PS4 Exclusive Driveclub’s Gameplay vs Real Life Comparison Shows Striking Similarities and Realism

One of the best elements of the graphics of Driveclub are its environments, which is quite peculiar for a racing game. The genre normally sees ultra-realistic cars and rather lackluster vistas around them. Yet, Evolution Studios went to great lengths to put their cars in a world that doesn’t pale when compared with its beautiful supercars.

The developers didn’t reproduce any location one to one, but they definitely took their inspiration from real life, and NeoGAF user nib95 found a valley in Canada  that looks strikingly similar to the footage we saw of Driveclub‘s Canadian tracks (pictures are courtesy of the Tour Pacific 2011 blog).



Here’s approximately the same area displayed in Google Maps, allowing you to explore it and “drive” around on your own, catching an even better glimpse on just how similar the whole area looks to Driveclub‘s track (and the other way around), and on how the visual fidelity of the game creates an extremely realistic effect.

The area shown is focused around the Southern Yellowhead Highway, which runs in the middle of the valley of the North Thompson river in British Columbia, between Vavemby and Valemount.

Below you can see another video of the game, and another location in Google Maps showing where the road strays a little father from the river. Again, you can use Google Maps to “drive” around, and see just how similar the environment looks. Of course the road in the game turns and twists a lot more, but that’s an obvious change to achieve better gameplay.

Finally, here are more pictures of the location, giving just a few more glimpses on the area. At the bottom of the post there’s also the whole Google Maps itinerary. You can click on “view larger map” and drag and drop the little yellow man icon found at the bottom right on the highlighted route to see more in Street View.

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  • They Call Me Senpai

    It’s amazing to see just how much detail they put into the game. I have a feeling that people are going to be too busy admiring the foliage to complete a race.

    • someguy

      I know I will….. “oh shit , did those leaves actually move like that ?!” lol

    • Im_On_a_Drug_Called_Charlie_Sh

      Whats great is you can race and then go back and use photo mode after to really admire what you didn’t have time to see before.

  • Emir Gacevic

    incredible ! best place to play !

  • heitiki

    that’s one lovely looking game that is! 🙂

  • Big Boss

    I thought the first picture was a real life picture

    • Kingdom17

      That photo needs a big subtitle saying real life photo…. I couldn’t tell based on what was said…

  • RealityCheck2013

    The 1st TRUE Next-Gen Racer 😛 😛 😛

    • king_of_spades

      lmfao cant be serious

      • They Call Me Senpai

        Yes he can, because he’s right.

        • Guy Brohski

          The first true next gen racer came out at console launch and was 1080p 60fps. 1080p 30fps isn’t true next gen by Sony fanboy definition.

          • zastavia .

            You mean Forza 5, which looks near identical to Forza 4 on last gen 360. That games achieves 60fps because it has considerably less track/world detail and no weather/day cycles to run.

          • Big Boss

            You mean Forza 5? A game that didn’t even have a day/night cycle but just because it was 60fps means its the true next gen racer? No no no. I guarantee you, Evolution could have had 60fps but they didn’t. Which is why the graphics and environments look as real as they do.

          • Guy Brohski

            But Driveclub doesn’t even have weather at launch bro. Forza Horizon 2 does, though. But I suppose “awaiting greatness” requires waiting for the next gen effects to be patched in later, lolol. #AwatingGreatnessPatchForDriveclub

          • Big Boss

            Next gen effects? Don’t forget about that Day and night cycle that was missing from Forza 5, the “simulator”. Id rather have it come in a patch than not at all. Besides, the weather in DriveClub looks better than the weather in Horizon 2. Greatness Awaits is a proper slogan, we waited, now the greatness is on its way, look at our line up going into next year. Everything we have seen is looking a shit ton better than anything Ive seen Xbox announce. Keep sticking to your dried up Halo franchise lolol

      • Im_On_a_Drug_Called_Charlie_Sh

        You must be in denial.

        • Ryan Dinsdale

          None of you have played it, so wait till October to judge

  • Porcu Peth


  • Kingdom17

    I actually thought the first photo was a real picture, that moment when a game looks better than real life.

    • Michael Norris

      LOL yea,i showed my brother the gif and he thought is was RL untill he realized it had a UI…

    • André Patrício

      The first photo is a real life photo, from here:

      Not trying to say this game doesn’t look gorgeous! It really DOES! 🙂 I’m really excited, and that first gif makes me wet 😀

      • Kingdom17

        Ah! It is?! Abriael needs to label that better then…. I can’t tell, I thought the Gif and the pic below is the game and that the G. maps below that was what he was talking

  • J.J.

