.Hack Developer CyberConnect2 Wants To Handle The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Hiroshi Matsuyama, president of CyberConnect2 sat down recently to do an interview about Naruto Storm Revolution. During the interview he was asked about the future of CC2 titles, and where they might go next, and his answer is pretty surprising.

As you may know, CyberConnect2 is currently working on a mobile game titled Final Fantasy VII G-Bike which is a game based on Cloud and his motorcycle. With this game, they’ve already shown interest in the Final Fantasy series, is Hiroshi taking it one step forward in this new interview?

After Naruto and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure do you fit another manga or you prefer to work on a project like the original hacks.?

For now I’m really dedicated to adaptations of Naruto and JJBA. Working on a new project requires more time as was the case. The .Hacks came out of the minds of teams at CyberConnect2. However, if I have to work on another project I’d like to work on a possible remake of Final Fantasy 7.

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  • Forget that.Give me my new .hack game now!

    • DominicansDontPlay

      Yes and no! I want a Remake of Final Fantasy VII. That PS3 tech demo still has me hyped about that!

      • SskHannibalXKarma

        I’m still pissed about the PS3 tech demo of FFVII

    • Porcu Peth

      exactly. ff7 remake should never be done

    • Kingdom17

      I’d be happy either way with that

    • Heropon

      Yeah and the next .Hack// should have the same writer with 4 Original and G.U. because .Hack// Link and every .Hack after that are terrible

  • Rickowned


  • Budgiecat


  • doom guy

    I could see them co-developing the game. A remake of VII could need a lot of manpower and resources. So SE could share the work load with CC2.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    Bleach game now!

  • Sarah Galvaz

    No, Give me more JoJo.

  • DEO エリヤデボンオットリ

    I wouldn’t even consider holding my breath at this point for a revisit to the series, good on them as I’m still awaiting FF7: Crisis Core on my on PSVita as a digital release. Also has anyone seen that Mobile game Titled FF7: G-Bike …yeah good luck CyberConnect2 with all that.

  • Negi Springfield
    • Jøe Ramirez

      They did it!!!

  • TheBlackRabbit

    D; dot hack pls. redeem yourselves

  • Natan Cifuentes

    I played one hack game back in the day for PS2. Remember it not being a great experience, not a bad one, but really weird. Not sure i would want them handling FF7’s remake, just based on that experience. (My opinion)

    • Kingdom17

      You might have played one of the games in the first series, I loved the G.U series, couldn’t stand the the others personally.

  • Dennis Djoenz

    Well as long as they will make it a playstation exclusive in the end xD

    • Kingdom17

      At this point I don’t care for 3rd party exclusives, as long as its on playstation (its my main console) I don’t care. But really the only reason 3rd parties should be exclusive at all is if they are funded by said company. Paid 3rd party exclusives are just… evil… I’m still pissed about Tales of Vesperia.

  • erMonezza

    Yeah, yeah. Another game to add next to The last guardian.
    Not gonna happen.
    Before FF7 remake they’re going to make another FF13.

    • Dennis Djoenz

      Damn you are one evil cat man….TLG WILL happen. Another FF13 oh lord I dont even want to think about it.

    • Lemondish

      FF13: Lightning Rereturns

  • How about… no. Much better making a new .hack.

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  • Boerewors

    Just finished playing IX for the 10th time or something and I really feel these games don’t need remakes. They look fine as they are and I prefer devs focusing on new games ór remaking games where graphics simply matter more than they do in RPGs.

  • supersungin

    how he can do that without square enix agreement ?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It’s called collaborating…

      They obviously wouldn’t do it without permission. Square wanted CC2 to make the Cloud Bike game.

  • Might as well let them handle it, it’ll sell a shit load of copies. Be a wise business decision and well worth it for Square Enix.

  • hmm….instead of doing a remake, why not just upgrade the CG cutscenes and do new voice-overs, and keep the gameplay in tact just 1080p 60fps. At this point, the fan service alone would be enough to make the ROI. I dunno, I think Sony published FF7 in some countries, dunno why they never worked with SE to turn Cloud into a Playstation franchise.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Because I wouldn’t buy it. And like me many other fans I suppose.. What’s the point on having 3 polygons hair at 1080p moving in a 2D environment with horrible controls? I’d stick with the PSOne version. The remake I’d like should look like FF VII: Advent Children.

      • 3rdworldgamer

        exactly, if ever there will be a remake for FF7, it have to be the same as Advent Children.

      • I dunno man, I think FF:tactics remake sold pretty well, and they just beefed it up a bit and added cool new cut-scenes.

    • Kingdom17

      I’d be happy enough with a port of the PC version with the better models and everything along with trophies.

