Bandai Namco Speaks Out About Delayed Wii U Version of Project Cars

This morning, news that the Wii U version of Project Cars being delayed until 2015 sparked plenty of rage in the Nintendo community, considering that many of the backers for the title were Nintendo fans promised a Wii U version first.

In return, Bandai Namco released a statement speaking out about the delay:

We’re committed to delivering an exceptional and unique experience for racing fans on Wii U and for this we kindly ask our devoted and passionate Nintendo fans for a little more time in order to ensure the game delivers on our vision of being the most authentic, beautiful, and technically-advanced racing game on any platform.

Bandai Namco seems to be taking the position that Project Cars for Wii U will be just as polished and worth buying as the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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  • MetalSpartan

    let me gusee motion gamepad wheel controls?

  • Anders

    “Bandai Namco seems to be taking the position that Project Cars for Wii U will be just as polished and worth buying as the PS4 and Xbox One versions.”

    That is impossible. I think they talk about Project Cars being the best it can on any platform meaning that the super-computer version won’t be downgraded to console level and PS4 being the most visually impressive console version.

    • Jecht_Sin

      PR talk. But t will be interesting nonetheless to see what level of quality they will achieve with this game on Wii U. They are quite committed to high details and performances in all platforms. I mean, given the higher power of the Wii U it can’t look worse than GT6 on PS3.

    • matt

      You made up alot of bullshit off that statement didn’t you….

      We’re committed to delivering an exceptional and unique experience for racing fans on Wii U and for this we kindly ask our devoted and passionate Nintendo fans for a little more time in order to ensure the game delivers on our vision of being the most authentic, beautiful, and technically-advanced racing game on any platform.

      It simply means WiiU version will be best version end of or it won’t play second fiddle to ps4 that’s what it means… fanboy..

      • Anders

        I’m not saying that it’s not going to look good on the Wii U, I’m saying that any game that is made to be the best it can will always look, play or be better on a PS4.
        The 9+ people who upvoted my comment seems to agree.
        I’m a PlayStation fan because they delivered the best games for me during the PS3 generation. Before that I’ve previously owned every handheld Nintendo system ’till the fat DS and played games on PC.

    • matt

      Well going off this screen that shows 8k textures at 60 fps I’d say the wii’u version should look best,the only game that has shipped with visuals this detailed are Rage on pc that used 4k textures in game,not on ps4 game has even close to the texture detail in Fast racing neo WiiU….×264.jpg

  • marnijwebb

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  • Sad the Wii U is getting the cold shoulder. its a much better console then Xbox One thats for sure. Should of been the Xbox One Version being delayed over the Wii U Version, they can do so much more with the Wii U Gamepad with this game over the Kinect Gimmick Microsoft forced upon us. IMO

    • Budgiecat

      Obviously it’s a graphics issue…

      • Then don’t buy a Wii U for graphics then. Nintendo doesn’t go that route anymore they switched it up for the 7th generation and are doing the same for the 8th generation.

        • Budgiecat

          then dont make Project Cars for Wii U then…

          Me saying “it’s a graphics issue” is in no way reflecting my opinion of the Wii U. Curb your fanboyism. Jesus Christ some people….

          • why would they not make it for the Wii U? it has sold more units the the Xbox One? Why are the Wii U owners getting shafted while the Xbox One owners get a free pass? Wii U has more units sold and a bigger install base then the Xbox One? Just because of graphics? Most Wii U owners and gamers don’t care for graphics and would love to play Project Cars for the Wii U with the gamepad and all that good stuff. If they wanted graphics they would buy a gaming rig or a PS4? also i’m not being a fanboy but i’m just defending the fact that Wii U sold more units then the Xbox One and has more gamers on it then the Xbox. so it would be smart to not shaft the Wii U Gamers. If anyone deserves to be shafted its the Xbox One install base due to it being too small over PS4 and Wii U

          • Budgiecat

            Same reason many other 3rd party devs are skipping Wii U…you develop a game on an engine that Wii U will have problems running on, then you will have problems..

        • matt

          Mariokart 8 made lots of people say maybe WiiU’s main selling point is GRAPHICS…..

          • Alter

            LOL MK8 ?

