The Last of Us PS4 Gold Release Candidate Is in Final QA; 30th Anniversary Artbook Being Wrapped Up

Looks like July 4th is full of good news at Naughty Dog, as the studio is giving the finishing touches to two of their current projects, The Last of Us: Remastered and the 30th anniversary artbook promised back in April.

Lead Programmer Jason Gregory tweeted about the gold release candidate build if The Last of Us Remastered hitting final format QA, also posting an interesting picture of what seems to be the end of the authoring process.

Great work @Naughty_Dog! Gold release candidate for #TheLastofUsRemastered #PS4 is in final format QA. Now we wait…


It’s important to mention that this doesn’t mean that the game has gone gold. Final format QA is the last stage before that, and it will go gold if it passes the final testing phase.

On the other hand, the official account of the studio promised that the 30th anniversary artbook which will be published in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics is in its final stages as well, and further news will come as soon as it’s ready:

We’re just wrapping it up and determining exact timing yet. News once it’s ready!

Considering the quality of Naughty Dog’s artwork, I honestly can’t wait for the artbook. You can expect to hear about its release as soon as Naughty Dog or Dark Horse send in the news.

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  • Rower

    Well, time to save up for a cake and and some decor that says “welcome home tlou”.

    • drzfr3shboialex


  • drzfr3shboialex

    Can’t wait to replay this game on ps4. Definitely going to try platinuming it.

    • CrusaderForever NoRegret

      Me too, I finished it using the hearing assist but will definitely complete it without it this time. Looking forward to some of the tougher spots for an amazing challenge. Going to try the MP for the first time as well. I keep hearing it’s really rewarding and fun.

      • drzfr3shboialex

        I didn’t play the dlc as well. Need to beat it in the hardest difficulty as well.

        • CrusaderForever NoRegret

          Good point! I didn’t play the DLC either. Very excited to experience that for the first time.

          • vincenzajlogsdon

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          • Abrar Auditore Jahin

            No one cares.

    • ipot_04

      What’s the hardest trophy to get in TLoU?

      • BadPiggie123

        The Platinum

  • Cassive

    Joel taking a creepy selfie in that shot above LOL

  • Edge_PT

    I hope the 30th anniversary artbook is released in europe. As someone who has played all of their games since the first Crash Bandicoot, I think it’s a must have in my collection.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    I’m getting that artbook, even if it kills me!

  • AAA

    it will be a shame if someone sneaked in and deleted every thing 😛
    seriously tho…i want to see how it’s going to look ( i’ll buy it anyway)
    just one pic of joel face…pls naughty…? =3

  • Sora Strife

    Can’t wait for the artbook, I’m hoping to see some art work/concept art from the canceled Jak & Daxter reboot. Sidenote: Apparently there is already a release date, probably a placeholder on amazon stating that it’s coming out on October 14th

    • Johnny Flores

      It wasn’t cancelled. They worked on it for about a year then they got the awesome idea for TLOU and then saved all the ideas, art work, and concept art in a vault to be revisited later. Later is now. Bring on Jak and Daxter.

  • CrusaderForever NoRegret

    Thank you Naughty Dog!! I know I am excited to double dip!

  • bob

    Naughty Dog started in 1984? Yipes, that’s a long time ago.

  • Michael Norris


  • Preston queener

    I never got to play TLOU or GTA5 because my ps3 died a month before TLOU was released. Lol so I guess im lucky in a way being able to play 2 amazing games on my PS4 for the first time .

    • BeatinDownBrian

      Man you are in for a treat on both counts 🙂

  • Dadrixx

    I’m interested. I absolutely LOVE The Last Of Us, but I already played it. 8 times.
    I’ll probably wait a few months.

  • Felip_Bra

    I finished already TLOU four times on the ps3!! and I can’t wait to finish it again for the fifth, sixth..tenth time on the ps4!

  • CervantesPR

    PLEASE TWEET @yosp NEW WARHAWK #warhawkPS4

  • Kamille

    holy crap, you can even see joel’s hairy chest now!

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