    The game looks amazing! Between this and FH2 Next gen racers are making a statement this fall.

    • king_of_spades

      hell yeah

      • Michael Norris


        • Guy Brohski

          Why did you make that comment towards him, when he was agreeing that both DC and FH2 are going to be amazing? Stop being such a retarded fan-f@g…

  • Daniel Lawson

    You’ve gone to far… this is beyond stupid

  • albatrosMyster

    But Man 30fps 🙁 I’ll wait until I try the PS+ version to know how it handles… It is by far the best, most most realistic looking racer out there, for the foreseeable future.

    • Michael Norris

      It’s one if not the best looking console game to date.

  • Castor Troy

    I rememner NFS Porsche, with all the beautiful vistas, cool OST and gorgeous cars(at least back in the days)! I really hope DC delivers in all those points with good simulation! Not a big fab of sim racers, but everthing i see about this game, makes me want to buy it day one!!!

  • Cassive

    For my 1st time, I’m gonna go so slow, so I can really take everything in (no homo) LOL

    • Budgiecat

      yeah….you couldn’a said that any other way huh

  • king_of_spades

    its extremely SAD when people say this is the true next gen racer simlpy cause of graphics but wont acknowledge that the game lack SO MUCH more. the saddest part is that the weather effects arent at lauch and have to be downloaded. if you dont have internet you cant ever get the shit. smh fanboys man

    • Not_true

      Driveclub got great impressions at E3 2014, it’s like a next-gen PGR with connected social features and club competition. Most E3 2014 impressions state it plays well and looks great. It will review well and sell decently. It’s the best looking console racing game. Driveclub’s weather effects look amazing running on PS4’s more powerful console hardware.

      This game is channeling Project Gotham Racing, one of Xbox’s most beloved arcade racers. Those games didn’t have any customization beyond paint jobs and you know what? They were still amazing. It’s an arcade racer, different from sim racers, it doesn’t necessarily need fine tuning customizations. Not inherently better or worse.

      Closed and open world racers are different experiences, not inherently better or worse than one another.

      Weather is confirmed free in a patch soon after launch. It was demoed in-game to journalists at E3 2014, it’s basically finished.

      • king_of_spades

        best looking is the ONLY thing you can say about this games it lacks EVERYTHING else. only 50 cars, no horns, no clutch, no car damage, no fine tuning non open world, no customizing, limited to 12 people in a club what else is to look forward to? its a bare bones racers with good visuals. thats not something to brag or be happy about and for those who dont have internet wont even be able to see the weather effects. that is SAD and the FACT that the game was delayed an entire year to still have nothing more to offer BUT visuals says alot. and i didnt compare no other game to it

        • Not_true

          It’s not a sim game like Gran Turismo. It’s like Project Gotham Racing. 50 tracks in different locations is a good amount of variety.

          Closed and open world racers are different experiences, not inherently better or worse than one another.

          Club limits can be expanded if the developers want to post-launch. It’s not a technical limitation.

          You are a malicious and lying fanboy with an irrational hate for any Sony exclusive game. You should be banned here soon.

          • Russell Gorall

            The lead of Driveclub was saying the PS Plus Edition last Fall was going to be “minus a few cars and tracks” of the retail. The PS Plus edition has ten cars. The retail version will have maybe fifteen cars.

            Are you calling the lead of Driveclub a liar?

        • Black Heaven

          I could argue the same about Titanfall. Great visuals and mechanics but arguably lacking in content, with limited customizations and no Single Player campaign. And it’s hyped to be the alpha FPS game.

          Titanfall was still enjoyed by Xbox fans, so why not let PS fans enjoy DriveClub?

        • sahil

          Wat will u do with the clutch anyways-_- its a game these devs arent stupid ofcourse they know more than u internet trolls and must have chosen and taken decisions which suit the game best…… U xbots so jealous…..why cant u accept it? In forza x1 yall didnt get many cars last year very few tracks most stuff paid dlc yall got an unfinished game and still bloated about it now driveclub has 50 cars so wat…i have never used more than 20-25 cars in any racer ive played…. This game is gettin weather stuff as free dlc unlike forza so it was okay forza did dlc but so not okay with driveclub? Dont read ps articles wen u hate it so much specially ones on driveclub….i for one am excited for this… First game where the environments have been given so much attention to apart from just cars hell ye ill be buying it day 1

      • Russell Gorall

        If it got great impressions, why was nobody talking about it? Including Sony.

