Amazing New Game Shown by Sony at July 2014 SCE Business Meeting in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia holds periodcal “SCE Business Meetings” in Japan to show upcoming games to its business partners, including retailers and shop owners. Yesterday the July 2014 edition was held, mostly focusing on titles that will be released in Japan in September, but there was more, as reported by Osho, who works at the game store PAO in Tokyo, and was present at the meeting.

This is pre-release information, so I can’t write anything about it. I don’t think it’ll make the fall, so we’ll have to wait a little bit longer than that.

But I’ve seen actual gameplay, and it is really just breathtaking. I saw less than 10 minutes of the game, but I really have to take my hat off to the studio for their amazing work. Oh by the way, this isn’t about Final Fantasy XV; I wonder when that one is going to be released…

But anyway, I am totally going to buy this!

Unfortunately no specific information on what game was shown has been provided, as it’s probably under NDA (and in Japan they take NDAs pretty seriously).

We don’t even know if the game is for PS4, PS3 or PS Vita or if it’s developed by Sony itself or by a third party (SCE Business Meetings include both), but looks like Sony has an interesting card up its collective sleeve.  We’ll probably have to wait for Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show in order to see it with our own eyes, but it’s definitely promising.

[Translation by Timothy Roy]

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  • Faust

    A new Siren game? Please let it be a new Siren game. 😀

    • TRICO

      Keiichirō Toyama is currently working on GR2 So no siren For now

      (I’m Dying for a new Siren ;_;)

    • Negi Springfield

      A new Forbidden Siren would be nice.

  • AAA

    yep…it’s a PS exclusive…otherwise it wouldn’t be “Breath taking”

    • They Call Me Senpai

      It’s not his fault that people who leak Xbox games don’t refer to them as “breathtaking.” You really gotta momentai, man.

      • Goodgrief

        Probably because they aren’t.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    The PS4 is getting another game? Man, they just keep on coming.

    • Agustin Freyre

      Sadly most of those games are just “announced” and not coming anytime soon 🙁
      Like the new games by Guerrilla, Quantic Dream, Sony Bend, Santa Monica, or even Uncharted 4. We wont play those games within a year or more.

      • Thomas

        y u hatin

        • AnettaGriffinynu

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        • Kazuhira Miller

          Bc Greatness Awaits. Its still coming guys, just hang in there.

          • Not_true

            PS4 has many great AAA games that gamers love. That’s why it’s 8.3+ million in sales and growing.

          • Kazuhira Miller

            No its because two e3s ago they were “for the gamers” and 100 dollars less. I dont know man, for a console that is so “for gamers” it has a lack of AAA titles now and in 2014.

        • Agustin Freyre

          Not hating, just sad. Im a PS fan, so its sad to have to wait so much time for those games.

      • Not_true

        PS4 AAA games from July-Dec 2014: The Last of Us Remastered, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3, Infamous: First Light, Samurai Warriors 4, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, Singstar, Sniper Elite III, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, Madden NFL 15, Metro: Redux, Destiny, NHL 15, FIFA 15, Alien: Isolation, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K15, NBA Live 15, Battlefield: Hardline, Evolve, Just Dance 2015, The Evil Within, Assassin’s Creed Unity, WWE 2K15, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, The Crew, Far Cry 4, Lords of the Fallen, Shadow Warrior, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, The Legend of Korra, etc. Plus a ton of indie games.

        PS4 2015 exclusives (announced): Bloodborne, The Order, Ratchet & Clank Remastered, Uncharted 4, Let It Die, Deep Down, etc.

        • Agustin Freyre

          Yeah yeah yeah, we are talking about the ps4 exclusive games, those who make the purchase of the console worthy. Therefore the list for the upcome months is reduced to Driveclub, Little Big Planet 3 and TLOU remastered (wich isnt a new game).
          Then again, Im not bashing, Im just concerned as a fan.

  • Negi Springfield

    Games coming in left and right on PS4 ! Woo !


    “Amazing New Game Shown by Sony at July 2014 SCE Business Meeting in Japan”

    *Music Starts*

  • Jamal


  • The Last Guardian…

    • Nuuuuuuupe

      • Sucka Free


        • Must be looking into mirror stupid ass.

          • Sucka Free

            hur hur hur…yer so witty

          • Thanks I didn’t even try.

          • Sucka Free

            anyway, been here, done this….

          • superkarma

            RIP George 🙁

          • Sucka Free

            Yeah, he was the man.

