Here are the Faces of DualShockers in Destiny’s Beta

Destiny is a game that has a wide range of options for its character creator. No two individuals will look the same which is helpful given how heavy this game is on co-op and competitive play. You want to be able to tell who is who after all.

With these robust options, we here at DualShockers came up with these characters.

Guiseppe Nelva

Our News editor likes it simple. Considering his usual attitude, who’s really surprised?

Abriael (Copy)

Al Zamora

It looks like Al was trying to create a space Joker or something with his character. The eyes are really creepy.

Al (Copy)

Christian Chiok

Christian’s character has a Native American thing going on with the eye paint which is pretty cool. The purple hair is a nice touch as well.


Erika Michelle Garcia

Erika’s character looks like she means business! All of that hair around her eyes may impair her vision but it’s possible that when she puts on her helmet that this problem will be circumvented somehow.

Erika (Copy)

Jorge Jimenez

Jorge decided that fleshy things are boring and created a robot instead. His choice of primary colors for the character’s face is interesting and give it a heroic look. The red eyes let us know that the robot isn’t a goody-two shoes though.

Jorge (Copy)

Tony Polanco

Tony wanted to create a female version of Ultron. The little antennas on the side of the head help in this regard. There is a stripe that he added in the middle of the face to make her distinctive since the metallica parts are the standard color.

Tony (Copy)

These are our characters but we also want to see yours as well. The real reason for this post’s existence is so that everyone can jump in and show us what they have! We encourage you to take a picture of your character from the character creator screen (you can begin to create a new character and make it look like your current one) and post them in the comments below.

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  • Al_Zamora

    He just happened to turn out looking like the Joker, it actually was not intentional. LOL

  • Jorge Jimenez

    Robots are also programmed to be better dancers.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    Awwww, no beastmen?

  • Harerazer

    I can’t believe how much everyone is hyping the character creation, I find it very limited and not at all “creative”. I am truly hoping for face morphing and separate parts creation in the full version. Considering you rarely get to see anyone’s face anyway, I didn’t see the whole point of this. Armor customization should have been pushed more heavily.

    • Delsin Rowe

      Not everyones are alike 😉

    • themugen

      I just want to have a beard option.

  • Delsin Rowe

    wow, i have to be serious about this, i’ll go with jorge 😀
    your character is awesome man 🙂
    EDIT: Al zamora character is also awesome 😀

  • IncognitosX

    Look what I found! First come first serve. Let me know if you get the key…

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  • i have a virtual girl crush on my character… is that weird?

    • superkarma

      Lol, not at all. That’s definitely a badass character.

    • metalman5150

      That’s hot! Shit, I think I just made it weird, again.

  • I wonder how many Hunters are there in DS? Cause hunter = Last of the ninja cowboys.

  • metalman5150

    PS4: 4QFR-F3N8-CE9N

    PS3: QNJ9-JCNC-8FD2

    • lucas

      omg thanks for the ps4 code man!!!

      • metalman5150

        You’re welcome. Thank you for using it!

  • lucas

    If someone could be so generous and send me a destiny beta code for me for playstation 4 it would be amazing although i have nothing in return 🙁 It’s worth the try of asking i guess…