        • Not_true

          There were a dozen+ E3 2014 hands-on impressions of Driveclub, and pretty much all of them were positive.

          Driveclub had a new trailer at E3 2014 and showed off weather effects.

          Do a google search and stop being ignorant and spreading lies. As usual you are wrong and spreading LIES.

          • Guy Brohski

            When will the weather be patched in to DC?

          • Russell Gorall

            Where was it in their press conference, or general coverage?

            It is the only PS4 exclusive first party title after March, and they don’t even cover it in their conference?

            Powers TV got time.

      • DominicansDontPlay

        stopped readig at ”No Horns”. Why do you need that? You are just turning everything into a negative thing like if we give a shiet about no Horns.

        Shut Up!

        • Guy Brohski

          But the game has no horns, or clutch. It’s the truth.

      • Russell Gorall


  • Aria68

    Xbots will have their reasons as usual to justify their ugly games! Ohh F:H is OPEN WORLD! so that’s it’s uglier!!! Oohh Ohhh.

    • king_of_spades

      lmfao dumbass fanboy

    • ilovegoogleglass

      I remember the days when you used to be a gamer. -_-

    • y7jzdgy

      Games are games. Jeez I hope that “68” in your name doesn’t actually stand for your birthdate.

    • Guy Brohski

      I don’t think Forza Horizon 2 is uglier than Driveclub. They both have nice graphics, but being confined to a narrow roadway constantly surrounded by an invisible barrier isn’t really my idea of fun. Open world just gives you more freedom, that’s why I’ll be buying FH2 this Christmas and I’ll just get the F2P version of Driveclub as I wouldn’t pay full price for such a game as DC lacking in content (only 50 cars, no weather at launch, etc.).

  • Budgiecat
  • Russell Gorall

    Real life isn’t 30fps.

    • Not_true

      Someone’s asshurt at the best looking console racing game. Keep crying those tears.

      • Yep, that’s an objective fact.
        And obviously, if 30 FPS is what a based Sony exclusive develop picked than that’s clearly the best choice of FPS for anything. Doesn’t hamper the gameplay at all, despite what Xbots, Nintendrones, and the Mustard Rance would have you believe.

        • Russell Gorall

          Wait, Sony doesn’t have fanboys?

      • Russell Gorall

        Another amazing response.

        • Not_true

          You are a malicious fanboy with an irrational hate for any Sony exclusive game regardless of how well normal, sane people enjoy it.

          You constantly spread hatred, lies, and FUD. All 3 consoles have good games and have their plusses and minuses. It’s only rabid fanboys (you) mindlessly trashing one or the other.

    • Budgiecat

      do you complain as well when you go to the movies and have to suffer through 24fps?

      Video games and movies aren’t real life yeah…

      • Russell Gorall

        Who the hell goes to the movies? If I wanted to go to the movies I would buy Beyond.

        • Not_true

          You are a malicious fanboy with an irrational hate for any Sony exclusive game regardless of how well normal, sane people enjoy it.

          You constantly spread hatred, lies, and FUD. All 3 consoles have good games and have their plusses and minuses. It’s only rabid fanboys (you) mindlessly trashing one or the other.

          • Russell Gorall

            I would like to get to a point where I don’t have ten pop ups a day from you.

            Your response up top looks like the one down low? Did you seriously copy and paste your essay?

    • Jake Bashore

      Real life doesn’t even use fps, but rather photon contact and the speed at which our brains interpret it, thus the blurring effect. Stupid comment.

  • ipot_04

    The 1st GIF wow’ed me.
    But not gonna get it since I’m not a big fan of racing games.

  • Mikail

    So the picture below the GIF is the picture of Drive Club 4 on PS5

  • y7jzdgy

    I’ll wait and see when the game is actually out, until then I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Mark


  • bovari98

    “but but, mk8 runs at 59 fps!!” nintendrone logic

    • Russell Gorall

      Had anyone mentioned MK8 besides you?

      • collegemusicbaby

        Go to bed kid, ahahah

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  • Russell Gorall

    30fps equals real life? Count me out.

    • superkarma

      You must be really bored if you gotta troll a week old article…saying essentially the same nonsense you said a week ago.