Quantic Dream’s Unannounced PS4 Games Aiming for Artificial Intelligence “Beyond Industry Standards”

We know that Quantic Dream is working on one or more unannounced PS4 games, but beyond that very little has been shared, mostly through career opportunity ads, and today we get one more about an aspect of games which is often overlooked: Artificial Intelligence.

Quantic Dream is hiring a new Artificial Intelligence Programmer, and the ad gives us a glimpse on what they’re aiming for.


Reporting to the Head of Artificial Intelligence Department in collaboration with the rest of our R & D department, you will be responsible for developing enhancements and optimizations necessary for the continued evolution of our Artificial Intelligence engine. Your role will be to bring the quality of Artificial Intelligence technology studio beyond the standards of the industry. You have an excellent knowledge of the technologies of artificial intelligence applied to video games. You will be creative, motivated to accompany us in our future innovative AAA projects and challenges.

  • You participate in the improvement & extension of artificial intelligence on our Playstation 4 proprietary engine, also ensuring the implementation and monitoring during production. (FSM, path finding, behaviors, avoidance, …)
  • You work closely with level designers and writers to respond in the most efficient manner to their production problems, but also to provide them with clear and manageable constraints.
  • You will be proactive proposing changes on the AI engine and the best way to ensure a smooth and optimal production of the project.
  • You will be working closely with the animators & animation engine to provide the most suitable solutions for AI locomotion.


Note: FSM means “Finite State Machine,” and it’s a mathematical model used to define the states in which an entity can be and the conditions that can trigger the transition to each of them.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that putting Quantic Dream and Artificial Intelligence together thinks about Kara, even if unfortunately there’s no real indication that the impressively emotional android demo will ever be turned into something more playable.

One thing is for sure: Quantic Dream seems to want to evolve its games even on aspects that go beyond the amazing visual fidelity for which they are well known. Whether this also means an increase of interactivity remains to be seen, but it’s definitely a good sign.

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  • Stanleyros

    I wish them good luck, but please script by someone else than David Cage or maybe someone atleast read it first before making it into game

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      Script should be made by Well Known Hollowood Writer over David Cage

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  • Spectre_Status

    I love how Sony just continues to support Quantic Dream in everything they do, they may not be selling games at record pace but they push innovation and we need more studios like that, can’t wait to see what they have for us

    • Why So Serious?

      Gotta love innovation, Sony obviously knows that QD doesn’t sell games like a CoD franchise but they do sell well.

  • Eden’s Cross

    You need to have actual gameplay to put that AI to good use.

    • GameDev345

      what does that even mean??

      • Stanleyros

        Last game “Beyond: Two souls” Was for some poeple lacking in terms of gameplay

        • GameDev345

          I only played the Beyond Two Souls demo and got a lot of gameplay from it, same goes for Heavy Rain. QD just does gameplay in a different style, more new and innovative, which is what oddly gamers have been asking for

          But I guess everyone wants slashing monster heads off, fighting big bosses and shooting and killing everything in sight while collecting weapons, armor or fantasy potions and yet still complain games are generic and bring nothing new

          Both beyond two souls and Heavy had AI, the dogs and police chasing the main character in beyond two souls, AI reacting to what supernatural aiden did, AI that interact in Heavy Rain when you investigate crime scenes or AI moving in the mall while you were looking for the guys son

          • Eden’s Cross

            You do realize that the police and dogs chasing the main character sequences were scripted right. There’s extremely simplistic AI there, it’s just an animation playing out. It’s like saying the plane that chases Laura in Tomb Raider has “good AI.”

          • GameDev345

            “You do realize that the police and dogs chasing the main character sequences were scripted right”

            Really? You know this how?

            If you actually played the game than watching a playthrough, you would know there are different outcomes in that scene, how you fight the dogs, what path you take to avoid the police

            Extremely simplistic? You are really ridiculous, if it is, please explain to me how it was done if you say it is simplistic. Have you ever written a line of code in you life?

