positive they said you can do the whole story solo (no forced help) although it will be very difficult.

          • Nordu

            NO way I want anyone in my SP game the first time through, people would just mess it up. Also the enemies seem much more difficult and the combat system seems more elaborate so definitely looking forward to that.

          • Nordu

            What?! the MP is assassins creed games are tons of fun, I was hoping they would simply improve it and remove the cash shop.

          • Jessie Bristol
          • Nordu

            If they don’t have the traditional MP do really do hope they add a new one that would fit with the whole sneaking theme of the game.

        • maybe

          Last I heard it is. It will also have the same thing as watchdogs which means you will always appear as Arno to you, but to other people you will be a different assassin.

          • Why So Serious?

            I heard this clearly stated during E3 presentations.

          • Hopefully we appear to other players as someone we can create as well though, I HATE that about Watch Dogs. Fighting alongside fat middle aged women holding massive guns is just so stupid to me. I couldn’t stand it.

      • operator

        Yeah its confirmed that whatever you look like in Single Player, you’ll look like that in Co-op. Except your face. Not everyone can be Arno. On your screen you have Arno’s face, but on your teammates you look like someone else. Just the face though.

  • Ace TheFlame

    I hope this is for single player…I’ve been waiting for something like this for awhile. I feel like the assassins should feel more personal, especially since they got rid of the original story anyway(guy in a machine reliving his ancestor’s lives).

  • supersungin

    hope the modders open the e3 features 🙂

  • Frozen2kX

    Yes you can customize your character, except to make a women. Apparently, it’s just too difficult lol.

  • yuvdul

    I just miss ezio .
    i want an ac game that can compete with ac2 and brotherhood

  • Somebodyissilent

    Is it not for the Us?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      looks like so 🙁

      • Somebodyissilent

        Aw, that sucks.

  • Mus1ckFPS

    i can finally be a black assassin 🙂

    • junguler

      you already can in ac freedom cry

  • erMonezza

    I would like to play the game not a dress-up doll minigame.

  • DarthDiggler
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    For some reason I cannot seem to be able to create my own custom assassin. Is there a way to customize your own assassin if you live in the US. If so can someone please explain how. Thanks


    Be sure to vote for my deadly assassin. Link: