PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Will Have Realistic Tracks; Variations, Car Categories and More Explained

on July 15, 2014 2:28 PM

Driveclub is starting to be publicly available for testing at various shows, and Game Director Paul Rustchynsky is providing more information on the upcoming PS4 exclusive racing game over Twitter.

We learn that for racing tracks the developer is aiming to a realistic design, even if the track themselves aren’t reproductions of real life ones:

We’re aiming for something close to reality, rather than anything crazy.

They’re not licensed tracks like Silverstone, but they’re designed to be more like traditional race tracks.

Rustchynsky also explained the variations and reverse options we’ll find in the game (P2P means “point to point”):

P2P & Road Circuits can be played backwards, but race-tracks can’t be. Instead they have 3 variations of route.

55 tracks includes all variations by the way.

In addition to that, we also get confirmation of all the car categories:

Hot-Hatch, Sports, Performance, Super, Hyper.

Finally, Rustchynsky explained that DLC featuring new tracks and countries (on top of cars) are being considered and for the moment water doesn’t drip from bumpers and skirts when a car is stationary, as the weather tech is still work in progress. Unfortunately, if you want to tint your windscreens and windows, that option won’t be available in Driveclub.

We’ll also get a full trophy list closer to launch, even if secret ones will indeed be kept a secret.

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71 responses to “PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Will Have Realistic Tracks; Variations, Car Categories and More Explained”

  1. king_of_spades says:

    hope it has alot of free dlc for cars cause 50 aint enough

    • Sucka Free says:

      Don’t buy it then….I’ve noticed, for someone who never has anything good to say about this game, you spend an awful lot of time talking about it.

      • king_of_spades says:

        did i insult the game? all i said was i hope it has more free car dlc stop bitching

        • superkarma says:

          Anyone who knows you by now knows you were just troll baiting…as usual. It was a pretty good attempt, but still a failure. Better luck next time.

          • Delsin Rowe says:

            i’m sorry dude, but this time i agree with our friends.
            that man always insults everyone that has different opinion from him.

          • king_of_spades says:

            again if you cant explain how im “trolling” sit your ass down. all you fanboys here do is cry rivers when anything is said about a sony game my god yall are sad here damn i thought ign and n4g was bad geez

          • superkarma says:

            Cry rivers? Take a step back and see if you realize who is crying in this comment section. Like I said, nice attempt…but still a failure. Keep trying.

          • Based Sony says:

            It’s so sad how the Xbots get so emotional over comments.
            Not like the PS faithful.

          • Sucka Free says:

            I wonder if you think that you’re really fooling anyone?

          • superkarma says:

            Don’t even reply to him. A desperate troll like him craves responses, so if you just ignore him, he’ll eventually lash out and seal his own fate.

          • Sucka Free says:

            Yeah, he has been slowly escalating. I was just wondering if he really thought that there was anyone who couldn’t see through his nonsense

          • Based Sony says:

            What nonsense?
            I come to the aide of the PS faithful when the Xbots get out of hand. Is that so bad?

          • Based Sony says:

            I feel a little hurt that a fellow based PS fan is so indifferent to me.
            We share so many views.

          • Based Sony says:

            What do you mean?
            I’m just a loyal based PS fan, like you.

          • Not_true says:

            Go away reverse troll.

        • Delsin Rowe says:

          he always do that my friend.
          he insults everyone that has different opinion.
          then he play the roles that he’s innocent.

        • Sucka Free says:

          You’re the one who was bitching, I was just pointing it out

        • Patrick Cushing says:

          Before the game is even out, you are complaining about wanting free car DLC. Go make a racer for PS4 and Xbox One and put as many cars in it as you like.

        • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m says:

          youll come to realize, you can’t say anything but positive things about ps4 here. if you don’t then the usual sony/dualshocker jock riders come to ps4s rescue.

          • They Call Me Senpai says:

            No, he’s just been seen trolling DriveClub articles in the past. But if you want to keep believing that you can’t say anything bad about the PS4 here, then go right ahead.

          • king_of_spades says:

            how have i been trolling exactly? i speak my mind about the game and of course you fanboys cry about it and call it trolling since im not giving it praise

          • Based Sony says:

            Yeah, it’s not like any of the XB1 articles have based PS4 fans trolling them constantly.
            These Xbots are pathetic.

          • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m says:

            haha you’re in xbox articles all day long trying to put it down while you blow sony all over the comment section. let me give another example of people trolling xbox articles.

            from the last article i commented in

            “Xone is a underpowered pice oshit the Ps4 has more and better games . Mutiplats also run better on ps4 . wow you xbots are so butthurt you have to make up fake information to justify that you bought the worst system smh sad . later going back mlb the show”

            5 likes by the sony lovers of course

            oh heres one of you, in the same article trolling, what a surprise.

