Driveclub Dev: “You’ll Be Surprised” By Motion Controls; No Dynamic Resolution and Aliasing Improvement Confirmed

Yesterday’s videos of the upcoming PS4 exclusive racing game Driveclub impressed many with their visual fidelity and Game Director Paul Rustchynsky took upon himself to give further information on what we can expect from the game.

Interestingly, he mentioned that the game already supports the DualShock 4’s motion controls:

Yep, we already support motion controls. I think you’ll be suprised by it too.

I’m actually quite interested in being surprised here, as I’ve tried motion control for steering in many racing games in the past, and I can easily say that it was terrible. I’m sure Rustchynsky will forgive a degree of skepticism here, at least until I get my hands on the feature.

Looking at the impressive visuals in yesterday’s videos some wondered if the native resolution was going to be dynamic in case of rain in order to help with rendering all those gorgeous raindrops, but Rustchynsky confirmed that no such trick has been used, and the resolution  is still fully native 1080p.

He also confirmed on NeoGAF that in the latest builds since the videos have been filmed much has been improved in the field of anti-aliasing, since the power lines looked a tad on the jaggy side.

Finally, we learn (via the game’s Community Manager Jamie Brayshaw) that the visual glitz of the game doesn’t come thanks to an externally developed engine, but it is indeed proprietary and developed in-house.

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  • Wargreymon559 .
  • MTM2

    Would be surprised if they didn’t. Motorstorm (made by the same guys) was the game I got with my PS3 at launch and was pretty much the main showcase for SIXAXIS back then, excited to see how this compares.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Yeah but Motorstorm required a lot less precision in driving so… I’ll keep an open mind and I’m willing to be surprised, but I’m skeptical. The lack of a fulcrum while you steer with something suspended in the air is really a deal breaker for precision normally.

      • MTM2

        I suppose, even in Motorstorm Sixaxis use was more of a passing “Look what I can do” thing I’d show my friends – I never used it in a serious manner.

        Still, I do find the Sixaxis in the DS4 a bit more precise than in the DS3, games like the Playroom’s NinjaBot and Alien minigame make really good use of it – it’s a shame it hasn’t been utilised more in 3rd party games in the same way the touchpad has been embraced.

      • Axe99

        I gave it a burl in Motorstorm as well, and it worked fine (also used it for flying in Blazing Angels, again worked fine) – done well, motion controls can work. I personally prefer sticks, as there’s less movement and energy required to play, but they’ve had feasible motion controls (when well implemented) since early in last gen. There have been plenty of bad examples as well though, so skepticism is definitely understandable :).

  • Alkaporty

    I cannot wait for this game, even though I like GT, I’m kinda sick of them dragging the same flaws since the beginning of the series.

  • DominicansDontPlay

    Damn!! I though this game was coming in August. 🙁

  • Jamal

    Cool news.

  • bob

    Oh jeez, I can’t believe they’re still using motion control gimmicks. I hope they don’t go all Lair on the deal.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Am I the only one who enjoyed Lair’s motion controls much more than the regular ones we have got after the patch? U turn apart, sure.

  • ps3 with ps4
  • Boerewors

    “You’ll be surprised by the motion controls”…. And then you’ll turn em off anyway.

  • ps3 with ps4

    just please watch it with high volume

    • Rickowned


      • ps3 with ps4

        really wtf 😀
        i dont love racing game but 100% play this game
        cant wait

    • pastreaver

      wow its insane what devs can do, not one PC game looks this good. imagine if devs just developed for just a super high powered GPU like the 780 ti, and really coded to the metal.

      • Axe99

        It there were millions of 780 Ti’s out there, they would – it’s just that the hardware market on PC is so fragmented, and the number of people with really high-end machines a lot fewer than the keyboard warriors of the internet suggest. It’ll always be that way, of course – the top end is always niche, almost by definition, in almost every market, from bread to handbags to cars, so no surprise it is in gaming as well.

  • Cassive

    This game is crazy, I thought the visuals were on point already

  • TallSilhouette

    Better AA was the one extra I hoped they would work on. Glad to hear they are.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Definition of “Improved” is probably different than theirs. So we will see how improved it is once we have access to a direct video file. The videos they posted were sub-par in quality. All of the compression is what gives people the impression of dynamic resolution.

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  • Why So Serious?

    I’m surprised at how much I want to hop in a disgustingly fast car in Driveclub and haul a$$ non stop.

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