The Order: 1886 Dev Explains “Filmic” Definition, Promises Surpises; E3 Video Ran on Actual PS4 Hardware

on July 2, 2014 3:02 PM

The upcoming PS4 exclusive  The Order: 1886 has been defined “filmic” quite often, both by developers and by gamers, with those that criticize the game using the term to describe the game as some sort of largely non-interactive Dragon’s Lair revival.

Today Ready at Dawn CTO Andrea Pessino clarified On Twitter that their definition of “filmic” has nothing to do with lack of interactivity:

“filmic” is meant to describe the visual style, not the gameplay. Perhaps we should have just made up a word… : D

Pessino also promised that Ready at Dawn still has a lot of surprise in store for us from here to launch:

We got a lot of surprises left to reveal as the date gets closer… stay tuned. : )

Many have stated that the game has more open and colorful environments than the corridors we saw so far, and hopefully those are part of the “surprises” awaiting for us.

The game’s official Twitter account also confirmed that the gameplay footage we saw at E3 ran on a “Real PS4,”  it’s “how the game looks.” dispelling any doubt about it running on different specs.

Hopefully we’ll get to see more soon. February 20th is still quite far.

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