  • futurepixels

    I would definitely buy it, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • bob

    Oh god Squeenix, shit or get off the pot ffs.

  • Alter

    oh shit finally ?

  • Kumomeme

    a remake FF VII is super heavy task….
    also double edge sword …cant imagine what happened if the remake turn out suck…surely they only do remake only once right

    • Agustin Freyre

      The remake will fail, no matter what. If it is too different, fans will hate it. Is it is too similar, people will bitch about how unnecessary it was, and how SE ruins everything. If they change something (like materia system), many people will hate cause they liked that something the way it was. Add something: hate. Remove something: hate.
      Granted, it will sell a lot, but the amount of hate will be insane. I understand SE not wanting to spend millions on a game that will turn into a sh*tstorm.

      • GotNews4Ya

        Nah, if they remade FFVII, you wouldn’t see people up in arms.. with the graphical power of the PS4.. it would be absolutely nasty. People are in love with the new Halo: MCC, and from what I am garnering from it.. the only game they really remastered was Halo 2 Anniversary, because its the 10 year anniversary. They only redid 6 MP maps… the rest of the games run on their old game engines.. at 1080p / 60fps (So they claim right now). I was actually really looking forward to the MCC, and I ran out and preordered it straight away.. I was showing a buddy tonight how cool it looked updated, but come to find out.. its kind of sneaky how they quietly explain that Halo 2 is the only one they upgraded to the power of the xbox one.. and now next time I get out to Gamestop.. I will be swapping my pre-order.. I’ll pick this up for half off before XMAS and still get into the Multiplayer Halo 5: Guardians Beta.

        If they redid FFVII and redid the entire thing, but kept the story the same, and maybe expanded upon it a bit afterwards.. added a few side quests.. or something.. then I think it would still be a System Seller..

        I, come to think of it, actually imagine that Sony has some sort of exclusivity to the title still, and that may be why they haven’t remade it.. Because while Square Enix is now mostly Multi-platform, I think Sony wants to keep FFVII exclusive and they can’t come to an agreement.

        Here’s to the future, whatever it may hold.. as long as we get great games, I will be a happy man.. but I will always wonder just how amazing some of the Summons and Fight sequences / bosses could actually be in FFVII.. yum..

        • Agustin Freyre

          Things are different with Halo, for FF7 remake, you have to make an entire, huge game from the ground up, bigger than FF13 (wich took a lot of years). That is a lot of time and money.
          On the other hand, Sony has no rights over FF7, and Square Enix wont spend millions on a game to sell it in just one platform. So i would say no exclusive.
          It would be cool for many, personally I dont see the point, I like FF7 they way it was, I prefer SE focus on new games.

          • GotNews4Ya

            Hey, i understand, we each have opinions.. yours is as valid as mine.. and I had already admitted to not knowing the situation for FFVII or why it hasn’t been remade, and I doubt any of us will ever truly know. I still think it would be a Sony Exclusive.. just because it was a Sony only title before.. You don’t see any other Previous Exclusive Final Fantasy’s coming out on Xbox or Wii… so.. I am still going to hold to my guns that if Square made a remake / remaster.. they would push hard to get it exclusive.. and I don’t think Square would have that much of an issue with it.. because no matter what system it was on.. it would be a SYSTEM SELLER! I would get an exclusive bundled PS4 with it.. or XB1, and I already own both systems already.. that’s how much I would invest into getting that made! I still drool at the thought of the HD Summons on a PS4.

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  • tilt

    Port Guilty Dragon to the west and give us a new .Hack game. After that, then you can think about snapping up SE’s goodies.

  • Robert Backland

    How about you remake your .hack games??

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  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure wasn’t very good :/ It was very nice to look at, but disappointing to play. Naruto is fun, but I think they’ve peaked. I worried about CyberConnect2.

    • PrinceHeir

      Not really, JoJo is actually the best fighting game for me right now.

      Combines 3D movement with 2D mechanics. Only problem is the game slows down when it various stages as well as if two characters have two stands at the same time.

      Not to mention some of the characters are weak as hell(Kosaku Kira, Funny Valentine) even though in the manga counter part, their actually one of the strongest in series.

  • PrinceHeir

    Interesting, but i would rather want them to make a new .Hack series 😛

  • Recca Kusanagi

    I’d prefer not to have a remake because I know for some magical reason there in the universe, it’s gonna fail…. HARD!

  • Nicholas Perry

    CC2 is great, but they’d have their work cut out if they tackled something like this.

    I’d hope to see a .Hack HD remake for PS4 first :p

    FFVII needs to be remade in a special way.. personally anyway. I’ve talked about my own ideas before.

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