“Sexy Actress” Popular Vote and Audition For Men Launched for Next Yakuza PS4/PS3 Game

Sega is currently working on the next game of the Yakuza series, which will be released on PS4 and PS4 on a yet undisclosed time frame, and what would the Yakuza series be without its beauties?

In order to find just the right ladies, the developer launched a popular vote between 100 “sexy actresses” which you can find here. The ten which will receive the most votes will be casted for the game.

They aren’t just looking for ladies, though, and they started an audition contest for men that would like to appear in the new game as well, in either the role of a host or a common citizen. If you live in Japan and you think you have the looks (at least for the host role), you could try it out. Who knows, you could be in the screenshots of one of our articles about the game one day.

Not much else is known about the game so far, besides the fact that it won’t be a spin-off, so we’re probably going to follow the adventures of the ex Yakuza Kazuma Kiryu again.

You can see the candidates for the female roles just below. Feel free to let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments.


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  • ITF

    Row 5, Column 2.

    • GamerLegend

      Was about to say the same thing, also (9,5) looks decent.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    They expect people to only pick 10?!

    • AnettaGriffinynu

      until I saw the draft which
      had said $6992 , I didn’t believe …that…my brothers friend could trully
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    • Swagbito uchiha
      • Why So Serious?

        Wearing a bra, huh…………..

      • GoldenBay

        Which anime is this?

  • MetalSpartan

    they all look the same
    as in they all look goooood

  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    What am i supposed to see, one of these girls will be an actress for the next Yakuza game

  • The 3rd girl on the 13 role looks like close to a girl I been with a couple of times. Unforgettable times!

    Anyway, my personal favorite out of the bunch is the 3rd girl on role 14.

  • BlackestNight63

    Row 6 #3 has an oval head lmao.

  • Alkaporty

    Why 100 pictures of the same girl?

    • Swagbito uchiha

      Ummmn.. Is That Question Suppose To Be Racist???? 0.o

      • Alkaporty

        Why would it be?

  • Trim Dose

    I wonder how many in those pictures are using big eyes makeover.

  • erMonezza

    This is a boring and useless competition… without swimsuit shots of the girls. Then men could chose.

  • PasswordCasualty

    bring them to the west, the games as well!

  • Jerry Hu


  • Terramax

    Most of these ladies are AV models, or pr0n stars….. don’t ask me how I know this.

    Actually, this isn’t the first time ‘JAV’ actresses have been hired to ‘act’ in this series. I believe, some years back, a famous ‘JAV’ star known as Rio acted in a previous instalment, as well as promoted it.

  • Bryan

    2nd roll very right side girl!

  • supersungin

    if yakuza was open world it would be awesome

  • Yer I’ll pick 10……………………………………………………………………10 to get in my bed


    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      I’m not a rapper 😉

  • Tmfwang

    “…Which will release on PS4 and PS4…”


  • Mr0303

    This looks oddly like a porn site… Not that I would know… <..>

  • Jecht_Sin

    I always said that I had to find a job in Japan…

  • Where is Maria Ozawa?.. 🙁

  • Why So Serious?
  • Why So Serious?

    Second row, #1 really caught my eye!

  • Mikail
  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    Alien eyes :O

  • Porcu Peth

    excuse me while i wash my hands

  • Jeff Maxwell

    100 reasons to go to japan right there!

  • Please release outside of Japan, I hate playing imports when I have no idea what’s going on.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks


    Pick 10? They are all beautiful!

    Let’s see – Row 1, Column C
    Row 2, Column A and E
    Row 5, Column B
    Row 14, Column C
    The Last Girl – “Ray”

    Oh heck all of them! 🙂 It’s like beauty bingo lol!

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  • PrinceHeir

    I hope Anna Konno returns from Ishin!!

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