          • matt

            Dream on WiiU is only weaker if you dont access the edram section if you do the WiiU has 563.2GB of bandwidth instead of say 50 odd?? ps4 178GB ??? WORK IT OUT….with 16MB of edram like you have in WiiU you can get 1080p native on any game you produce easy wiiu has 38MB and wiiu has 3MB of this on the cache very powerful memory set up way above ps4 or xbox1….

            Ps4 and xbox1 have weak cpu’s basically mobile cpu’s wiiu’s main core is like 4 of ps4’s cores easy……

        • matt
          • superkarma

            Awww, you’re adorable for thinking that.

          • matt

            Explain 1 ps4 game that looks gorgeous at 60fps ?? there all 30fps except a few pc ports…

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Resogun, Tomb Raider, Wolfenstein, The Last of Us, Injustice: Gods Among Us, etc.

            So yeah…

        • matt

          The WiiU is about graphics it’s just all these analysts ect and so called industry experts and Sony/Microsoft making false statements that made people believe wiiu isnt very powerful statements like Sony saying ps4 has 178GB of bandwidth ram and wiiu has just 28GB when in reality the wiiu between the edram and the ddr has over 500GB of bandwidth ram at minimum ??? thats nearly 3 times as capable as ps4 when accessing all the edram section…

          Oh and if i remember correctly Microsoft said if they went with edram they could of achieved over or around a TB of bandwidth ram but it’s harder for developers to exploit,Nintendo did go with this setup and games like FAST RACING NEO,ZELDA,STARFOX,XENOBLADE X,and secret games from RetroStudio’s ect will prove the power of WiiU…so in the end Slightly Mad Studio’s might just be making the wiiu version of Project Cars the best version on any platform making proper use of the Gamepad ect.

    • doplerradar

      Saying the Wii U is better than Xbox One is really a matter of opinion though.

      • yeah it is. but still the Wii U is doing so much better then the Xbox One and has a bigger install base then the Xbox One does? Does that make any sense to you? PS4 and Wii U should both be getting Third Party Support while, it should be the Xbox One being shafted by developers. But because of Microsoft’s Deep pockets we won’t be seeing that at all for a while.

        • doplerradar

          To be fair, the Wii U has been out a year longer than the Xbox One. From what I heard, developing for the Wii U is different than developing the Xbox One and PS4. I think it is more about coding and hardware. I read one developer saying that others tend to prefer Xbox One and PS4 when it comes to developing than Wii U. Nintendo, much like many of the third party support of the Wii, just doesn’t seem to care as much about it than Sony and Microsoft.

          • still doesn’t matter. More people obviously see more value in the Wii U then in Xbox One so why aren’t developers going to Nintendo? This game is obviously rigged. Sony and Nintendo are both whipping microsoft in sales and in, install bases. If not counting games and quality and diversity. This should really be a war between Sony and Nintendo, while Microsoft is the one getting shafted by developers but i’m sure Microsoft paid everyone off to rig the game in their favor and i’m 110% sure on that.

          • doplerradar

            How do “more” people see more value in the Wii U than the Xbox One? It depends on who you ask. When it comes to sales, while it is still behind, the Xbox One is selling at a faster rate than the Wii U, especially in North America. I think your are slightly biased on the situation (it sounds like you really don’t like Xbox and your comments sounds like you would prefer them out of the picture). If third party developers really like the Wii U then they will be making games for it regardless of the Xbox One. It doesn’t make sense that if Microsoft is paying developers to make games on Xbox One that the developers will decide not to make games for the Wii U. If they are paying developers. (sounds unlikely) then the only change would be more Xbox One games. It wouldn’t change the amount of games the Wii U has. I think it has more to to do with the much different developing and coding for the Wii U compared to other consoles which is why developers are ignoring it. With all due respect, I don’t understand your logic. If developers really the Wii U, then they would be making games for it. It doesn’t make sense that Microsoft would be buying off every developer not to make Wii U games. Do you know how much money that would take? Gaming is a business and no good business man would take their company like EA or Ubisoft and suddenly not make more Wii U games just because Microsoft is pushing the Xbox One. Also keep in mind that despite the Wii had the highest install base, it also was behind in terms of third party support. I think the truth is more boring than you think.