            “Yep, only Sony can make original IPs these days.They’re not ones to rehash.”

            yeah you’re right, only xbox fans are pathetic, these comments I’m posting from you guys aren’t pathetic in any way.

            oh here you are again, same article, always defending your precious playstation. if a xbox guy does this he’s marked as a troll.

            “All I’m seeing are Xbot apologists desperately grasping at straws and starting fights with the PS fans by throwing the first stones.

            If you think this is bad, just look at any PS article. With the way Xbots flock to the comments to mindlessly troll you’d think that the PS fans were doing the same when they just factually do not. Seriously, what possesses them to do that? They lack any concept of subtly and irony is lost on them.”

            heres another comment, same article, from yet another sony fanboy

            “It’s a little late for that, Microsoft. Good luck though, it would need to be the most awesome franchise in the world to make people forget the Xbone policy fiasco/arrogance and that their PS4/PSplus is a much better value for entertainment purposes.”

            and another, same article

            “M$ is too late to the original IPs party”

            and another, same article

            “whatever it will end up being, i double dare you to use the CLOUD for it. because THE CLOUD shall make everything better. what is daft shall be crisp, what is boring shall be thrilling, ALL HAIL THE CLOUD!”

            and of course you responded to that one, starting up your sony circle jerk.

            someone wrote “good luck MS”

            and you were right there, ready to respond with another troll post

            “Sorry, just find it funny that somebody would be hoping for M$ to do well. Maybe it was a luck wish for them to hold onto relevancy (or maybe you really do like inferior multiplats and exclusives – it’s all good).”

            all these in one article and theres still tons of comments i didnt even look through so I’m sure theres still plenty more. you’re right though, sony fans would never troll. you should never complain about a xbox fanboy again cause you’re just as bad if not worse than most of them

          • Dennis Djoenz says:

            I suggest you should invest your time in other things.

          • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m says:

            yeah because it took me all of 2 minutes to go to my most recent article i commented on and copy and past a few quotes. so much time invested

          • Dennis Djoenz says:

            It’s a bit of the time yes, but also the emotional state you are in that’s long term wise. Not healthy bro.

            Please invest your time on more positive things and don’t spend all your time defending XBox One.


          • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m says:

            you’ve spent the same amount of time thinking up your 2 responses as i did my original one. maybe you should try investing your time in something else. and where did you see me defending xbox? i just found it funny that a sony troll would say sony fans don’t troll so i called him out on it because i remember him commenting in the last article i was in. you seem to be making this into a bigger deal than it is. as i said before, copying a couple comments doesn’t take much time, maybe for you, but not the average person. i didnt know id somehow offend you for doing it.

          • Dennis Djoenz says:

            lol don’t act all so innocent buddy boy.

          • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m says:

            okay so ill take it you’ve ran out of responses?

          • Based Sony says:

            I don’t know what you mean, I never see the same PS4 fans do anything like that.
            Only the Xbots are the bad guys.

          • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m says:

            if you say so

    • Utedude says:

      It is for a photo realistic racer. A cartoony looking racer I could see having more options because they aren’t taking time and machine power to make it look real.

    • They Call Me Senpai says:

      Maybe not for you.

  2. Cole MacGrath says:

    for the moment water doesn’t drip from bumpers and skirts when a car is
    stationary, as the weather tech is still work in progress
    well that’s not cool for me!!!!
    wish they could fix it before release…

  3. Francis Jairam says:

    If there are microtransactions in this game, I swear to god…..

  4. They Call Me Senpai says:

    DriveClub is the true next-gen racer that we’ve been waiting for since the systems launched. I hope they add in a Mount Rushmore track or something, it’ll be nice to see it at least once, even if it is digital.

    • Delsin Rowe says:

      I hope, 30fps don’t cause a problem for the gameplay.
      because you know racing games shold be 60fps.

      • pastreaver says:

        thats a myth, it just has to be locked.

        • Delsin Rowe says:

          driveclub is the second racing game that i play and it’s 30fps.
          the first one was forza horizon, it was so awesome that i didn’t noticed it’s 30fps 😀
          Cant wait to play driveclub too.

      • They Call Me Senpai says:

        I’ve had no problems with 30fps racing games, so you know that it’s not actually a necessity.

      • TheRunning King says:

        Driveclube will be a fun fast racer. Cant wait

      • Sexy Mcgee says:

        Project Gotham 4 is 30 I believe and it plays smoothly and really well. As long as the frame rate doesn’t drop and the controller response is as fast as it can be then the rest of the game design is more important than frame rate.

  5. Lydon Freekstile Nakamura says:

    How is this getting more buzz than The Crew ? I am a proud Playstation 4 owner & honestly a game that’s limited in tracks and vehicles doesn’t compare to an open-world car game with a storyline and RPG elements that span the entire United States. This includes seamless online multiplayer. Seriously just saying

    • superkarma says:

      You’re right, the two games can’t be compared, because they’re completely different.

