Destiny PS4 Beta Already Available for Pre-Load for Some: 13.2 GB Download, 14.3 GB on Hard Disk

Apparently quite a few users are reporting on Reddit and NeoGAF that the PS4 beta of Bungie’s Destiny is already available for pre-load for them.

The option seems to be active for those that pre-ordered digitally on the PSN, and only in some regions so far. Reports mention that if they have automatic downloads active, the PS4 queues the beta all by itself. Of course the servers aren’t open yet, so the game is not playable.

The initial download is 179 Mb, followed by a second download of 13.2 Gb. Once unpacked and installed it takes up 14.3 Gb on the hard disk. By comparison the download for Xbox One is a little smaller, weighing 12.63 Gb.

If you pre-ordered the game digitally, you may want to check if your pre-load is already available. If it’s not, it could appear soon.




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  • Vious

    so they’re basically the same size correct? was anyone expecting differently?

    • Mr_JtowN

      1.) Xbox One is 12.63GB while the PS4 is 14.3GB, so no not basically the same size.

      2.) Quite a few people were expecting different, but this size difference between console versions can be for few reasons. Whether it’s because the PS4 will have additional content, a better graphical layer towards PS4 version (I doubt it, but it’s a possibility), or (What I hope is) both console versions are testing different areas of the beta. Like PS4 beta lets us explore the moon while the Xbox version explores Venus or some other planet.

      This is just me speaking my mind though. .

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        It’s basically the same size. They’re different platforms that require different coding, and different formats for some of the assets. A difference of 1 GB is completely normal. Also, the PS4’s download size is 13.2 Gb, not 14.3.

        • Mr_JtowN

          Huh. .I see. Thanks for the correction.

  • Guest

    How do I get my black hands on this beta?!

  • Ryan Rath

    Pre-Ordered at Gamestop like the rest of America….Guess I have to wait until next Thursday to get my key and install it. 🙁

    • Sexy Mcgee

      I don’t know anyone who gets stuff at gamestop anymore. Everyone I know, me included, either gets stuff digitally, another local store or Amazon (unless there’s a better deal elsewhere). In fact I haven’t bought anything from gamestop since 2001 and they were almost as bad back then as they are now.

      • Ryan Rath

        As I said, the majority of people still obviously purchase or pre-order from Gamestop seeing as they are still clearly in business regardless of your experiences with them. Also, Gamestop tends to offer additional content exclusively for pre-ordering with them too. Examples include the Black Island Content for Assassins Creed 4, Last Survivor DLC for Alien: Isolation, instant upgrade to limited edition for Far Cry 4, Bonus Maps and Harley Quinn for Batman: Arkham Knight. List goes on….I understand other retailers can offer additional content as well, but for me as well as numerous other individuals, we prefer to have physical copies instead of DRM digital copies only. Game Stop just offers more honestly.

        • Wildboots

          I agree, never really understand the dislike for Gamestop. I have a Gamestop only a few minutes away from my and I go there all the time for pre-orders. I like the people who work there, they answer my question to the best of their abilities, and provides a solid service for my money.

      • Chuck Green

        Digital pre-order is for suckers! Pay the same amount but get less! Sign me up!!

        • Creed

          It’s preference bro. Calling someone a sucker for how they chose to spend their money makes you the sucker.

          • IncognitosX

            It’s a suckers preference. Although I like the fact that you don’t need the disc in, that’s almost worth it but not quite for me.

          • Chuck Green

            No disk and not having to go pick up your copy at the store. Digital copies would explode in sales if they were a bit cheaper than their physical counterpart or if you could sell your digital copy after you were done with it.

        • IncognitosX

          Plus you can’t resell… double loss.

          • Commentator Prime

            That’s a concern for poor people. I’d rather pay extra for the convenience of NOT having to put in a DVD like a mongoloid slave.

          • IncognitosX

            Apparently you haven’t seen the rich spend money or you’d know better.

          • Commentator Prime

            When I fill up my PS4’s with games, I give them to my help for their kids. Easier to buy a brand new one and download the new stuff. I can’t speak for everyone though, that’s just me.

        • mattc2310

          I like having them digital so when I go to remote play on my vita, I can just switch and start. Because me being away from my actual console means I can’t put in different games when I want to play something else.

        • SeekTruth

          Herp you’re cool

  • Wildboots

    I really hope preloading for console for physical pre-orders becomes an option by Tuesday, or people can start downloading the beta at 12:01 am Thursday. While my internet connect is good for gaming, it would take me half a day to download the beta, so I would love to get as early a start as possible.

  • yuvdul

    oh yeah i have the beta . i won the give away !!!!

  • Tmfwang


  • Solid Snake

    still waiting for my email from bungie. I got my code from Amazon.

    • Harerazer

      input the code on Bungie’s site, you won’t be getting an email from Bungie. -> Beta -> input code -> choose platform -> smile.

      • Solid Snake

        Ahh thanks for letting me know! But its annoying their going to give you the key on the day the beta starts. Its going to take me at least a day to download such a large game!

        • Harerazer

          If you can, start the download at midnight and just go sleep. I work nights but I’m off that night, it’s going to be Hell knowing the game is downloading in the other room and I can’t do anything.

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  • ISISSecretAgent

    oh shit, is that why the pre-order page had an “x” in the download bar? damn maybe im missing in the pre-load because i have just 12GB available of space

  • No fair. I want a beta key and i want it now >:( jk i’m not kidding. i’m kidding. i’m not kidding. or maybe i was kidding? or maybe i wasn’t kidding? nah i was kidding…..

    or was I………………… XD

    • Guest

      ugh.. ok.
      thanks for sharing with us your conversation with yourself.

  • superkarma

    Turned my PS4 on…nothing. 🙁

    I’ll make sure to leave it on standby and hope I’m in one of the lucky regions. I’m just glad we won’t have to worry about this once the full game comes out. Thankfully we’ll be able to preload this game and many others 🙂

  • Raian K.

    Don’t understand whats the big deal, you can’t play the Beta so why does it matter if you have it downloaded on your PS4 before hand? I personally pre-order on Amazon and like physical disks as I enjoy collecting games.

    • superkarma

      Same reason why many prefer to preload games whenever possible — so you can play it as soon as it unlocks. You don’t have to wait for the download to finish.

      Some people have slow internet and 13GB may take quite awhile, while some have fast internet and it may not take a while to download, but they still want to play as soon as possible.

  • Pinchichango

    If you want a beta code make sure to check out !!