Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets Ginormous Patch Notes for Patch 2.3

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn patch 2.3 “Defenders of Eorzea” will be unleashed on Tuesday, and Square Enix released an enormous set of patch notes to give us an extensive glimpse on the new features.

The patch notes, cover a large array of topics, from new quests to chocobo raising, private chambers, new hairstyles (which are downright lovely), new dungeons and the frontline PvP feature


There are a lot of changes to take in, once more testifying Square Enix’ dedication to keeping the content of its successfully resurrected MMORPG fresh. So pick up a cup of coffe, sit on your favorite couch, and check out the patch notes here. Make sure that you have at least half a hour, unless you’re a very fast reader, I guess.

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  • MilkNCheese

    That’s a huge patch list. Sheesh. Amazing for those FFXIV players out there. I’m sure they’re happy.

    • Salem Bakhswen

      yea of course we are so happy it amazing game ^______^

    • Zerosion

      It may be hard to believe, but we get a patch like this every 3 months and its great. XD


    A shit ton of content. I will be resubbing

  • Nordu

    Glad to see yoshida and se keeping good on their promise to deliver quality content regularly.

  • Ace TheFlame

    Now this is a MMO that’s proving it’s worth with a pay to play model. If only more MMOs with this model would push out content like this. Free to play probably wouldn’t have taken hold over the genre like it has. Lately it’s hard to argue that “pay to play offers higher quality content” and use recent comparisons(regrettably..).

    Though I’ll admit that SE is one of the few MMO creators that work hard to support their MMOs.

    • Alter

      Except MHFG

      • L’anzce Beatrix

        thou MHFG nothing to do with Square Enix :v

        • vincenzajlogsdon

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  • Rock Mu

    So Scylla, Amon, Acheron & Iron Giant (?) themed armor sets for Sycarus Tower? I am DTF.

  • Rob

    i really like this game on ps4, but i cant imagine how its gonna be possible to play in frontlines pvp with dozens of skills on a controller..

    • ISISSecretAgent

      it is as easy as a pc gamer uses his m/k, the only hard thing tbh is targeting your enemy and shit. it is really clunky no matter how skillful you are with your controller

      good thing the game supports m/k on the ps4 too

  • CervantesPR

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  • Black Heaven

    This is making myself itching to go back and play again. Then again, a few more months in waiting and 2.4 might come out.

    Oh and… reading the patch notes isn’t too much stressful if you play the game. Half the page is just lists of items or stuff of less importance. The best chunk of the notes are just until the middle I think.

  • Randi Harman

    Anybody know how big the patch is or how long the servers will be down?

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