Destiny’s Beta on Xbox One Is 12.63 GB, Almost Twice as Big as the PS4 Alpha

The leak of a couple gameplay videos from the Xbox One version of Destiny‘s beta has also led to the discovery of the hidden marketplace page of the beta on Microsoft’s console.

While of course the download isn’t publicly available, it does show the size of the beta, which is 12.63 gigabytes.

That’s almost twice as much as the alpha build on PS4, which weighed 7.836 Gb on the console’s hard disk and had a download size just north of 6.8 Gb.

Normally PS4 and Xbox One downloads don’t show a large difference in size, which means the PS4 version of the beta is probably going to weigh around 12 Gb as well.

Looks like we’re in for a pretty sizable download on the 17th (for PS4) and on the 23rd (for Xbox One). Of course that also means that the beta contents have also been considerably increased compared to the alpha.


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  • superkarma

    Yup, pretty much expected that. They said it would offer up quite a bit more content over the Alpha. No complaints here. The more content I get to delve into, the better. 🙂

    • Da GeeZ

      Damn! Another comment you’ve made that I have to agree with… what the hell is the world coming too 🙂

    • marnijwebb

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  • Black_hammer35

    dont got the beta codes, people being stengy

    • GotNews4Ya

      I’ll give you one of mine, no biggie. Hit me up when it gets closer to time.

    • Jessie Bristol

      You could probably still pre-order on Amazon, they will e-mail you a code instantly and then just cancel your order. That is what I did about a month and a half ago. They don’t charge you until the order ships.

      When you get the code just log into and redeem your code. Then just select the platform you want to play on.

  • lordsofskulls

    why is this article trying to make Xbox 1 winner? >.> of course Beta size going to be bigger than Alpha.

    Come on and tell me the size of beta on “PS4” >.> than we talk

    • Kingdom17

      It just saying the X1 Beta is bigger than the PS4 Alpha, which is to be expected. Its also expected that the PS4 Beta is going to be the same size (as X1 Beta), we just don’t have any source on what it is.

      • lordsofskulls

        ya but why not than compare xbox1 beta and alpha?:

        • There was no xbox one alpha.

          • Suavearmadillo

            He’s confused, no point in explaining further, he just has something against Xbox and doesn’t understand English very well.

          • lordsofskulls

            they tried to ruin gaming reason i dont like them anymore. i am very highly against Digital Version of games only. and for Physical copies.

          • Suavearmadillo

            What are you even talking about?

          • lordsofskulls

            >.>you dont remmber the 2013 E3 Xbox One “Revolutionary Plan to go fully DRM/Digital” ?

            Were you cant share games with your friends, and all cds were just install discs. Or that most games would had been sold as Digital games only?

            It was going to ruin collecting and alot of private game shops of used games.

            and only reason why they changed back because everyone was pretty much boy cutting them.

            Like they seen how many pre-orders are happing in amazon/bestbuy/gamestop. and PS4 was selling out 4 for 1 X1

          • Suavearmadillo

            Oooooookay. How does that figure into this conversation and do you expect disc based media to be around forever? No point in collecting something that will never cease to be produced. I don’t think betas come on discs btw.

          • lordsofskulls

            Until we can get internet speeds of 1-5 GB per second as a “Normal” internet speeds. Than yes i do Physical disc being around forever in some shape or form. Also when consoles will have normal 2-5 Terebytes of storage on them i also expect cds being around for long time.

          • Suavearmadillo

            You just contradicted yourself. Forever or until wee get faster internet and more storage? Obviously internet and storage will get faster and bigger, hence, no more discs like you just agreed. On the bright side your collection will be worth more. Good luck getting the Destiny beta on disc for PS4 since you think digital betas and even games are somehow Microsofts fault. I’m sure MS would love to take credit for digital games.

          • lordsofskulls

            ummm why would i want Beta on a Disc??? >.> it BETA not a actuall full game. Beta are limited and dont require same amount storage.

            on top of it. Most of the world doesnt have 25mb per second. most of the time people only have 1-5mb. USA just spoiled. Standing of lliving in USA is above Average for the rest of the world.

          • Please don’t do this.

            Peace and love man, peace and f*cking love

          • lordsofskulls

            ahh got ya.

        • GotNews4Ya

          Because this is a leaked beta video.. which leaked the size of the beta on their Xbox Ones.. Therefore since there is no video of the size on a PS4, it is purely speculation, but is assumed that they are the same size.

          They were just saying that judging by the size of the download on the xbox, compared to what the alpha was on the PS4 (only two things we know for certain from the information provided), that we are in store for a lot more content during the duration of this beta.

    • John White

      There was no alpha on the One so there is nothing to compare to… it even said in the article that the same size is expected for PS4.

    • Fake_of_Silva

      Do YOU want to be the winner? Or the whiner? Stop this senseless war and just enjoy the game on your preferred platform!

  • Cassive

    Aren’t Betas supposed to be a step up from Alphas though…

  • Manga Mangakid

    Destiny PS4 Beta 13.2 GB Download, 14.3 GB on Hard Disk so ps4 has 2gb more will the be more detail to game.

    • Vious

      you’re making wild assumptions.
      download: xb 12.63 vs p4 13.2 = 0.57 difference.
      install size: xb. unknown vs p4 14.3 = unknown difference.

      unless you’re going to assume that the download size and the install size for the xb are the same.

    • Jessie Bristol

      Xbox One could also have a day one update.

    • Not_true

      That’s a baseless assumption. Texture data will likely be identical in both versions.

  • junguler

    make it 3rd person then i’ll be interested, stoped caring about first person games along time ago.

    • Driver

      why? not all games in first person are terrible and 3rd person isnt any better.

    • Yakopp

      Kinda hard to have a 3rd person shooting game that has futuristic weapons with scopes.

      • dreaddead1

        Defiance and Warframe have done that well actually.

  • Daniel Lawson


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  • Daniel Walter

    What about the size of Destiny Beta in PS3? :O