Publishers Are Onboard with Rental Services, Says Redbox Director

Redbox director of video games Ryan Calnan has said that rentals are considered a force for good by publishers.

Speaking to Gamespot, Calnan pointed to Redbox’s rental program, which found a 20-50% conversion rate from renting a game to buying it. In addition, Calnn said, 50% of Redbox’s customers refuse to buy a game if they can’t rent it first.

Calnan also noted that publishers are onboard with rental services, pointing to the release of Saints Row IV as an example. As part of the title’s release, publisher Deep Silver worked with Redbox to advertise the game in Redbox kiosks. A similar campaign was run with Square Enix’s release of Thief, and both games enjoyed boosted sales thanks to the promotion, Calnan said.

Redbox and Deep Silver believe that the program they put together with Redbox was instrumental in the success of Saints Row IV both at Redbox and at retail sales.

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  • Harerazer

    So then Redbox needs to get with the program and start making PS4 and XB1 games available in more places than NY, Cali, and the big states.

    • Twelve(One)

      They don’t have ps4 or xb1 games at redbox currently where I live, which is Chicago.

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  • Nordu

    Would like to see digital redbox rentals on the consoles for games, I usually tend to finish games quickly so this would save me tons.