          • Gosh thanks for the advice but you seem to keep coming. You should really try taking some lead into that stupid skull of yours. Everybody would be happier.

          • Sucka Free

            Sorry, not going to buy into it anymore.

          • *yawn*

          • Sucka Free

            I agree

          • At least we agree on something.

          • Sucka Free

            Don’t worry, I’m not even going to bother laughing at you when you are proven wrong again. You are beneath my interest, I really do hope that you truly believe that you are infallible, life will have such wonderful lessons to teach you 🙂 bye

          • Except I won’t be wrong. So there goes that point. That’s great, I don’t care. Life has nothing to teach me, I already learned that life is crap.

          • Sucka Free


      • You only ever appear when someone mentions TLG lol

        • Wrong. But I do like to let people know they are wrong because TLG is vaporware.

          • If it was vaporware they wouldn’t be saying its still in development.

          • Yah they would. People would be so pissed if they confirmed that it was never coming. So they will lie to protect their reputation.

          • Sucka Free

            I’m not expecting a rational answer. In fact I no longer have any interest in what you have to say on the matter but think about what you are saying. If what you are saying is true, sooner or later the truth would come out. There is no point in them lying, they damage would already be done.

          • The truth will not come out unless somebody spills the beans. So they will hold it back for as long as they can.

          • Pissed? Most people gave up. They wouldn’t be pissed or surprised. Saying its being developed still is what will piss them off if it never shows. They gain nothing by lying. They only hurt themselves if they say its still in development and never comes out.

          • I guess that is true… the comments on IGN when they posted their story about the game were more sad rather than mad…

          • Wrong. But I do like to let you know how idiotic you sound whenever you say that.

          • Orichalon Hades

            eh he also said that FF Type – 0 will never be localized before.
            so much for his prediction.

          • Sucka Free

            Hey, he says that he’s 99% accurate….don’t believe him? Just ask him….

          • I am.

          • 1 thing wrong put of a list o much more than that. Nobody is perfect but I am fairly accurate.

          • Orichalon Hades

            ah no, you were presented with interviews and statement that SE was very interested to bring the game to the west. But you were all

            “nope, not gonna happen. My prediction is 99% accurate”

            so yea, do forgive me when i will never believe anything you said anymore.

          • They can say anything they want, until I saw something significant, in this case, a trailer, I didn’t believe them. Getting that wrong compared to my list of things I got right, including no TLG it is negligible. Nobody is perfect.

          • I am far from wrong and I love seeing you be delusional over it.

          • BlackestNight63

            Unless you work directly with Team ICO/Sony Japan to “leak” that it’s dead, you are in the exact same boat as Vulcan.

          • It is called a logical guess. Been in production for years upon years with nigh zero info. I mean at least Square has some info on their mythical game FFXV.

          • BlackestNight63

            They just presented info for FFXV last year, and before that it was nothing being said about the game. All we know is that TLG is going to be “re-introduced” at some point in the near future. At least we know that it’s being worked on, so you’re logical guesses are wrong for the time being.

          • That is what I said Square actually has info despite not releasing for almost a decade now. The Last Guardian has nothing. So my logical guesses are spot on for now. I would love to be wrong.

          • BlackestNight63

            No, you said it was vapoware, and claimed that they’re lying about it being canceled to protect their reputation even though they recently canned a AAA game being worked on by SSM and other titles in the past, so what makes this TLG different? TLG actually has gameplay for it, so I don’t know if you’ve only seen the reveal trailer, but more than that is available.

          • It is vaporware until I see something of actual ground. For example a new trailer, a demo, etc. Words don’t mean jack. TLG is different because of how long it has been a thing.

          • BlackestNight63

            Fine, but don’t push your opinions on others just bc you want a reaction. If people want to believe the game is still coming, that’s their business.

          • I don’t want a reaction, I am sick of the reaction I get because it always people bitching. I only say what I say because my predictions are more likely and I don’t want people to freak out when it happens.

          • BlackestNight63

            You aren’t these peoples parent, and I’m sure they’ve dealt with much more pressing disappointments in life, so you don’t need to go out of your way to try to push your opinions on them. I wouldn’t say your views are with good intentions bc you’re pushing your views on others, and then when they go back and forth with you, you get pissed off at the argument when you initiated it.

          • Sucka Free

            respect brother, but you are wasting your time

          • BlackestNight63

            I’m done, so it is what it is.