      But yeah, I’m honestly surprised at the lack of news coming out about The Crew. It’s 4 months away and we’ve barely heard anything about it lately. I plan on buying it, but still, it would be nice to get some new info. Very strange why Ubisoft has been reluctant with it.

    • Patrick Cushing says:

      I was more into The Crew until I actually saw footage of The Crew. It looks decent but I am shifting towards Driveclub now. I hope both games are great and sell well.

    • They Call Me Senpai says:

      The Crew may be open world with RPG elements and a storyline, but that doesn’t equate to it being a good game. I’m not saying that DriveClub will be better because I haven’t played it, but making it seem like it’s inferior just because it’s linear is shortsighted.

      Just look at The Last of Us and GTA V; the general consensus is that had The Last of Us been multiplatform instead of limited to PlayStation, it would have won GOTY at VGX, not GTA V. Even without winning GOTY, it’s still received far more awards and accolades than GTA V and it’s linear.

      Also, DriveClub isn’t limited in tracks and vehicles, more are coming post launch. Evolution has stated this numerous times already.

      • Lydon Freekstile Nakamura says:

        Never said Driveclub is inferior it looks amazing and hopefully the cars handle well but I just feel like at the end of the day, the gamer is getting more content with The Crew & I feel like with current-gen that’s such an important thing simple as that. Also TLOU got game of the year on most reviews, yet even with that being said GTAV broke 7 Guinness world records also with top scores, giving GOTY to GTAV would’ve just been unfair. TLOU is a damn good game that deserves it but honestly GTAV is beyond GOTY with as many records/merits it’s won. Very explosive game.

      • bardock5151 says:

        Exactly right so many people bag on games they haven’t even played and only ever seen trailers and such for it then proceed to call it linear and a QTE fest, even though the game can be hugely entertaining and challenging. Very shortsighted indeed.

    • Based Sony says:

      It’s a multiplat, not nearly as based.

    • Raian K. says:

      After having played the game at E3, I can tell you its not really all that great gameplay wise. Its overtly arcady like Mario Cart with nitro and Mustangs. I’m sure a lot of people are going to love the open world exploring with friends, but I think Horizon does open world and realistic car racing a lot better.

      • Sucka Free says:

        In other words, it’s like Motorstorm with paved tracks. I was hoping they wouldn’t stray too far from their roots

        • Raian K. says:

          Its not bad by any means as the synchronous multiplayer and its Crew features are pretty deep, but for me a car game needs to have good gameplay.

          • Sucka Free says:

            Define “good gameplay”?

          • Raian K. says:

            I don’t expect simulation status handling and physics but somewhat realistic, and not have every car feel and drive the same you get me?

          • Sucka Free says:

            I get you, but that was never the appeal of Motorstorm either. It was always more about the environments and obstacles than it was about the vehicles

          • Raian K. says:

            Oh no I understand that, I was talking about The Crew, I loved apocalypse.

          • Lydon Freekstile Nakamura says:

            I guess it’s more of a personal taste kinda thing. I’ve always loved racers but i’d much rather play Midnight Club than Forza (Horizon being an exception because that game is really good) sometimes the simulation can be annoying as hell and unnecessarily frustrating I feel like the crew has a balance from the research i’ve done & when the creative director said that people from Rockstar were working with them on it I was pretty much sold. I do appreciate the fact that Driveclub is free though. That shows that they have healthy confidence in the game so we’ll see

          • Raian K. says:

            Yeah no doubt I don’t plan on buying Driveclub at 60 retail, I will obviously download the free version then proceed to buying the full when its a lot cheaper. For me I just don’t find a reason to buy both Horizon 2 and The Crew, for me it’ll really depend on if my friends are picking it up since its meant to be a social experience.

    • Dany Stormborn says:

      I will be buying The Crew over Drive Club. No clutch support in Drive Club is a huge turn-off, and if Im going to get a casual racing game, The Crew looks so much better.

      I really hope clutch support is added before/shortly after launch. I dont understand why they would leave something like that out.

    • Not_true says:

      They’re different types of racing experiences.

      Driveclub is more like Project Gotham Racing.

  6. SkinnyAssGamer says:

    DriveClub is going to be beast. Evolution Studios keep doing yo thing

  7. Why So Serious? says:

    Everything I’ve seen from this game looks awesome, I haven’t been excited for a racing in years but this shall be mine.

  8. Jamal says:

    No manual sucks, but i’ll give it a try.

  9. bardock5151 says:

    I’m not drawing any comparison between these two games, but does anyone remember or even played cruisin usa on the Nintendo 64. Reading about racing games just made me remember my first racing game.

  10. Huzaifa says:

    Haha! Nice to see my question regarding water dripping is mentioned.

  11. phoenixfeet says:

    DriveClub looks amazing visually but the missing aspects of car customization and cosmetic damage threw me off

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