The Last of Us Remastered and Destiny Getting Limited Edition Custom PS4s in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just announced that the archipelago of the rising sun is going to get more limited edition PS4 consoles, this time around with The Last of Us Remastered and Destiny.

The units, which bear the product code CUH-1000AB01/LU and CUHJ-10005/DE, cost 47,980 yen (about $473) and 46,980 (just north of $463) respectively, come with a laser etched HD drive cover and a copy of the game. The rest of the contents of the bundles are exactly the same as your usual 500 GB PS4.

If you happen to live in Japan, you can already pre-order them at Sony’s own online store (The Last of Us or Destiny). The bundle with Destiny‘s engraved console is named PlayStation 4 Destiny Pack Limited Edition, and it’s a separate offer from the PlayStation 4 Destiny Pack , which costs 44,980 yen and is identical to the one with the plain white console which will be released in the West, and will also hit the Japanese shelves.

Below you can see the limited edition consoles themselves, and the detail of the laser etched covers.

Sony already produced a rather wide variety of this kind of custom bundles for the Japanese market (including a few weird choices, like the one for the movie Frozen), but unfortunately they haven’t said a single word yet about a possible release of any of them in any western market.

The Last of Us Remastered (1)

The Last of Us Remastered (2)

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  • Somebodyissilent

    Sony, just sell the damn covers already!

    • Exactly! They are removeable. I can see a potential gold mine here.
      PS4 cover engraving/replacement service, etc, etc.

    • I’m sure a place like decalgirl or something will do these…I’ll be looking into one soon, I always use them for my phones.

      maybe the profit margin isn’t that high for sony who knows…

  • Jerry Hu
  • They Call Me Senpai

    These covers are a potential goldmine, Sony!

  • TallSilhouette

    Yep, those face plates are a clever way to easily personalize the console.

  • RealityCheck2013

    Yeah! SONY! Make some Official covers for the PS4 like these and i am sure they would sell like hot cakes!!! 😛

  • Russell Gorall

    After playing the Destiny beta… why is this being released except to fill a silent spot in PS4 releases?

  • SkinnyAssGamer

    Sony. Japan mainly cares about JRPGs and all that good stuff. The West and Europe would of been a better deal with TLOU PS4 bundles. just saying Sony. if you want Japan to hop on the PS4 train (which they will eventually when more JRPGs come out for it and please make a Western Release) THen get more JRPGs for the PS4 and with a western release for Japanese games lovers in the West can enjoy JRPGs on the PS4 as well. just saying TLOU is more of a Western Oriented game. 🙂

  • CervantesPR

    HEYYYYY WTF SONY japan isnt even that big into these types of games bring this to the west!!

    • Kingdom17

      They most likely want to push these more than normally as they won’t get their full Japan support for a while.

  • theodor70941

    They could earn so much if they released these outside Japan.

  • Felip_Bra

    Why the japanese folks gets all the nice stuff?! :'((

  • bob

    I thought for a moment with PS4, western countries would finally get the cool limited bundles, but apparently Japan is still priority numero uno. Still sucks to be a gaijin.

  • Darksied

    Sony missing a trick here… i wonder about their marketing/sales people sometimes… selling custom covers would make big money. I would buy a couple, And if they gave you the option to design your own, well damn im baffled why this hasn’t happened and why no company has started up yet…

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  • Boerewors

    Destiny bundle: insta buy!
    TLOU bundle: wtf were they thinking??

  • Why So Serious?
  • PrinceHeir

    Japan and Asia always get the good stuff 😛

    Lol at people complaining they are getting this. Finally Sony JPN and ASIA doing some proper advertising for games like this in various markets.

    I hope to see more companies does these kind of things in the near future!