BioWare Will Discuss the Next Mass Effect at Comic-Con; Promises to Stay True to The Series

If you’re looking forward to the next, still untitled Mass Effect game, July 26th is a date to mark on your calendar, as BioWare will be at Comic-Con International in San Diego and will have developers in attendance of a panel titled “Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect” to discuss the upcoming game.

The panel will be held at 2 PM in Room 25ABC and is described as follows:

Mass Effect developers from the Edmonton and Montreal studios discuss what it’s like to expand on a well-established and beloved video game franchise. Panelists Carl Boulay (lead animator), Fabrice Condominas (producer), Mike Gamble (producer), Noel Lukasewich (senior artist), and Jessica Merizan (community manager), share their experiences in shaping the next Mass Effect game with new possibilities while staying true to the critically acclaimed series. Moderated by

Considering the recent trend of rebooting everything, even when it doesn’t really need any rebooting, it’s good to hear that BioWare intends to stay true to the franchise. Hopefully we’ll be hear something more specific during the panel itself.

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  • Jester
    • Giuseppe Nelva

      A suggestion.

      If you have a (relevant) comment, write it. The next comment which is just a spammy/trollish motivated picture will incur in a ban.

  • Spectre_Status

    I love Mass Effect and BioWare to death but I honestly don’t see where they could take the series, there is no possible way for a sequel the way ME3 ended so a prequel is the only option right? that would be disappointing, I don’t see how BioWare is going to pull this off and expect it to live up to the best trilogy gaming has ever witnessed

    • Johnathan Trimme

      Assuming that me3 actually ended. Indoctrination theory.

      • James Fitzgerald

        IT has been put to bed many times, and they have already said ME4 won’t be a direct sequal. As the game mechanics will be modelled after DA:I Ive got a feeling its going to suck.

      • Masoud House

        Theory has some holes in it and later seemed invalidated by the extended cut, but I still think that some versions of the theory are near flawless and would have made for the best possible hard hitting ending. And the ID theory would make sense with BioWare’s earlier message to hold into your saves, IF the game had come out on the same gen. I’m aiming now that statement was just for the DLC.

    • IAmPatto

      well when i saw the ending of ME3for the first time i anticipated something else to do withcommander shepard because of the stargazer scene right at the end. then bioware announced rhat they were gonna have nothing to do with shepard anymore and i didn’t know what to think. also with some of the endings the controversial scene where it seems like shepard is still actually alive when he draws a breath. but again, bioware ruled that out. i dont know what it will be but i am eager to see it

  • PrinceHeir

    Can’t wait!!

  • aintwhatitlookslike

    Love mass effect and bioware bad me3 ending or not the mass effect trilogy was the height of last gen imo

    • agreed 100%, so good. i was left dumbfounded at the end of 3 but whatever.

  • PhantomVash808

    I hope a video is released of this panel.

  • Hates bad writers.

    The series went to shit so staying true to it isn’t exactly reassuring.

  • hope they can redeem themselves for that disappointing ending to part three…

  • Buk Lau

    no no non

    just give me KOTOR 3…….maybe a Jade Empire 2 as well

    • bardock5151

      How about all three:)

  • SkinnyAssGamer

    Bioware don’t listen to EA this time, do not milk us like you did with Mass Effect 3. I don’t blame y’all for the incident i blame EA, if y’all were under a much more trustworthy publisher i truly believe y’all would never pull that on your diehard Mass Effect Fans. But please do not do the samething as what happened with ME3. 🙂 Love you Bioware <3

    • Why So Serious?

      Elaborate on what exactly Bioware did with ME3 to milk us? I thought the game was wonderful and the cry baby antics about the end of the game are still ridiculous.

      • SkinnyAssGamer

        Selling us multiple endings that should of already been in the game? Mass Effect 3 was a great game. Their selling us multiple stuff that shouldn’t even be DLC they should already be in the game. Or at least as a Free Updates. Mass Effect 1 and 2 never had that problem, Mass Effect 3, EA decided to milk us. its not Bioware’s fault i said that, its EA fault. Dead Space 3, Battlefield 4, Sim City, etc are all great examples of EA f*cking their own franchises and developers.

  • SassyMeganium

    Does anyone know how I can watch this panel live? Is there a website that streams it? Thanks 🙂

  • NL37

    Nice. I really want to play it all again, but did anyone else see the me trilogy 4 current gen? Any truth 2 that rumour?

    • Alan Velazquez

      Yeah on their twitter they said that they are busy with the next gen trilogy set

      • NL37


  • Alan Velazquez

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect birthday gift =)

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  • Why So Serious?

    Totally wish I could attend this, ME is easily my favorite RPG of all time and I’ve spent countless hours playing and replaying the trilogy.. Just about done replaying ME:3 as we speak.

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