Cliff Bleszinski Reveals New BlueStreak Picture; Explains Why He Chose Nexon as Partner and Much More

Legendary developer Cliff Bleszinskii just revealed his news studio Boss Key Productions and his upcoming free-to-play shooter codenamed BlueStreak, and answered quite a few questions (believe me, he can write a lot) as part of a Reddit AMA.

One of the most interesting parts is the explanation on why Bleszinski selected Nexon as a partner for his new project instead of more obvious choices like Electronic Arts or Ubisoft:

Here’s the brief story.

I know so many folks at EA, Ubi, MS, etc… After I left Epic I felt like the belle of the ball, EVERYONE wanted to meet with me when to be honest I just needed time off. But I have a very good agent who did the deal with Nexon, and he was eager, so after stalling him as long as I could (and knowing I’d want to come back eventually) I met with nearly all of the old guard. Even Zynga. (Mark Pincus came into my meeting 45 minutes late.)

Knowing developers who’ve worked with the traditional publishers I’d take them out, feed them a beer, and they’d do the “look around to see if anyone’s going to hear this” look and tell me “Run away. These guys aren’t the best to work with, and they’ll try to design your game and just get involved where they shouldn’t be.”
With nearly EVERY one of the established big publishers I heard this from MANY developers. And no, I can’t name names.

When Nexon came calling I laughed. “The fucking Maple Story guys?!”
And then I met Min Kim, president of Nexon US. And then Owen Mahoney, who runs all of Nexon. And I saw the direction they were going – Brian Reynold’s new game, Robotaki’s one, Splash Damage etc… and I spoke with all of these western devs who are working with them.

They all had glowing things to say about working with Nexon. They said they just let you build the game you want to build and when the time comes to see if you can monetize they’ll help.
When your developer friends vouch for a publishing partner like that, you trust them.
It was a bit awkward meeting Min Kim considering that the one Asian character we had in Gears was named that and died in the first hour.

We also learn about the current composition of the studio, even if more still need to be hired. The goal is to have about 15-20 developers for the first year, and then to ramp up to about 60-70.  There will be a lot of outsourcing handled by former Epic Games Prodicer Chris Mielke.

Right now we’re around a dozen. Some folks have left Epic to join us, others from Call of Duty, some from Ubi, and we’re actively flirting with more.

Between my COO and my Senior Producer right now we’re okay on producers.

Having the right balance of management is really important. Once you grow to a certain size you have People to Watch People to Watch People, and that’s when the politics start showing up. I will not tolerate politics at this studio.

One of our other studio pillars? “No Bullshit.”

One of our studio mottos is “old bones and fresh blood” – I want to have a mix of seasoned vets and young upstart developers, both feeding off of each other’s enthusiasm.

Bleszinski also gave a quite cold but rather realistic outlook on why the industry seems to want to milk gamers for all they’re worth nowadays:

They don’t mean to shit on you, they’re doing what they think is “the right thing” because we’re in a console space whereas budgets are astronomical for the games as well as the marketing budgets, and more and more players are buying used and just renting games (“campaign rental”) and that cycle simply cannot continue much longer. This is why we see annualization, DLC, season passes, all that stuff, it’s an attempt to stick a finger in the leaky dyke of the industry.

He also provided quite a few bits of relevant information about BlueStreak itself:

  • An early buy “founder” option somewhat similar to Star Citizen is being considered, but there won’t be a Kickstarter.
  • Characters will target all sorts of different tastes, not just the “brozone.”
  • At first it’ll just support keyboard and mouse, but if the community will demand controllers they’ll “figure something out.”
  • Bleszinski is over with the “dark and gritty” style. He wants to find his own style without going cel shaded.
  • The game will be in our hands “as soon as possible,” so there will be some kind of beta or early access.
  • Settings-wise, Bleszinski “wants to play” with the South-western United States initially.
  • It’s still undecided if there will be no classes, light classes or heavily identified roles.
  • The target is having 5 vs 5 initially, with free for all.
  • Beszinski wull take a salary of $1 a year until the studio can turn a profit.

Below you can see the first concept artwork released after the reveal of the game:


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  • Kinzsu

    Gears of war is overrated

    • Jason Richards

      If Gears of war is overrated then every other financially successful and critically successful game is overrated. Gears completely revolutionized third person shooters.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        Gears really is overrated, trying to bring other third person shooters into the conversation is pretty weak. And Gears didn’t revolutionize anything, I don’t see why people think it did.

  • Shawn

    gears of war is amazing nobody cared about co op campaign or even horde mode or 3rd person shooters for that matter then gears came along and is a billion dollar franchise say what you want but there is no denying gow you just have shitty taste…

    • They Call Me Senpai

      Funny how someone who likes Gears can claim that others have shitty taste. And co-op and 3rd person shooters were popular long before Gears.

      • roxannegbryant

        just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
        didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
        there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
        about 22 months and at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and
        bought themselves a Chrysler . see here C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

    • Ace TheFlame

      Ah…What? Systems like the nintendo 64, Sega genesis, and pretty much all the other “original” mainstream consoles were all about Co-op play and had the dev support to back it.. Not to mention that a lot of older games were all about sending waves of enemies at you…

      It may not have been in amazing detail or looked very pretty(looked gorgeous in those times..), but it was there.

    • Sucka Free

      Now, I want you to say that out loud, just like you wrote it…without any punctuation or pauses….do try not to suffocate

    • Nordu

      Must have forgotten MGS, imo the only fun thing about gears was the multiplayer the story was quite boring…imo.

  • Kamille

    it seems the maps are gonna be massive.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    Wonder what he’s going to “revolutionize” next. I couldn’t even say that with a straight face..

  • erMonezza

    This sounds really neat, but at the end we’ll see how everything turns out in a few months or a year.
    Probably this guy feels a lot of pressure because of the past successes, but I still think that F2P is a mistake, especially on PC with the shit-load of free games available to us.
    Personally I think you should make a game for PC, nurture the franchise, be good and honest with the players/customers and in return they’ll make your franchise another success, yes, even throwing money at you. Not all people are pirates. If something is good you buy it and support the developer and the franchise. CDProjekt RED (Witcher franchise) comes to mind.

  • Mozef Kaddas

    I seriously believe in Cliff, gears was such an amazing game. I’m sure Blue Streak will be amazing too.

  • I turned his Reddit AMA into video form if you’re interested in watching rather than reading:

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  • Raymond Ebanks

    wow. that image looks pretty damn good