DualShock 4 Controllers Updated to Work Wirelessly with PS3

One of the many most-acclaimed new features with the arrival of the PS4 has been the DualShock 4, as the controller showed a pretty major overhaul with its latest iteration from the previous DualShock 3 – luckily, for those that want to use the new DualShock 4 on PS3, your time has come.

A new update released for PS3 has now been released to allow wireless DualShock 4 support on PS3, which can be found and enabled under the “Accessory Settings” menu with the “Manage Bluetooth Devices” option. The DualShock 4 controller was previously enabled to work with PS3s, but only through connecting to a console through USB.

While reports detail that the controller does function normally on PS3, there are a few minor caveats with the DualShock 4 on PS3, as certain buttons/features do not work due to the controller’s registration as a “generic controller” through the PS3. Specifically, the “PS Home” button on the controller has been reported to not function while playing games, along with the lack of motion control support and vibration.

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  • Swagbito uchiha

    Thanks Sony 😀

  • supersungin

    i should get this controller for my pc

    • MikeB513

      Thats what I use, it’s awesome.

      • solkeher

        I just got State of Decay from the Steam Summer Sale… and that’s one of the very few games for which I needed a controller and the DS4 is awesome for it!

  • They Call Me Senpai

    The home button is kind of an issue, but the lack of motion control and vibration is easy to ignore. The only time it’ll be an issue is when the flashlight is dying in The Last of Us, since you need to shake the controller to keep it from dying.

    • Why So Serious?

      Good point, hadn’t even crossed my mind but that’s why you just purchase the remastered version! 😀

    • MikeB513

      Someone mentioned TLOU and the flash light thing to me on IGN as well. I played through the game twice and never even noticed it fading, or that you can shake it to make it work right again.

  • deutrino


  • megablast16

    Pretty neat feature, the only problem is you have to keep re-syncing the controller with a USB cable every time you switch from PS4 gaming to PS3 and back again. Great if you have a spare DS4 though.

  • Young Franky

    Now this is something I been wanting to hear for months glad to see it finally happened now all we need is the ability to do it for PC.

    • L3AK3D

      I can use my DS4 with most games associated with my mac already via USB. Bluetooth is another thing which mostly does not work. Played tons of hours of GTA San Andreas with my DS4 on my mac.

      • Young Franky

        Im still trying to get that to work on there and Battlefront2, are any good reference videos I can go to?

  • Why So Serious?

    That’s awesome, the DS4 has me spoiled and not ever wanting to use my DS3 again!


    Man you guys are late on this shit.

  • stx007

    “DualShock 4 Controllers Updated to Work Wirelessly with PS3”

    No, PS3 updated to work with DS4 controllers.

    • Ω GUNTZ

      those clowns

      • Prince514

        They ain’t clowns, they work very hard to keep you updated. Everyone makes a mistake.

  • solkeher

    Does it work with all games? I tried playing Dragon’s Dogma with the DS4 but it didn’t work. Last I checked, the DS4 only worked with certain games not all. Well time to find out.

  • eg94

    Awesome, it’d be great if it had full support

  • Prince514

    Its doesn’t seem to work with Last Of Us, it says “wireless controller not detected” the ds4 is paired and it was working until the TLOU main menu showed up and this message:”wireless controller not detected” showed up. Doesn’t work with GTA 5 either.

  • Prince14

    Does not work with some games, can you give us a list of games that are working?

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