Sony Boasts Breaking 100 Million Total PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Sales in New Corporate Ad

Not all the trailers released by Sony Computer Entertainment are targeted to gamers, and at times the company releases videos dedicated to their business partners as well. The Japanese branch of the house of PlayStation just launched a nice little trailer aimed to other companies in order to persuade them to create new officially licensed PlayStation products.

Quite interestingly, the trailer mentions that the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita combined have broken a total of 100 million units sold.

We know from official Sony sources that PS3 has shipped to retailers 80 million units by November 3rd 2013, while PS4 has sold to customers seven million units by April 17th. PlayStation Vita lifetime sales are, unfortunately, pretty much a mystery, but it’s rumored to have sold about 8.5 million units to date according to VGChartz (this number should be taken with an enormous grain of salt).

Those numbers combined are still quite far from 100 million, meaning that the three consoles must have sold a quite considerable amount of units in the past few months.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see when Sony will give us updated numbers for the PS4, especially considering that it’s been almost four months since the last official press release, and they skipped that kind of boasting at E3.

In the meanwhile, if you want to see how Sony communicates with its potential business partners, you can check out the video below.

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  • MTM2

    And that’s the 3 least sold consoles in Sony’s line-up (at this point), throw in the PSP, PS1 and PS2 and that’s an extra 330 million on the pile.

    Not bad for 20 years in the business!

    • uptownsoul

      Hey you been showing the number as I have..Good job…

    • EDIT: My bad I saw the just home console thing later.

      But then again if you account the portables, Nintendo has sold 50% more of the total combined of Sony consoles. Yet again, its hard not to acknowledge that they are coming very close to Nintendo lifetime console sales.

      • MTM2

        It’s cool man, Nintendo are the kings of handhelds, Sony are the kings of the home consoles.

        Only worrying thing is that the handheld market has been dented by smartphones in quite a large way, I hope Ninty manage to find a way to keep handhelds strong

        • Indeed…lets hope for the best.

        • Japan still loves handhelds…rounding up a little,but there’s about 16 million 3DS and 3 million Vita owners over there…

          • MTM2

            Japan seems to be the handheld saviours at the moment, at the detriment of the home consoles it seems.

    • Porcu Peth

      Sony does have a better average adoption rate for their consoles. I did the math a few weeks back, don’t remember the exact numbers, but it was true.

    • Johnny LoveFive

      The 100 million is highly likely to include part of the PS2 and PSP lifetime sales, because both were around in 2008 when the official license product line was created. Sony never announced selling 430 million hardware units, so you can’t compare right now.

  • phar0ahad3

    I saw a bunch of new products like a driving wheel for the controller and some other cool looking stuff i cant wait to buy

  • Budgiecat

    Meanwhile PS2 had sold a total of 155 million units as of March 2012….More than 3,870 game titles have been released for the PS2 since launch, and more than 1.5 billion copies have been sold.

    Even with the PlayStation 3 release, the PlayStation 2 remained popular well into the seventh generation and continued to be produced until January 4, 2013, when Sony finally announced that the PlayStation 2 had been discontinued after almost 13 years of production – one of the longest runs for a video game console.

    • Shawn

      which is sad because the playstation is a great system and the only division i like at sony however they are still bleeding money sony would be better off just becoming a gaming company or spinning the playstation brand off into a new business, something has to give the playstation can’t keep saving sonys ass then them throwing the profits away with horrible ideas and movies .. that business model will not last…

      • Jecht_Sin

        Yeah, right. If you guys are so good why aren’t you all CEOs of some global corporation?

        • Lack of income perhaps? I have always thought that there are great CEO candidates out there, but lack of income and knowledge of how to start a business is what is stopping everyone from starting their own company.

          • Jecht_Sin

            I am not sure if you are sarcastic or else.. o.0

          • Do I sound like that? Sorry I was being serious. I mean this is a discussion for another topic but if you look at professional studies you will notice that the main reason that people dont start their own company is for 2 reasons: lack of money at their disposal & lack of knowledge of how to start a business.
            Indies are succesful because basically they arent a real company, the “company” they have is actually a virtual “me” where online stores deposit the income earned for their games. Then the CEO of the Indie takes than money and distribute it to the “employees” even thought they arent hired as such. That way they skip taxes, contracts, and mostly everything “legal” that a company has to do. Thats why they are “succesful” and its when they turn into a “real company” under the law that they turn to be not that succesful because they have to pay everything that its under the law and the profits are cut down.
            If there were simple guides available to everyone and that everyone could understood I am sure that a looooooot of people will try to start up their own company instead of trying to act like professional consultants in forums about what a company should do & not do.
            At least thats what I think….its like that popular question in the internet “what if the cure to cancer was in the mind of someone that cant afford education?”. Makes you think right? Again, this is a matter for a forum and outside of this subject.

