Listen to The Last of Us’ Beautiful Theme Masterfully Played on a Violin Just in Time for the Remaster

If you love The Last of Us, you’ll love this one. Well known violinist and YouTuber Taylor Davis, who definitely isn’t new to video game inspired performances, posted a lovely video starring herself as she plays the theme of the game on her violin.

The performance is absolutely enchanting, and the original theme by Gustavo Santaolalla (written for the guitar) adapts to the violin perfectly.

You can check it out below, and if you want to hear the original one, you can head here.

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  • superkarma

    Absolutely amazing. Very well done. She just got herself a new sub.

  • 0P-Tigrex


  • CervantesPR

    Nah sorry shes good but a violin dosent represent the theme well IMO especially the string plucking part. This best played on a classic accustic guitar IMO.

    • marnijwebb

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  • Omnistalgic

    sounds more like something from final fantasy…still nice…but not really TLOU IMo

  • megablast16

    Great performance of a great piece of music.

  • Revoco

    It’s good, but it’s too hopeful, too happy…

  • ALostPony

    My farts have better tunes then TLoU music.

  • Dennis