          • /More people value the Wii U because it is selling more then the Xbox One. Look at the sales numbers. it speaks for itself. Xbox One will not surpass the Wii U. After all the BS they pulled no it won’t. Titanfall didn’t save the Xbox One. Sunset Overdrive will not save it. Hell Plants Vs Zombies is becoming a multiplat in august on the PS4. You can just imagine the samething will happen to Sunset and Titanfall. Third Party developers don’t like the Wii U because Nintendo doesn’t bend over for them like Microsoft does. But since and because of Wii U First Party exclusives the gamers will come flocking in bunches because of Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc. You already see the pattern. Nintendo is releasing must have exclusives, while Microsoft is not.

          • DLConspiracy//

            You can’t compare overall sales if its been out a year longer. Hopefully all consoles sell well. Why does it have to be about how many more people prefer something?

          • more people are buying a Ps4 and Wii U so in turn you will see more Third Party Exclusives go to either platform as far as consoles go. Xbox One is selling the less. Right now the Xbox One is at 4.8 million units while the Wii U is at 6.6 Million units, and the PS4 is at 8.4 Million units on VG Charts. that will only just increase. More Wii U games are coming out even Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 just released you will see the Wii U sky rocket even more above the Xbox One. with
            1) PlayStation 4 in 1st place
            2) Wii U in Second Place
            3) Xbox One in third place
            as far as Next gen consoles are concerned.

          • DLConspiracy//

            Why is this a race to you? I am looking forward to getting a Wii U but what you are saying is that because Wii u got a year head startstart that the Xbox isn’t selling well? In the first six weeks Wii u didn’t even sell a million units. Meanwhile the Xbox one sold a more than a million units in the first 24 hours. I am all for Wii U being successful just as much as the ps4 and Xbox one. Hopefully they all do well as its great for gaming. Stop turning it into a competition.

          • Competition is good for the industry?

          • DLConspiracy//

            Read my comment again. It’s all there.

          • matt

            WiiU sits at 7.1 million now ??

          • matt

            You can if xbox1 is slower in sales currently…

          • doplerradar

            I have been looking at sale numbers. The PS4 and 3DS are on top and the Xbox One is on top of the Wii U. Don’t get me wrong, I hope the Wii U will do well. As for Plants vs Zombies, I always thought it would be a timed exclusive. Don’t expect the same thing to happen to Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall (especially Sunset Overdrive since Microsoft is publishing it). Microsoft provided money to them to make their games possible, plus they let Insominac keep their rights to their IP (one of the reasons why they agreed to work with Microsoft). Saying that Xbox has no “must have” exclusives is a matter of opinion. To me Halo 5 is a must have and one of the reasons why I chose Xbox One first (there are other reasons why but that is just one of them) and history has proven again and again that Halo is a system seller. I look forward to the number of exclusives that are coming this year and next. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure the Wii U exclusives will turn out great and many are excited for them . Just don’t mix up the idea that just because some Xbox games don’t appeal to you, they won’t appeal to others.

          • matt


            ok mate 8k textures 60fps…..ps4 not a chance….

      • matt

        No its FACT….

    • Gio

      The Wii U Gamepad doesnt even have analog triggers.. How can it be better suited for this game?

      Its hard to imagine playing a race sim without analog triggers..

      • Bobbbbby5

        Do it like in the PS2 days and use the right analog stick.
        Although, there’s still the problem of full analog brake control, unless the gyro controls really well and you can use the left stick for that.

      • oh yes it does. Look at it again? those two little sticks at the top? right?

        • Saxhleel

          Triggers not thumbsticks bro

          • matt

            Thumbsticks are just as good…

  • desponent

    Can’t blame them.

    • matt

      WiiU has shown the best graphics on retail games and eshop games,,,,

  • PixelEdged

    TL:DR We here at Namco Bandai are hoping WiiU sells a lot more during the Winter shopping season so that we can probably sell a lot more copies of our game later, thanks. P.S $$ > You

  • Bobbbbby5

    Why is Bandai Namco making this statement?
    Shouldn’t this be coming from Slightly Mad?

    • Budgiecat

      Bamco is publishing and often when they do, they take control of PR

  • matt

    Listen Anders all 3 will be identical in graphics end of if you think it wont your daft also with dual screen support the wiiu is the console of choice i think….

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