          • Jecht_Sin

            Ok. but i was talking about being a CEO of a global company. Some speak like they pretend to know more than Kaz Hirai.

          • Thats what I am saying, maybe they know more than him, there is a saying that “there is always someone better than you out there” but you dont notice or believe them because they dont have their own global/local company. Thats what I am saying. Dont judge other people that easily, of course if they say something like “you can make money selling your dump instead of flushing it thru the toilet” well you can judge there xD

          • Jecht_Sin

            What I am saying is that it is easy to claim “Sony should just become a gaming company” or “MS should sell the Xbox division”. It costs nothing to write it in a post in a forum. But to say it in front of a board of directors is a totally different matter. An executive must be able to fully backup the idea, otherwise he or she can start looking for another job.

            Still I do not agree with your point of view. Like with the cure for cancer. Look at the penicillin for example. It has been under the nose of at most everybody. Even if it has been discovered by accident It still took a scientist to understand it had medical properties.

          • nice posts man..

          • thanks, leaving my grain of knowledge before I die unexpectedly. lol jk.

      • MTM2

        Sony’s TV’s may not be profitable but damn man, you’ve gotta like their work/products.

        Saw Sony’s 4k BRAVIA at John Lewis a few weeks back, literally the best TV I’ve ever seen… with a price to match however.

      • Ironically, this is exactly what Kaz has been doing. the reason Sony is posting losses is because they cut off the PC/E-reader business and separated the TV sector. it costs tons of money to restructure. They are slow about it, but Kaz is cutting everything that isn’t profitable. and playstation doesn’t save sony, Insurance does. And there money Sony used to make in the TV business was so great, they’ve been trying to hang with the competition all this time. Today, the market is broken up between samsung and everyone else, but if you are on top of TV, you make a lot of $$ which is why Sony has been so reluctant to leave. Got greedy with trying to be in too many markets, simple as that.

        • I dont think it was because they went greedy, I think that Sony’s “boom” began when people werent so reluctant or picky at buying expensive things. In the past, people bought stuff without looking at their wallet a 2nd time that might have triggered Sony’s sales and Sony raised their expenses in trying to innovate technology (DVD, Blu Ray, TVs, PlayStation) making things more expensive. But since the pre-crisis times, people began to think twice before considering buying something expensive, that made purchases of expensive products very difficult. Companies began to look for methods of cutting costs, some triumphed like Samsung and LG, others didnt. And thats whats happening to Sony they didnt prepare before this happened and now that it is happening Sony cant change right away and its hurting them awfully. Not because they were greedy trying to be in many markets, but rather that they were a “luxury” product company very expensive and now they are trying very hard to become a “luxury” product company at reasonable/average/affordable prices and thats very difficult to do.

          • i agree, unfortunately, only one brand at time tends to get the pass, and right now that’s Apple. I do think they were in too many markets though….Sony makes everything from headphones to batteries to medical equipment. Have to put your focus somewhere. Kaz says the losses will be done fiscal year 2015 though. So 2016 Sony should be all profit. I agree with a few users here though, Sony’s TV’s particularly for gaming are still among the best.

      • Not_true

        Sony will be fine, they’re not going bankrupt. The games division is well funded and 1st party studios are working on PS4 games. Looking at your post history you’re a microsoft fanboy concern trolling.

    • Bugdiecat

      you are a bag of knowledge.

    • Why So Serious?

      The epicness of Playstation 2 cannot merely be put into words, it really did start the evolution of gaming.

    • Johnny LoveFive

      try a year shy of 13, it didn’t launch Jan of 2000, it launched October of 2000.

    • Johnny LoveFive

      They never revealed anything past 150 million, 155 is ESTIMATED by unverified news sources.

    • Johnny LoveFive

      Prove Sony sold 155 million, their last report said 150 million, Wrongipedia uses sources that use THEM as a source, so of course it passed 100 billion! You can say anything you want, put it on Wikipedia, which then gets used by media sources, so if it’s on the internet, it’s 100% accurate!

  • Natan Cifuentes

    Not to sound condescending, but i only buy PlayStation license produces. it’s a safer bet in case of any updates. Like the fight stick i bought or the pulse headset, etc.

