PS4 Exclusive Driveclub: All the 55 Track Variations Detailed; Real Life Canada Location Identified

on July 16, 2014 1:55 PM

Drivecub game director Paul Rustchynsky gave today a new batch of information about the upcoming PS4 exclusive racing game Driveclub, focusing on the variations of the tracks that will be included in the game.

5 Locations. Each with 2 x P2P, 2 x RC & 1 x RT. All P2P & RC are playable backwards, whilst RTs have 3 variations.

P2P = Point to Point / RC = Road Circuit / RT = Race Track

Interestingly, a few days ago a NeoGAF user identified an area in Canada’s British Columbia that looked very close to what we saw in the game’s videos (originating this comparison). Art Director Alex Perkins mentioned that while it does look similar the actual location is 200 km to the west. I checked the map, and noticed that the position of the iconic river Fraser matched that distance, so I asked for a confirmation, and Rustchynsky answered today:

Well one of our tracks is called ‘Fraser Valley’ ; )

He also mentioned that he hopes to show off some of the actual race tracks before the release of the game:

There are no real world race tracks. Hopefully we’ll show some our race tracks prior to launch.

Looks like we’ll have a lot of racing to do come October 7th, and personally I really can’t wait.

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