          • Sucka Free

            That’s best. He has no respect for those who don’t stroke his ego

          • Never said I was. You can believe whatever you want, but I do everything with good intentions.

          • Mr0303

            A troll… with good intentions… PHAHAHHAHAH! Thanks for that. Good one.

          • Except I am not a troll.

          • btfeather55

            If The Last Guardian isn’t coming, then what do you think Team ICO’s next game will be?

          • Nothing. They are like a really small group now.

          • Sucka Free

            He’s clearly very young

          • Not_true

            Ignoring the facts and evidence and wrongly screaming “VAPORWARE!!1” like a two year old.

          • What evidence fool. Somebody saying ‘yup stuff is happening, but be patient’. That is not evidence that is bullshit.

          • I will never stop believing….

            Greatness Awaits…

            The Guardian will come ‘-)

            And crow you will eat…

          • The guardian will come once we are all dead. And no I won’t eat crow that’s gross.

          • Yldefonso Then

            That’s funny, you should have said that when Starcraft 2, Duke Nukem Forever and Rage came out, now look what happened, only Starcraft 2 turned out good.

          • Rage? I don’t even know what that is. As for SC2 and DNF I don’t care about them so eh.

          • btfeather55

            Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong. It definitely WILL be released as a Sony Exclusive this gen. So sorry, X-Head.

          • It won’t be but believe whatever you want to believe. When it doesn’t happen I will be right there telling you that you were stupid to ever believe otherwise.

  • Russell Gorall

    Wait. Sony is working on a game?!!

    • Sucka Free

      Yeah, you may have heard, but they made this awesome new gaming console too

      • Russell Gorall

        Yep, I bought it.

        • Sucka Free

          So you keep saying, hard to believe since I’ve never once heard you say anything good about it. But I’m willing concede that maybe you were just dumb enough to buy something without first doing a bit of research to decide whether or not it would meet your expectations…..unless of course you bought it for the express purpose of complaining about how much you hate it….in which case you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth 😐

          • Russell Gorall

            My PSN is honkayjeezus, feel free to add me.

    • Jecht_Sin

      At least a dozen, actually. One for each studio Sony owns.. Do you live under a rock? Wasn’t the bridge too comfortable for you?

      • Russell Gorall

        So angry, as always. I just want to hug you into gaming love, Jecht.

        • Jecht_Sin

          Angry? Only because I call you for the troll you are?’ Nah… :p

          • Russell Gorall

            Angry and bored it is.

    • They Call Me Senpai

      No, they’re working on games. Plural.

      • Russell Gorall

        No, didn’t you read the article?

        They are working on a game. Stop trolling, Xbot!

  • Boerewors

    I remember my dad coming back from one of these presentations once: “kids, today I saw the future of gaming!”. He saw the reveal of the Sega Saturn. Although I liked my Saturn, it was far from “the future of gaming”. My point is, businessmen attending these presentations are not always the best people to judge what is shown.

    • GameDev345

      Errr if you read the article at all, you will see the person making that quote isn’t a business man, instead someone working at a gamestore who just happened to be present at the meeting when they showed the game

      But I guess its because you see its from Sony not an Xbox game which is why you have to try and downplay it

      • Boerewors

        If you’d make me choose between PS and Xbox, I’d pick PS every time. My dad imported games and consoles and we had stores where we sold it as well, didn’t make him any good at picking out the gems. Most representatives of game stores/ distributors at these meetings don’t look at games as we do, they look at potential in terms of sales. Didn’t mean to downplay anything, just thought I’d share a story… But hey, internet huh?

        • GameDev345

          Well this guy is not your dad and just works at a gamestore, are you implying someone who works at a gamestore is automatically void of being a gamer?, he didn’t say he wanted to sell the game to people, he said

          “But anyway, I am totally going to buy this”

          He is going to buy the game for himself not to sell anywhere, this game hasn’t been announced or even considered putting a price tag on it before you consider selling it to the masses

          The guy was impressed with the game, that is his own opinion, I might not be impressed if i saw it myself, I might love the game, but we haven’t seen it yet

          “Didn’t mean to downplay anything, just thought I’d share a story..”

          You did mean to downplay which is why you told that story by basically assuming he is a businessman like your dad and not a gamer giving his own opinion on what he saw

          • Boerewors

            Damn… You got me. Better give up the trolling, people see right through me!

        • Not_true

          You failed at reading the article, tried to downplay a PS4 game, then started making lame excuses.

  • Kuro-Law

    dont do this to meee

  • Wargreymon559 .

