In Destiny You Won’t Be Able to Name Your Guardian Without Changing Your PSN Name or Xbox Gamertag

If you don’t think your PSN username or Xbox gamertag are very appropriate to be used as the name of your Destiny guardian, you may be out of luck, as Bungie just mentioned in the Q&A of the latest Weekly Update that renaming your character will not be possible unless you change your nickname on your console of choice.

You are your character in Destiny. In your case, your Guardian will be named F12. If you want your name to be more colorful or personal (i.e. NinjaSniper420, Titan Nick, Robert Paulson) you need to change your identity at the source. Our hope is that you have an identity in the game that’s meaningful to you, and that new friends can track you from your favorite Destiny forum to a rendezvous in orbit over your favorite destination.

While I’m not sure how large the roleplay community will be in Destiny (but as a veteran MMO player and roleplayer I’ve seen RP communities flourish literally anywhere), I can’t see them being too happy about this.

While I understand that Bungie wants to make it easy to find one’s friends in game whatever character they may be playing, it’s kind of inconvenient to be bound to an username when we’re playing a character that may have nothing to do with him or her.

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  • superkarma

    That’s no surprise. While it has RPG/MMO elements, it’s still an FPS at heart.

    2 more weeks 🙂

  • Johnny Flores

    Can we just change our gamertags altogether? It can’t be that hard and Sony would make a boatload of money from doing it. I’d pay 5 dollars to get mine changed

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      On Xbox you can. On Sony platforms not yet.

      There are rumors about the feature being worked on.

      • Cassive

        It’s about time, we’ve all made up silly quick names when we we’re 16

      • Johnny Flores

        I know you can on Xbox. I was specifically talking about Sony platforms where it’s more direly needed. 360 you got one free change then paid a monetary fee. Now it’s all free I believe. I haven’t tried yet since I like my username.

        Sony needs to do it soon

        • Jerry Benson

          You could always change you Play station user tag.

    • Jerry Benson

      I did. But my Destiny user tag is still my original psn user tag. I even try to create a different character, and it’s still the same old user tag.

  • Craig Sloan

    insloanwetrust it is then.

  • Our games are art

    Quertyguerilla, my name, isn’t so bad. If not a little confusing and hard to remember

  • Benjamin

    I will continue to have people struggle with attempting to pronounce my gamertag ‘bjsmas’ almost always gets shortened to bj which then follows on with the predictable jokes 🙂

    • Averix

      Lol My brain went to bjs for Christmas. 😉

      • Benjamin

        I have not heard that one before 🙂

        • Red Dotter

          Sarcasim? Xmas bj’s were my first thought as well.

          • Benjamin

            I’m serious, no one has said that to me before and I play COD so have gotten many and varied responses none being that 🙂

          • Nihelus Aurenis

            Weird nobody has said that, cuz that was my first thought as well. How do you say it?

          • Benjamin

            Well to be honest it was not created with saying it in mind, it is my initials and my wife’s 🙂

      • berthamdonovan

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    • James

      I read that as BJs Mas, as in mass BJs…or mas BJs in half spanish.

  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    Eh, can someone help me but there saying, so my PSN ID Jak-Boy wont work? so what do i got to do. This article is confuzing :/

    • Averix

      So is your comment. I have no idea what you mean.

      • Delsin Rowe

        i think he wants to say that he can or can not use his psn id in the game !
        yes you can my friend, you can use your Jak-Boy name in the game.

        • Averix

          Based on his comment, I can neither agree or disagree with your analysis.

    • superkarma

      They’re saying your characters in-game name will appear as whatever your XBL/PSN name is. You can’t change the ingame name. They wanted to clarify that, since some MMOs/RPGs allow you to name each character and that name is used in-game.

    • Oh my God…

  • Averix

    I’m fine with this. Tracks back easily so people can’t hide behind other names. Helps that my PSN an Xbox names are the same. 🙂

  • themugen

    hm. I guess I’ll just remain Herod2. Really want to become themugen, though!!!!

  • Sheldon Prescott

    …I’m starting to lose interest in this game, and these articles aren’t helping. I need to see some new gameplay ASAP! Or get a beta invite

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      Preorder the game. Now you have a beta invite. Problem solved.

  • CrusaderForever NoRegret

    That’s fine, I am very happy with my PSN account name.

  • solkeher

    I like my psn name, my xbox gamertag, not so much… lol

  • kupomogli

    Not an issue for me. Every character I name is either kupomogli or my name. I have six characters in Dragon’s Crown all named kupomogli.

  • Im_On_a_Drug_Called_Charlie_Sh

    So what, isn’t this a fairly common thing in MP?

  • snake8989

    Minus 0.5 from the final review.

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  • Dirkster_Dude

    I don’t know about PSN, but on Live it is already easy to find your friends. This is really a non-issue. Sounds like laziness or the desire not to have to keep track of unique names for the game.

  • Bliss Seeker

    How is this ‘news’?

  • Tauriq Moosa

    I loathe PSN’s restrictiveness when it comes to identity. Bizarre we can’t alter username most of us made in high school out of desperation.

  • Sete

    My user is the same as my main RP character anyway so I’m okay with this. Although since you can make multiple characters it would have been cool to have a naming function so I could bring another one besides my main OC

  • Jason

    People should be able to change the name of their Guardian whenever they want. It’s not like anyone in the game ever calls you by name anyway. “Hello Guardian”, “Welcome back Guardian”, “Thanks Guardian”. lol