  • Jecht_Sin

    To be fair vgchartz isn’t that far off from that total number. For the week ending June 29 it is reporting:

    – 82.5 ml PS3
    – 8.3 ml PS4
    – 8.5 ml PS Vita

    For a total of 99.3 million PayStations.

    • That sounds accourate though….those .7m left could be PS3 though…

      • Jecht_Sin

        No matter what it’s less than 1% error margin on the total numbers. Much better than the bleeding exit polls at political elections. lol

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Actually we don’t know by how much they’re off since it’s “over” 100 million.

      And even being off by a million is VERY far off when you talk sales.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Well, usually they make the claim immediately after they break the wall. As the vgchartz numbers are for 10 days ago. Right now we should add about 200-300K more pieces.

        I don’t understand your point about 1 million being very far off, though. 1% of the total is still 1%. No matter if they are sales, potatoes, or political elections as an error margin for an estimation is quite low.

        • rudero

          First time dealing with vgchartz?
          Always underestimates sony and always over tracks Microsoft since it was created by a Microsoft shill.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          That’s a corporate ad, aimed at a corporate audience. They didn’t make the ad to make the claim. The claim is just an incidental, so it could literally be anywhere over 100 million.

          • Johnny LoveFive

            and likely also includes PS2 and PSP since they were around in 2008 when the license product line was created, because it talks about how their licensed product targets consumers who bought those consoles- sounds like it’s 100+ million between 2008 and present (time of video), and most are just assuming it’s ONLY the latter 3, which weren’t even on the market in 2008 (except the 3)!

  • AAA

    what is that thing around the Dual Shock 4 ..?

    it looks like a handle thingy

  • Craig Sloan

    There’s never been a bad or under preforming PlayStation home console. I think that’s a real strong point for Sony. The PSP was another success. The PS Vita however is another story. Sony should be proud of their gaming division because it’s one of their best.

  • Darksied

    About 90 million of that is ps3.. don’t be microsoft Sony… stahp

  • Redinferno124

    Guys, lets just celebrate the fact that console gaming is very much alive and laugh at everyone who said and still continues to preach the mobile is going to replace console and PC gaming.

  • MNFNGamer

    Surprised sony didn’t add the best console in the history PlayStation 2, no console can beat that console even this gen console can’t beat it, sony could really rub it in faces if putting ps2 in there

  • Galacticranger2

    Nintendo has done just as well (even better actually) over the stretch of the last 3 systems……I am not sure I see how any of these sales figures are relevant.

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  • Johnny LoveFive

    Wow, that is REALLY tricky wording. Listen to it carefully at 0:40 “More than 100 million consoles including Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and Playstation 4 systems have been sold around the world”. NOWHERE does it say ONLY PS3, PS4 and PSVita, so the total possibly includes PS2 and PSP. Because this is a promotion about official licensed products, which they say at 0:34 “The official license product line was established in 2008…” that means it was established during PS2 and PSP lifetimes. The wording here to me, who isn’t blinded by fandom, is that official licensed products have been sold for over 100 million systems sold within the time the line was established- that means includes PS2, PS3, PS4, PSVita, and PSP! Tricky Sony, VERY, VERY tricky, to the public because by saying including PS3, PS4 and PSVita, people assume it’s JUST those 3, when in all reality, it’s really all the systems sold between 2008 when the “official license product” line was established and the time the video was made, and includes PS2, PSP, just they don’t say all our systems, they say those sales include our current systems, not they’re ONLY our newest systems! WOW! Just wow…

  • Johnny LoveFive

    You know it also includes PS2 sales in that 100 million amount, because it’s about the licensed product which debuted in PS2’s lifetime. The way it’s worded, it doesn’t specifically say ONLY PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVita, but those were the current ones available at the time of the video. How easily are the masses swayed? Apparently they’re just as easily influenced as a bunch of mice running off a cliff!

  • Johnny LoveFive

    No they don’t, those include PS 2 and PSP sales, listen to the numbers and the wording carefully, it’s a perfect hide, they don’t say 100 million total sales of ONLY PS Vita, PS 3 and PS4, they talk about the 100 million console sales, and get this in 2008 until 2012, the PS2 and PSP were being sold, which makes up the majority of those 120+ million (counting them from 2008 onward). They’ve tricked everyone, they make them believe the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita ONLY have combined for 100 million, which is clearly not the case, otherwise they would have said JUST THOSE THREE, not saying “including those three”, because there are others counted, just not mentioned- it’s a slick way to make it seem their newer consoles have higher sales than they actually do, kind of like how the Wii’s (both Wii and Wii U) account for 100% of Nintendo’s home console sales- see? That doesn’t include the 3DS line.