            I don’t know about any plane chases in Tomb raider, but yes even chase scene require alogrithim short or A * path AI. How the hell do you think the AI follows the path of the character.

          • Eden’s Cross

            Because I know how game design and animation works. Chase sequences in Beyond Two Souls do not have any complex AI in anyway shape or form. You obviously don’t. Once again, they’re just animations playing out instead of contextual complex AI that’s responding to a variety of player inputs. The scene changing is based on QTEs, not based on complex AI. Do you realize how much motion capture is in David Cage games just to make each scene play out nearly exactly the way he wants regardless of what the player is doing? It’s like saying that games like Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us have complex AI. Grow up and go to a university to learn about these things before trying to discuss them online.

          • GameDev345

            “Grow up and go to a university to learn about these things before trying to discuss them online.”

            I think you are the one that needs to grow up and go to university as you know absolutely nothing

            Unfortunately for you, I am a Graduate of Bsc in Honours of Computing in Computer Games Development (4 year course) studied here in Ireland

            You don’t know how game design works, if you did you would know difference between using animations and motion capture in cutscenes and using animation in gameplay

            You need A* algorithm AI or short which takes in breadth and width for pathfinding. The dogs in the chase scene will have AI that will look for the main character as they are running to find them. Based on the decision you make during the QTE especially when fighting with the dogs, the AI will have to make a different decision based on a pre made script. QTE in decision making is complex AI, decisions have to be made by the NPC based on what path you choose, this needs to be coded into the AI of the NPC

            The chase scene was pure gameplay. not cutscene, the decision made if you snagged your leg on a tree and fall down, how you fought the dogs, there were many decisions in that sceneario, which means everyone will more or likely not have the same experience playing that scene, hence the need for programming different NPC AI based on the choice you make.

            Motion capture is used to play out heavily rendered NPCs in cutscenes with body and facial animation. Now some capture can be taken and put through the game play but when the motion, interaction or movement will be played out is based off programming when it will occur, how it will occur

            Unfortunately for you again, a mate of mine used Unity3d for pathfinding algorithm to make where the enemy would find the shortest path to get to the main character, and based on where the character is, the enemy will find the shortest path. Same goes for the Dogs in Beyond two souls, based on where you are running, depending on how they want it to play out, they can either make you completely get away or being close enough, making the AI find the shortest path to your character

            You know absolutely nothing yet call me out on it, I find that incredibly funny

          • Castor Troy

            10 points to grifindor! 🙂

          • Eden’s Cross

            The dog and the main character are running in a straight line, there’s no compex about the pathfinding if both characters end up at the exact same place each and every time. They don’t change the path or try to find Jodie in the quickest time possible because she never deviates from trying to dodge branches and no trying to trip. The AI isn’t thinking about ways to flank or get around, it’s ALWAYS going in the exact same path. They ALWAYS go to the exact same area and the cutscene always plays out no matter what. Not to mention, that the majority of the “gameplay” is interactive cutscenes playing out, that’s not complex at all compared to what other games are doing. Cutscenes that I remind you, will go on even without player input. So no, the AI is not complex in anyway shape or form. Once again, the same applies to games like Walking Dead, the dog chasing Jodie has AI pathfinding about as complex as zombie pathfinding. Because they NEVER, and I mean NEVER will deviate from an extremely specific path laid out by the developers. Now compare that to the pathfinding in MGS Ground Zeroes, F.E.A.R 1, the halo series, or the AI seen in higher difficulties of the last of us. Try again.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            He’s got you on this one, there’s nothing you can do in this situation.

          • GameDev345

            I dont need to try again, you are a hopeless cause

            Because QD games play out like interactive movies with different camera angles, you have basically gone on to assume everything is based off simple cutscenes and qtes rather than gameplay mechanics and you are very wrong.

            That scene had different paths not one straight line if you ever played it which am very sure you haven’t as you keep on saying there was a specific path, and based on decisions you made, pre made AI had to also change course and interact

            QD gameplay layout is very different from the likes of Ground zero, halo or whatever, where even more work as to be put in based on the player’s decision, then the AI changes and interact with that.

