PS4 Exclusive Driveclub’s Weather Might Be Improved Further; We Haven’t Seen The Actual Race Tracks Yet

on July 10, 2014 2:02 PM

Driveclub‘s weather is being passed under the microscope by many. Some are looking for possible flaws, others are making rather ludicrous comparisons with other games that have very little in common with Evolution Studios’ latest labor of love. Yet, we haven’t seen the final version of what the fury of nature will look in the game, according to Game Director’s Paul Rustchynsky.

Rain kick-up particles are still WIP as is everything else with weather. Hopefully we’ll continue to make further improvements.

For those unfamiliar with the term, rain kick-up particles are those raised from the asphalt by the spinning tires.

Rustchynsky also mentioned that the studio built a number of fictional race tracks but we haven’t seen those yet:

We’ve got race tracks that we’ve built (as in they’re not real race tracks), but we haven’t shown any off yet.

Finally, he also explained something rather interesting, which surely goes well with the idea of immediacy which he always championed. Looks like we won’t have to wade through many menus when we’ll first launch the game, but we’ll be thrown straight into a race.

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