    This is a lie.Obviously SOny has no money to make games /S

  • Overhyped_And_Underpowered

    In before it’s some 900P 30FPS disapointment heralded as the savior of videogames by $ony fanboys.

    What a joke.

    Want to hear another joke? Consoles.

    • Not_true

      Get mental help.

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      when’s the last time you get laid, dude?

      you need some to relax…

  • Cool.

    …i’d like to be hyped but that requires details we don’t have. lol

  • Dr. NEGA

    it could be connected with SONY announcement of Movie of sega failed franchise and yet the Japanese people where SHOCK AND AWL what they saw……..and sega is terrify that they shit in their pants when saw secret demo of what they saw from SONY cured of ill fated SONIC the HEDGEHOG is it possible they succeed of what no developer gone before…SCARY REALISTIC that OLDER FANS MIGHT APPRECIATED WHEN RELEASED ON PS4…sorry Nintendo you did your best of making the best of it now its sony turn…

    • English, do you speak it? (judging by this nonsense, no)

      • Dr. NEGA

        i don’t give the shit what i speak of correctness………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        SO STEP ASIDE OR MOVE YOU OUT MY WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Sucka Free

          Yeah, you guys. Don’t be talkin’ sh*t about his poor old, grey haired Grammer….

  • NeoMahi

    Nostradomis. It’s also like a Spiritualist you pay money to and they “tell you about your deceased loved ones”. Make it vague and general to get attention, and when it happens, whenever, it’ll happen. People are crazy sometimes.

  • Spoonyrogdrumps

    Stupid click bait. News about no news.

  • BerserkBat

    Bushido BLADE! Please.

    • Not sure what that is… but it is probably not that.

      • Awe. Look it up! It’s a Sword fighting game where one good hit can end things. If your arm gets slashed up you can’t use that arm. It was a pretty awesome playstation game.

  • erMonezza

    Wow, amazing. I can’t wait for all these nameless games announced by studios. O_o

    Of course they’re working on something, it’s what they do.

  • Stranger On The Road

    a breathtaking game you say?…. hummm…. I guess Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for the PS4 has been conformed 🙂

  • Jerry Hu


  • sparcuk

    *toot* *toot* ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!

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  • Mikail

    Legend of Dragon remake??? a man can dream 🙁

  • Why So Serious?

    The ultimate cliff hangar to be left on, whatever it is at least we know it’s Playstation bound one way or another. #Sony is the $hit

  • Guest

    Kingdom Hearts 3?

    • Kingdom Hearts No.

    • Kingdom17

      New game. I’m under the assumption its something unannounced.

  • EmpeRawD

    Another Indie game?

    • luvthesnapper

      anything but scalebound is ok with me

      • It won’t be that, ever. Microsoft helped fund that.

    • Not_true

      No. FUD spreading, lying, and evil.

      • EmpeRawD

        Sorry to hurt your little feelings again Derp. Delusional, extreme Sony pony, sugar cube eating, hooves clicking, fanboy.

        Xbox One has many great games that Sony Ponies love. That’s why it’s 5+ million sales and growing in only 13 territories. Microsoft’s large wallet will ensure that a ton of AAA games will be released for the Xbox One while Yoshida keeps telling PS4 fans that you spent 400+ to play indies.

        1st party studios 343 Industries, Lead Experience Pioneers, Platform Next Studios, Team Dakota, Turn 10, Twisted Pixel Games, Lionhead Sudios, Press Play, Rare Ltd., Black Tusk Studios, Certain Affinity,

        You don’t understand anything, all you can do is create multiple accounts and fling feces and scream and neigh “PS4 The Win” like a rabid pony and gobble bags of sugar cubes. Sony Ponies don’t play their games they just beg for Xbox One exclusives to come to the PS4.

        Approx. 4.5 million and counting in only 13 territories. No matter how many accounts you create, your little crusade will not work. Another typical, dumb, delusional, malicious, constantly wrong Sony Pony that keeps neighing the same copy and paste responses to each and anyone who makes a negative response to his lord and savior Sony.

        And Happy Grazing Derp : )

  • Raian K.

    Hmm seems like maybe the open world RPG that Guerrilla is creating, I mean they’re custom engine is insanely powerful and to have Killzone level graphics on an open world RPG would be ” amazing”

  • Cri-Sparrow

    Gotta be The Last Guardian! Watch. That comment on FF:XV seemed awfully telling.

  • Brian Mertel