            Even the new PS4 game Without Memory uses AI decision making with its QTE as the devs has said and that game is heavily inspired by David Cage and his games

            This is the last thing ill say on the subject, I suggest you take your own advice and go to a University, or try and study game design online cause you are highly clueless

          • Eden’s Cross

            It’s not actual gameplay mechanics compared to games that have actual mechanics and AI on a complex level. It’s not complex or industry standard. Without Memory has no gameplay so we have yet to see if the AI is actually good. Where is the gameplay mechanic in pressing buttons that appear on screen. Are you insinuating that there is some complex innovative ai on the level of the industry standard in games like halo or fear? Wouldn’t be surprised if you thought David Cage had good storytelling skills too.

        • Budgiecat

          People would probably lose their shit if more Japanese visual novels were localized…

          • erMonezza

            I don’t know. They’re called visual novels and are a popular japanese thing.
            Beyond was a great looking QTE movie. I really have a hard time saying it was a game with so little player/character freedom. Sorry.

    • Castor Troy

      Like Grim Fandango, Full Throtle, Monkey Island etc, right!

      • Eden’s Cross

        All game with much better storytelling, puzzle solving, and overall gameplay than any of the David Cage games.

        • Castor Troy

          Whatever, it seems your mind is made up! If you don’t enjoy Cages games, then why the weak troll attempt?!?

    • They Call Me Senpai

      They got that covered, so no worries.

  • LOL

    Sony + PS4 + Game Developers = Magic

  • Guest
  • Carl

    I really like David Cage’s work. Heavy Rain was a very good detective drama, and Beyond: Two Souls was a misfire for many, but come on, reviewers praise The Walking Dead and talk shit about a game of the same genre that does exactly the same basic things (“lacks gameplay”, “the players’ choices don’t really matter”, etc.).

    Anyway, let’s hope we see Quantic Dream’s next project revealed at Gamescom.

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      Quantic Dream Studio’s Next Project liking get Announced E3 2015 or Gamescom 2015

  • HeczTehFinezt

    I loved Beyond Two Souls and I haven’t played Heavy Rain so that’s on my To Buy list. Can’t wait to see what the next game from Quantic Dream is.

  • Agustin Freyre

    I hope they try something new. Its already enough of the movie/game thing. I liked Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond, but wont buy another game like that. Even with a different story or whatever, the style of game is too rigid.
    Even with Ellen Page and all the advertising Sony did, the game couldnt even sell half of what Heavy Rain sold. Meaning people lost interest on that kind of games

    • Somber

      No. They haven’t lost interest yet. It’s because of the reign of Shooters.

      • Agustin Freyre

        People should stop hating shooters just because one or two are successfull. Every gen has its genere. On ps1 were the RPGs, on Ps2 action adventures. On ps3 gen were shooters.

  • jacksjus

    Sounds promising.

  • MetalSpartan

    a quantic dreams game with AI?????
    no more scripted gameplay?

    • Hussain Naseem

      no more controls required, the game will now play itself

  • Eagles83

    I like many studios that develop strictly for Sony but Quantic Dream is not one of them. These guys make crappy quicktime movies………..I refuse to call them games (although many people would disagree but that is why they call them opinions). What do they need with AI?

    • Budgiecat

      Just be quiet and hold me….

    • They Call Me Senpai

      They need AI for the enemies you meet during gameplay.

      • Eagles83

        Well that would be a nice change from the usual press X, O, and rotate the stick to take them out. 🙂

  • Synthetic Construct

    Ahhh, so that’s how Skynet ended us…

  • Mr0303

    I don’t enjoy Cage’s games, but more power to them. As a side note improved and maybe different AI is one of the things I’m looking forward to in the current gen.

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  • Why So Serious?

    Big fan of QD and while they aren’t for everyone I’ve never played any of their IP’s and not loved them especially Heavy Rain.

  • “A.I. Beyond Industry Standards” Sounds interesting.